Global Read Aloud Poster Giveaway #2 #GRA15

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I am SO EXCITED! GRA15 is just about here and I have been working on those videos that I promised you. I hope you like them when they are released.

So, now to follow through on another promise. Another GRA15 GIVEAWAY!

So, the questions you posted for the last giveaway were extraordinary! THANK YOU!Fish in a Tree cover and badges POSTER 18 x 24

Here is how you enter THIS poster giveaway:

  1. In the comments section below, please leave a question about a *SPECIFIC SCENE* within the book. If you know the chapter, all the better. (SO many GREAT questions last time but most of them were big picture questions.) For the sake of the weekly videos, I’d like to have some questions pertaining to each section of the book. (See schedule below for chapter breakdown)
  2. Any teacher or librarian who posts a question not already asked will receive ONE signed poster for your school. But only until 8:45 tonight! (until the next giveaway!)
  3. The question you post CANNOT have been already posted. For those of you coming in late, that’s more of a challenge!
  4. Please send your name and SCHOOL mailing address (including name of school) to GRA POSTER GIVEAWAY *must* be in subject line. That’s how I will find you.
  5. I will choose THREE of my favorite questions and those readers will receive a free signed copy of FISH IN A TREE.
  6. If you entered the last time, please do not enter again. Your poster has been sent and will arrive soon! (if not there already.)
  7. This will END AT 8:45 SHARP! I will make a note in the comments section! *Please* do not post or send e-mails after that time.

THANK YOU ALL! I am so grateful to be part of this phenomenal movement. Seriously. I know I’m supposed to be good with words, but this? Well…

Have a silver dollar night,



Below is the GRA schedule just in case you’d like to see it again J

I will be posting Q&A videos pertaining to Fish in a Tree on each Thursday morning of Global Read Aloud. My first video will appear on Thursday, October 8th and will cover chapters 1-8. The other videos will follow each of the following five Thursdays to follow this GRA reading schedule.

Week of October 5:  Chapters 1 – 8

Week of October 12: Chapters 9 – 17

Week of October 19: Chapters 18 – 24

Week of October 26: Chapters 25 – 33

Week of November 2: Chapters 34 – 42

Week of November 9: Chapters 43 – end

The videos themselves (which will remain up permanently for future use) will be found both on and on my blog here:

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34 thoughts on “Global Read Aloud Poster Giveaway #2 #GRA15

  1. Sue Sheskey

    My question came up once we discovered the brother had difficultly reading. Does dyslexia run in families? Is it inherited or is there something that causes it?

  2. Kristen Picone

    My students were wondering if you or a family member collected coins when you were younger? How much research did you have to do about the coins mentioned in the book?

  3. Shannon Mills

    I love the scene with the science experiment and the boxes. It is just one of many learning experiences Mr. Daniel’s creates that allow multiple intelligences to be honoured and makes room for all student success. My question is, did you have a teacher who influenced you when you were growing up? One with the same ability to to honour creativity?

  4. Mr. Daniels gives Ally some incredible advice when she is struggling to give her speech for class president. Do you think this advice will give her the confidence to go on with the speech? How will this affect her confidence overall?

  5. Julie Kirchner

    Where did you come up with the puzzles within the box that shows great minds think differently? Are there more puzzles like this that kids could create for one another to try?

  6. When Ally gives her teacher a sympathy card for her baby shower gift, she chooses not to try and explain herself. She was so proud of the card and been very thoughtful when choosing it. I wanted her to explain herself and let someone know, and I am an adult reader. I have no doubt my 4th graders are going to ask why also. I would like to be able to tell them why you made this early character development decision.

  7. Yvette Burke

    I was wondering since Alice in Wonderland was an important book for Ally in Fish and a Tree, was it an influential book for you as a child?

  8. The story about the fish in the tree played heavily in the book. Did you have that in mind at the start of your writing? If not, how did it find its way into the book?

  9. Tamara

    In Chapter 47 you quote Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never quit.” As a collector of quotes, I’m wondering which came first, the quote or the story?

  10. I have not finished book yet, but almost. When I got to Chapter 7 and Ally described the writing in her book as “shaky”, I wondered if she lost her grandpa due to an illness or old age. I also wondered, did Ally’s grandpa know about her struggles with reading?

  11. I have read that Ally’s brother is based on your own brother, but I’m wondering if you based Keisha and Albert on anyone in your life? Thank you for taking our questions!

  12. My students are fascinated with Albert. We just read the scene where Albert takes Keisha and Ally to his house and Mom offers them something to eat. When I read the part about the “empty refrigerator”, my students were silent. They felt for Albert and one of my students commented that Albert was resilient (a new vocabulary word we recently learned). From that scene, my students and I began to wonder…..What is it that you want us to learn the MOST from Albert? Resiliency, kindness as he doesn’t meet violence with violence, ways to deal with a bully, perseverance?

  13. Rebecca Fay

    In Chapter 1, Mrs. Hall believes in Ally but also thinks it is an effort issue. In your past life as a teacher, were you ever Mrs. Hall, believing a student could do more and not realizing the barriers he or she faced?

  14. Katrina Lee

    In the silver dollar, wooden nickel chapter my students were wondering about the historical significance of that phrase. We talked about wooden nickels a little, but they were wondering if this would be a common phrase we just don’t hear anymore. Thanks!

  15. Sarh Moukhliss

    I love how fans of “Wonder” now get to read “Auggie and Me.” Will there be a continuation or sequel to “Fish in A Tree?” Would you consider writing from the perspectives of Ally’s classmates or teacher(s)? This is such an important subject. I am a library media specialist and WOULD love a poster to hang in our library! My school is a Special Needs/Exceptional Student Hub. We have many students like Ally. Thank you for inspiring our next generation of leaders!

  16. In Chapter 29, Ally uses swinging as a way to feel empowered, a way to escape words like dumb and freak and loser. Was this a way that you gained strength and confidence as a child when faced with challenges? Was the act of swinging a conscious choice as an author to symbolize empowerment and strength?

  17. Donna Albertson

    The scene where Ally gives the card to her teacher stands out. I’m wondering if Mrs. Hall had a suspicion that there was a learning issue with Ally. Did previous teachers share this concern with Mrs. Hall? Did Mrs. Hall try any strategies before she left on maternity leave?

  18. When Ally, Albert, and Keisha are attached by bullies, one of them dumps Keisha’s book – “a book with sweet little cupcakes” – out. (p.254) Did you have a particular book in mind? Perhaps Joan Bauer’s Close to Famous? Do tell!

  19. In Chapter 1, Ally is doodling and her teacher chides her for drawing again. I love to doodle and it helps me think and remember what I am learning. I encourage my students to doodle and draw to help them as well. Are you a “doodler”? Is this why you included this in the story? What would you say to students who doodle during class?

  20. Aaron Cleaveley

    The scene in which Albert confronts the bullies: Did you consider lots of ways for him to handle the situation? What about Albert made you decide that he would be physical?

  21. MaryCatherine Buckner

    When Ally, her brother, and mom Skyped with dad it made us wonder if your dad was in the military.

  22. I loved the puzzle that Mr. Daniels gave the students with the jumbled letters. A solution was not provided in the book. Can’t wait to see if our Ss can solve it. Was it intentionally left out?

  23. Caroline Kolodziej

    I love the relationship Ally has with her brother. It’s the only time, I as a reader, let my guard down for her. We know she’s comfortable with him and he makes her happy. Do you have siblings? Was this relationship based on your life?


  25. Did you have a friend like Albert or Kiesha? Such unique friendship and personalities!

  26. Jessica Davis

    How did you decide on “silver dollar or wooden nickel?” Childhood experience? Very clever! After reading FISH IN A TREE, we now have “silver dollar days!”


  28. Sara Drazkowski

    My students are really struggling with Shay. They say “of course a girl with a name like that would be mean!” They are sterotyping the name…but then my question is about how did you choose names? Shay does “typically” belong in a different crowd per se or tax bracket, as we witness in other books, shows, etc. Ally seems like such a “plain name” in comparison. My students want to know!

  29. For all the educators of littles, this is a MUST READ book. Your heart will be forever softer and more loving…
    For all the Fishies in the Tree! =)

  30. HEY! IF OYU POSTED A QUESTION BUT DID NOT SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS I DID NOT SEND A POSTER. Please e-mail **Only if you have posted a question above** at with “GRA POSTER GIVEAWAY” in the subject line.


  31. Amy Hoffman

    My students and I were wondering more about Mrs. Hall’s feelings surrounding the sympathy card. She obviously likes Ally, but is frustrated by her. We would like to know if Mrs. Hall really knows that Ally can’t read?

  32. Mrs. Hignell

    Our Grade 6 class has just finished reading Chapter 3. We have two questions based on our reading up to this point. When Ally is with Mrs. Silver, she mentions that she has been to 7 different schools. Why has she had to switch school so many times?
    Our next question is why did Keisha stand up for Ally against Shay when nobody else did?
    We look forward to watching your video!

  33. Chapter five,
    What was Travis talking about when he said, it mixes like oil and water?

  34. Katherine

    Does Travis have dyslexia because he said he had a bad time reading and writing just like ally?do u think it could run in their family?

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