All I Really Wanted to Know About the Writing Life, I Learned in Kindergarten:

All I Really Wanted to Know About the Writing Life, I Learned in Kindergarten:

 Mastering the alphabet will help.

 Books are great, but let’s face it…full-on celebrations make them even better. Throw parties for books. Huge, overdone parties with music and color and way too much glitter glue. Paper crowns aren’t a bad idea, either.

 That first big step onto the bus is going to be tough but so worth it.

 Writing is like using Play-Doh. You imagine something and then try to create it with your hands. You may not be happy with it at first but that’s totally okay; Play-Doh can be reshaped again and again.

 Dick and Jane told us to “LOOK!” Instead, focus on SEEING.

 Be patient. When you plant that seed in the Dixie cup, it takes attention and time to grow. So do writers and/or manuscripts.

 Making friends in the literary sandbox is essential. You learn things about your craft, as well as yourself, by opening up to other artists/writers.

 If someone in the sandbox throws sand, walk away and let it go. Life is too short.

 Get messy; you’re supposed to.

 Don’t worry about being the best in the class. You have a special gift that is unique to you and you alone. Think about honing that gift rather than comparing your gift to others’ gifts.

 Know how to find the bathroom. (More people will sit with you at lunch this way.)

 Moving your body is good for your mind; go swing on the monkey bars.

 Writing for publication is like “Show and Tell” on steroids.

 A new batch of pens, pencils, notebooks, and a cool backpack are going to make you really happy. Trust me on this.

 There are times to walk in line with everyone else.

 Do your best work to get your writing posted on the bulletin board. Perhaps, your teacher, Mrs. Kirkus, will even give you a star.

 The ride to school can be bumpy, but there’s a lot to observe and enjoy along the way.

 Unchain the muse from the desk. Dance and sing and paint and play. Laugh and wonder, walk and question. Your writing will be better for it.

 A morning meeting is the way to start your day: say hello to your friends, get organized, make note of the weather, weigh-in on current events, check your calendar, and set goals for the day. Then, get to work.

 Enjoy creative license. Skies don’t have to be blue. Grass doesn’t have to be green. Color outside the lines.

 Fitting in is important. But, standing out is, too.

 A little quiet time is good.

 Celebrate even the smallest of successes in a big way.

 If you really like a song and it inspires your muse, sing it over and over. And over.

 Try to remember that others are on the same challenging journey as you, so don’t be afraid to slide on over and offer to share your snack.

(Thanks to Robert Fulghum for inspiration)

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