Fish in a Tree ~ Lynda Reads Chapter 8 and Answers Questions About Chapters 1 – 8 #GRA15 #GRAFIAT

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8 thoughts on “Fish in a Tree ~ Lynda Reads Chapter 8 and Answers Questions About Chapters 1 – 8 #GRA15 #GRAFIAT

  1. Kathy

    This is absolutely amazing! What you are doing for readers is indescribable. I have participated in the GRA for three years. After I read your book last spring, I couldn’t wait to read it to my fourth graders. Then two weeks before school started, I was moved to third grade. My first thought was oh no! I can’t read Fish In A Tree. I began other read alouds at the beginning of the year and thought, hmm…I am just going to go for it! They love it! Because you answer our tweets, they feel like rock stars and say they are famous. It makes them connect more to the story. I cannot thank you enough! I just watched the video and it is wonderful. Thank you so much! The impact you are having on kids on so many levels is staggering!

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  3. Michelle Turner

    I am showing your video to our class during Read Aloud today and can’t wait! They are going to be so excited! We are in Seattle and we are partnering with a class from Ghana for GRA! This is just amazing!!!

  4. Elyse B

    My students are loving the book and LOVING YOU! What an awesome experience.

  5. JessicaJ

    I love your book and love you

  6. Wendy Heffler

    Were you close to your grandfather like Ally? Who was your Mr Daniels?
    Is Shay based on a girl from your life?

  7. #GraFiat

    I’m loving this book I’m on chapter 29 I think

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