Just posting today to tell everyone how excited I am about my forthcoming, professionally done website! Some things should really be left to the experts. Apparently, in my case, websites are one of those things! đŸ˜‰ I’ll also be posting here A LOT more…no need to toss and turn at night, wondering when I’ll return….it will be soon…

I’m also feeling grateful…incredibly grateful…

I spent this weekend in the mountains with some talented, hysterical writer friends. We “wrote” which means we sat up until 3:00 am talking, went antiquing, ate delicious food and drank incredible wine and pretty much completely enjoyed ourselves! We did talk about writing a lot and helped each other focus on what–exactly–we should be working on for most of us have mulitple ideas…Not such a bad problem to have! Personally, with all of the voices in my head lately, I feel like an answering machine…They are all so distinct, though, so it’s almost like listening to different languages…

So, today…I’m grateful…I’m a blessed woman. My writing community is…incredible…

Until next time,

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One thought on “Grateful…

  1. Sometimes you write on paper, and sometimes you write on your psyche…I think we need both! I am also still feeling jazzed and happy about the future, which I expect to be populated by my excellent WriterGirl friends!

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