Global Read Aloud, 2014 ~ HOORAY!


Hello, Global Read Aloud Teachers, Librarians, Students, and Fellow Reading Enthusiasts!

Let me just say what an extraordinary honor it is to have One for the Murphys chosen as a Global Read Aloud book this year. I am absolutely stunned by the company that it is in. I think no matter which book you choose for #GRA14, you can’t go wrong!


If you have chosen Murphys as your read aloud, I would like to try to help make the experience feel a bit more interactive for your kiddos. So here are some things that I’ve done/will be doing for GRA!

1) I have read Chapter ONE online for you. Don’t think I wasn’t nervous doing this, either, but I thought that kids may like to hear the beginning read by the author.

2) I have read the last chapter online for you as well. I’ve heard from many teachers who have cried while reading it and from many students who have watched their teacher cry while reading it. I am so grateful that readers feel connected enough to Carley to feel such emotion. But, I also feel a bit bad sometimes. Like I should start sending flowers to people. 

For you teachers who do read in front of kids even though you know you’ll cry—kudos to you! I think that’s brave and great for kids to see. I also think it’s a bonding experience for a class.

3) Some teachers have expressed wanting to order “Be someone’s hero” lanyards. I usually give these out at schools when I visit, but for GRA, I will offer them for sale at cost plus just a bit more to cover packaging and postage. They will only be for sale for a few weeks. Please e-mail me at…I’M SORRY; THERE ARE NO MORE LANYARDS FOR SALE 😦 Thank you for the huge response 🙂

GRA lanyards

4) I promised on Twitter that I will send out a limited number of class sets (30) of free bookmarks (see below) for *classes reading One for the Murphys for #GRA.*  Please provide your SCHOOL mailing address. I’m sorry but I won’t be able to mail to residential addresses. Thanks! (I’m sorry :-/ bracelets are not available for shipping) SORRY–OUT OF BOOKMARKS FOR NOW :-/  Thanks for big response, though 🙂

5) I will be holding an in-person GRA LAUNCH CELEBRATION in Mystic CT at the fabulous BANK SQUARE BOOKS—one of CT’s best indie bookstores. It will be held on Oct 6th from 4:00-6:00. TEACHERS who attend–I will have classroom packs for you containing bookmarks and “Be someone’s hero” bracelets for your class. I’ll explain the back story for One for the Murphys and tell you about my strange writing process  There will also be raffles for cool stuff.

GRA bookmarks and bracelets

6) If you do not live near Mystic, CT., BANK SQUARE BOOKS and their awesome staff such as Kelsy or Julia are taking orders for signed copies that they will ship to you. Place your order and I will sign it the night of Oct 6th and it will then be shipped to you. Please call the store at (860) 536 – 3795 to order your book and leave instructions—I am happy to personalize! If no instructions are left, I will just do the basic signature.

7) I am already pretty booked up with Skype visits with classes, having booked MANY over the summer and early fall. I know that the phenomenal writer and person, Kate Messner, was a GRA author last year and ran into the same thing. So, borrowing Kate’s idea, I ask that students and teachers ask questions in the comments section ON THIS POST throughout #GRA and I will choose a couple of questions each week and answer them in a video. The more creative the question, the more likely it will be chosen. If you include the kid’s name who came up with the question, I will mention him/her. I will post links to those videos here. Also, you can search for my name and #GRA14

Also–if you are interested, here is the book trailer for One for the Murphys:

Okay! So, that’s it! I am so excited to begin Global Read Aloud SOON! Huge thanks to Pernille Ripp ( @pernilleripp on Twitter) who CREATED GLOBAL READ ALOUD. What an extraordinary thing you’ve begun, Pernille!

Read on, folks. Read on. And remember…

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44 thoughts on “Global Read Aloud, 2014 ~ HOORAY!

  1. Tanna Gallaher

    I am so excited ~ my class wanted to start today!

  2. I am excited to start GRA. I have read One for the Murphys as a read aloud to my 5th grade class for the past couple of years and I am one of those teachers who cries at the very end. Thank you for reading the chapters and making it available. I think my students will be excited to hear you reading the first and last chapters!

  3. Aisha ERTUĞRUL

    Our class is in Istanbul, Turkey. My student Deniz asked a question on our blog.Here is her question: Why did the author choose the name Carlie for the character? The book we read before this was also about foster care. There was a character named Carlie in that book. Is this just a chance or does it have anything to do with foster care?

  4. Angela Jones

    I’m so happy that so many kids will get to experience this wonderful book! I don’t know who is more excited to start- me or the kids!

  5. Michelle Kedzierski

    I am so excited to start the GRA with this amazing book in particular! Thanks so much for the videos, I will be using them to kick off on Monday!!

  6. Sabrina Tyrer

    My class is loving the book so far!! Our Class (Mrs. Tyrer’s Class from London, Ontario) would like to know what your inspiration was for writing the book.

  7. Lisa Montoya

    It was so exciting to hear our great room buzzing with excitement at the end of our kick off viewing party. Can’t wait to really share this great story with our students.

  8. Mrs. Morrell

    Students from Gorham Middle School in Maine have some questions and comments. Andrea wants to know: How did you write the book One for the Murphys? Is it from your heart? Jordan (a girl) wants you to know that she thought is was really funny when Daniel looked like he wanted to wrap Carley in a carpet and leave her on the curb (chapter 1). Brydon would like to know how you came up with the idea of Carley messing up the cupboard and saying that when Mrs. Murphy sees it “the Earth will fall off its axis”. (chapter 5) Shawn said that while he was reading about Carley sitting on the bed, and Michael Eric came in and asked about the giraffe, he got a picture in his mind (like a video) and that has never happened to him before (chapter 5). Jaden liked the part when you described the scene when Michael Eric got hit by Jimmy.

  9. Lindsay Vance

    This is our first time participating in GRA, and my students are very excited about One for the Murphys! We listened to you read the first chapter which was a great opportunity! Our question to you: Is Carley completely fictional or did you have a person in mind when you began writing the novel? In general, how do you create characters?
    Mrs. Vance’s 5th graders, Swanton, Ohio

    • Angela Nowak

      We are now on board with the book too and are excited to be reading “One for the Murphy’s,” We have formulated a lot of theories as to what Dennis did that caused Carley’s mother to be admitted to intensive care. We are wondering what exactly happened and can’t wait to find out the details.

  10. Mrs. Krol

    My students are eager to continue the book next week! Here are two of their questions: Carly wants to know if this story connects somehow to your life. Hailey wonders why you chose the last name Murphy for the foster family.
    Mrs. Krol’s 5th grade class, Oxford, Michigan

  11. Hello! I would like to know where the inspiration for the book came from? Brooke from Mrs. M’s 5th Grade Class Kirbyville, MO

  12. Hello, Bonjour, Oki – we are grade 7 students attending St. Francis Junior High @SFleth located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The students have a couple of questions for you based on our first couple of chapters. I have divided the students into groups and each group has a specific question for you – here we go!
    Group One – Why did you choose basketball as a sport that Carley plays when there are so many sports to choose from?
    Group Two – Was Carley’s personality based on anyone you know? and if so,who?
    Group Three – Is Carley’s experience based on something that has happened to you or is it pure fiction?
    Group Four – Did you create the character of Carley so that you can express your emotions when you have bad days?
    Group Five – How did you come up with the idea of a novel based on the foster care system – is this a connection for you?
    Looking forward to continuing the reading journey – Thanks for writing such an interesting story.
    Mrs. Lothian and grade 7A Students

  13. LOVE these questions, everyone! Please keep them coming!

  14. Sarah Jane Walker

    Questions from Ms. Walker’s Grade 5 Monsters in Woodbridge, Ontario:

    1) Have you ever experienced what has happened to Carley?
    2) What inspired you to write such an interesting book?
    3) What made you start writing?
    4) Why is Carley so rude to Mrs. Murphy, when she is being so nice?
    5) Why does Carley think so much!?
    6) What inspired Carley to be so passionate about basketball? Do you like basketball?
    7) Why is Daniel so rude to Carley? She has never done anything bad to him.
    8) How long did it take you to edit this novel?
    9) Are Carley and Daniel in love?
    10) How many books have you written?

    We love your book so far! Can’t wait to see what happens next! 🙂

  15. Questions from my 8th-graders in Maryland:

    1. How long did it take you or write this book? How much of that time was revising?
    2. How old were you when you decided to be a writer? What made you decide to write?
    3. What book are you currently reading? What are some of your favorite books?
    4. Who is Carley’s dad? What happened to him?
    5. What was your inspiration for Dennis?

  16. Aisha ERTUĞRUL

    Response from TED Istanbul student after watching your video answering the first two questions:

    “I think she is a responsible person. Eventhough she is an author but she still answers our questions. And the insprition from the movie StarWars is really creative. You should think a lot to get an idea like this from that movie.”

  17. Wonderful questions!! Thank you ALL 🙂

    • Stephanie Schrack

      My students are anxious to hear the answers to you next questions. Do you have a link to where more responses are posted? I can only find the link for week 1. Thank you! We are loving this book in Oklahoma!!!

  18. Mrs. Morrell

    Mrs. Morrell’s period 5 class has a few questions. Lily would like to know why you chose a giraffe to be Carley’s favorite animal? Another student would like to know if the police officer in chapter 14 is Dennis, and why does he act so mean when Carley was the one who was hurt?

  19. Hi! We are a 6th grade class from Poughkeepsie, NY and are really enjoying your book One for the Murphys. We love how you describe Carley’s feelings in the novel and can’t wait to find out what happens next.

    1. What inspired you to create the personality of Carley?
    2. What inspired you to write this book about a foster child?
    3. Was this story based off any real life events?

    Thank you so much for being such a part of #GRA14

    Shirley’s 6th grade – our blog posts about One for the Murphys

  20. Dawn

    My class of 5th graders from coastal NC is interested in the phrase Mrs. Murphy always uses “what a clip” and where that came from. I am a librarian and have been doing some research, but have not found where this derived from. This is our first GRA, and learning something new everyday!

  21. Aisha ERTUĞRUL

    Author : Teoman
    Comment: I think that Lynda Mullaly is the best author from the world because she accept our teachers invite and she did this video for 7 th grade student at TED Istanbul.

  22. regie

    I think that her mom will live and she will want her back but Carly stays with them

  23. How did you get the idea to write about this topic?
    Where did you get Carly’s backstory
    Why do they say Wicked everything? Like Wicked cool or Wicked awesome?

  24. Moshe L

    Dear, Lynda Mullaly
    Even though I haven’t finished reading the book, I think it is one of my favorites. What made you want to write this book? How do you know so much about foster children? Where did you get the
    expression, “What a clip?”
    Moshe L @ SHA

  25. ntuttle

    What inspired you to right this book? Where did you get all the information about foster care?

  26. Josh B.

    Q #1: Why did you choose basketball as the sport Daniel plays?
    Q #2: How old are all of the kids?
    Q #3: Why did you choose to write a book about foster care?
    Q #4: Why did you choose the play “wicked” to include in your story?

  27. VIDEO #2: Answers to questions (1) Why does Carley play basketball? (3) Where did Mr. Longneck come from? (3) Is Dennis based on a real person?

  28. Here is video #3: (Answers to questions about rude behaviors of characters Carley, Daniel and police officer.)

  29. Here is video #4: Lynda Mullaly Hunt answers the questions: (1) What does the saying “What a clip” mean and where did it come from? (2) Why did I use the word, “wicked” in the book (3) Discussion about Chapter 30

  30. We love the videos! Thank you so much for using your time to help us better understand.

    Questions from the 5th Grade:
    Brooke – Why does Carley count so much in the book? & How do you get an idea to go into that much description/detail?
    Emma – Why did you choose the title “One for the Murphys”?
    Shelly- What inspired you to actually start writing “One for the Murphys”?

  31. Aisha ERTUĞRUL

    If this isn’t a great comment I don’t know what else is. After watching your video answering student questions Huseyin wrote:
    Author : Huseyin
    Comment: I felt confused when the author says being mean makes the character and the book interesting.

    It would be great if you could extrapolate on why this is true.

  32. Aisha ERTUĞRUL

    Umut says,

    “I like her character choosings because all thge characters and what they are doing in the story is a part of the writer. This video makes us understand the book more easily because it gives us many clues about the book or why does she choose carley or why she is playing basketball, it all depends to her life. I think thi,s make this book a better book.”

  33. Brooke wants to know why Carley is so observant?

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