Doughnut Pond

I went off to do some research at Doughnut Pond in Sandwich, MA.

It was just as I imagined. Well, actually far better…

I sat on a log near the edge and wrote the scene that takes place here. I was absolutely stunned when two teenage hockey players showed up just as I finished writing…..

I felt a little creepy snapping these pictures. (They
saw me and didn’t seem to care) They cleared the ice with brooms and shovels, put on their skates, and began to play.

It was a little surreal…

Then I was off to do research at the marshes….

The marshes are beautiful. The pics don’t do them justice, really…

So, I headed into the center of Sandwich because I’d seen a coffee shop with a good “writing vibe.” HOW did I NOT notice the name of the place earlier???? Go ahead, naysayers. Tell me this isn’t toooo weird!

I was hesitant to leave writing the book (under a stiff deadline) to tromp around in my settings like this, but it turned out to be WELL worth the trip!

Memorable. Inspiring. And all soooo real…

Good idea to know the setting in a place other than my head…

I think I’ll set the next book in Italy….

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6 thoughts on “Doughnut Pond

  1. Lovely pics, Lynda. I'm glad you're working hard!

  2. You and the Universe certainly are on close terms, aren't you!! Can't wait to read the book!

  3. You should set your next book in Italy and it should involve a literary agent!

  4. I want your muse because her "in" with the universe is a powerful thing right now. omg–the picture of the boys playing hockey gave me goosebumps!

  5. Lynda, The pictures, of course were awesome! But then when I saw the two's all ment to be. Reality is a powerful thing-just don't visit it too often.Can't wait for more of '"Sixteen." Kate

  6. Very cool, Lynda! Things always seem to happen to you…in a good, weird sense, of course! Love the shots…so beautiful! Next time you're headed this way, let me know. I'd love to go on one of your adventures!

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