Writing Space (No–This is not my state of mind!)

I’ve been thinking a lot about setting. (In fact, I plan to do a post about it here soon.) But, first, I thought I’d do a post about writing space—my setting for creating characters like Carley Connors and Peter Keans.

In 2007, Laurie Halse Anderson spoke at Whispering Pines about ways to get serious about your writing. Here are her visuals, written in her own hand!

Laurie is fabulous! Not just because she’s a writing genius, but because she is so accomplished, yet one of the most generous, sweet, gifted, inspiring authors I’ve ever met! I’d written 25 pages of my novel when I’d first met her. Now, it’s under contract.
So, as Laurie suggested, I created a writing space that was mine. Comfortable, with a positive vibe, so to speak. A place that reflected who I am.
The best thing about my writing space, is the big window overlooking the trees. This is where my muse is–I could never write in a place without windows. Even when I write in libraries and book stores, it’s always near a window. Thankfully, my office has a lot of natural light, bright colors, and childish things to distract me like a kaleidoscope collection, a couple of antique gumball machines, and some sand timers.

I first gave myself permission to write. I then created this space with a giant hand from my awesome husband, Greg. (*Thanks* Honey!) The space I have is really quite nice—I’m a bit spoiled, I know. The best thing about it, though, is that it helped me to take my writing seriously. That it wasn’t just a hobby. And, believe me, I’m quite aware that you don’t need a fancy place to write to do that–I think it’s more of a mindset–luckily, my mindset and the office were just good timing! After all, think of Rocky! (and Stephen King, who started out writing in a closet) But for me, it made me feel like I was gonna make a real “go” of it!

And I have.

3 Comments on “Writing Space (No–This is not my state of mind!)

  1. Beautiful! Thanks both for sharing Laurie's notes and the pictures of your space. I must admit I am envious, I need to find that space to focus!So glad to find your blog. Have a happy Monday. :o)


  2. Hi, Jackee! So glad that you came by! Thanks so much!;-) The best of luck to you in your writing! And if you're ever in Connecticut…


  3. Oh, Lynda, I love your writing space!! Before I get too envious, I should remind myself that Laurie, for a time, had a spot on her couch that was her only space.


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