Middle Grade Authors Love Teachers Giveaway #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers, 2017


Hello, Teacher and Librarian WORLD CHANGERS!

A TOAST! To you.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, TEACHERS AND LIBRARIANS! ❤ ❤ ❤ Welcome to my third annual Middle Grade Authors Love Teachers and Librarians Giveaway!

It’s no secret to those of you who know me that I just adore and respect teachers and librarians teacherswho are out there every day with kids–reaching out to them with just the right book or just the right conversation and changing lives. As is often said in children’s literature circles, books offer both mirrors and windows to readers. We often discover things about ourselves and/or who we want to be through reading (mirrors). We also learn about the world–other cultures, ways of life, opinions and learn to empathize with others (windows) which is more important than ever. For some, a book offers a friend and the ability to revisit that friend as needed. Yes, we write the books. but YOU put those books into the hands of kids every day. We are a TEAM.

So…to express this appreciation and love for ALL of you heroes/teachers/librarians out there, I have banded together with some author friends (HUGE THANKS to these authors for their kindness and generosity!) to offer one GIANT giveaway for one lucky winner. The winner of this giveaway will receive a signed copy of every single book below–each mailed to you in separate packages by their authors/illustrators. There are many you’ll recognize, I think 🙂 Please feel free to click on each cover to see more information about the book and its author.


Directions for entering are at the bottom.






AND – IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THESE, PUFFIN BOOKS (Penguin) will donate a box (unsigned) of Penguin Classics! You won’t be sure what’s inside. It will be like a delivery from Santa 🙂


So a pretty cool line-up of signed middle grade novels, huh?

Okay–so to enter the MIDDLE GRADE Giveaway to win ALL of these books:

1) Make a comment on this blog about anything book-related or kid-related. Or teacher/librarian related. Or anything-under-the-sun related. 🙂 *Please provide twitter handle or e-mail address with your comment* Also, if you share elsewhere online (Facebook, Google+, etc.) please let me know here.

2) Share to Twitter with the hashtag #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers  I know–long hashtag 🙂 But it will help us find your entry! Please include link, if possible!


Rules: ***Giveaway ends on Monday, February 20 at 11:59PM. Winner will be announced the following morning.

1) This is to show our appreciation for teachers and librarians, specifically. Therefore, the winner must have a school mailing address and be presently employed at that school. (Sorry–only US and Canadian winners this time.)

***2) We know that teachers do not always get the appreciation they deserve. (They deserve parades and serenades and major awards.) This giveaway is a reminder that WE appreciate you. Yes—we write the books, but YOU are in the trenches every day. YOU get the books into the hands of our readers. Together, we are creating life-long readers. For that…we are most grateful.


THANK YOU for visiting our giveaway!


Lynda and the gang 🙂



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381 thoughts on “Middle Grade Authors Love Teachers Giveaway #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers, 2017

  1. This is incredible! Thank you to all of the authors and organizers for ensuring some lucky students get these phenomenal books!

    • Ellen Sweeney

      Amazing! New books for any classroom would be incredible! Students in my Reading Resource program would be so excited to have new options for independent reading. Thank you!

  2. Julie Kirchner

    Wow…what a list of books! There are no words to express how much the generosity of authors means to me. Thank you to ALL these incredible authors, but especially to you Lynda for organizing and for always reminding us how valued we are to all of you. What a Valentine gift. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

  3. Thank you for arranging this giveaway! I am a school librarian and we can all use a little help providing new, exciting, well-loved books to our students through our library collections. This is the librarian lottery!

  4. Heather Jensen

    What a wonderful and generous set 9f books! My 5th graders are working hard to build their reading identities. These titles would be a great addition to our classrooms library! Thank you to Lynda and the gang!


  5. Gaye Sanders

    Eek! So many of my favorite books on this list! My 4th graders and I would be over the moon to win this.

  6. This makes my heart happy! Thank you, lovely authors, for your lovely books. I am a middle school librarian and your words make such a difference for so many. Happy Valentine’s Day! @ppms_media

  7. What an amazing opportunity! I’d love to share these books with my seventh graders – so many favs! @thelogonauts

  8. Uber-generous and very kind, LMH. Thank you for all you do to support teachers, librarians, and fellow writers/artists…and most importantly, kids. ❤

  9. Christina Nording

    What a. awesome treat for the lucky teacher and their students! 😉


  10. Katie Reilley

    This is a beautiful thing you are doing. I’m a 4/5 ELA teacher and love that I can connect students and books. Have found many other teachers/librarians on Twitter and love connecting & learning from each other. So many great titles on this list that have already become well-loved this year in the hands of my school kids. Thank you for the chance!

  11. As a huge fan of your writing, as well as many of the other featured authors, I am beyond excited at the opportunity to receive signed copies of these books. It truly is an incredible line up of literature you’ve compiled!! I would love to share these with the teachers and students within my school district and let the power of books be far reaching ! Thank you!!

    I tweeted: https://twitter.com/lrdichiara/status/831702304218820608

    And will be sharing this shortly on my technology blog:

  12. My students are going to freak if I win!

  13. Helen Reid

    This is an amazing opportunity! Thank you!

  14. Aimee Burman

    Reading and teaching are my passion. A classroom/library full of books is second only to a classroom full of students engaged in reading and sharing their discoveries! #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

  15. I am Ali… A Librarian (ALiBrarian)
    Lynda! I loved hearing you speak at MASL tris fall! My middle school kids would cherish these new books! We can almost smell their new fresh pages! This is how you find your tribe…Book Sniffers Unite! Twitter @AliSchilpp

  16. This is AMAZING! Thank you for providing our kids with such amazing books to read. You are their rockstars!

  17. Elizabeth Schultz

    Wow!! I would be so overjoyed to win this giveaway, and my students would be ecstatic! Thank you to all of the amazing authors who are a part of this celebration of books!

  18. Jen

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity! @JenWellsSperry

  19. Linda Mullaly Hunt is fantastico! (along with the other authors that are a part of this giveaway). I am a 5th grade reading teacher in Texas. Last year I was able to buy $200 to $300 a month on brand new books for my classroom and students to keep. This year I have only spent a little bit of money. I don’t know why I am so poor this year. (Well, actually I do–we keep buying black Angus calves for our land.) Anyways, I’m crossing my fingers this giveaway is a win for me. You can visit my website called at http://www.czechgirlreads.com. There is even a blog post about authors who give away books to teachers to use in their classroom along with teachers, like me, that buy books for children to keep forever. The other blog posts consist of my favorite MG books every year I have been born; my favorite 2016 MG reads and the 2017 MG books I can’t wait to read. MG books are my thing. Good luck to all the enter. Congratulations to the lucky teacher/librarian that wins! My Twitter name is Czechgirl Reads. My twitter handle is @Czechgirl68.

  20. The students at West Elementaty are BIG readers and they would love to have these books to check out in our library and use for book clubs! Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness! @denese_anderson (Tweeting about it now!)

  21. Scott Fillner

    This giveaway is amazing! Anyone who is fortunate to receive this will instantly have wonderful book choices to offer to students. Best wishes to all! And an amazing thank you to those who donated to make this possible.

  22. Stacy Katzwer

    Holy moly! Talk about an amazing lineup of books! Some I’ve read, some I can’t wait to read! They certainly all belong in the hands of children! Would love to add these to our library.Thank you Lynda and Gang! You’re all Fantasticos in my book!

  23. Becky Swanson

    What an amazing list of books! Many are familiar books I loved and others are being added to my to-read and to-share list!
    -Becky @LiBecky
    Tweeted here: https://twitter.com/libecky/status/831707242068066304

  24. Linda Gibbons

    What a great collection! Thank you Lynda and all of the other wonderful authors involved in this give away! My students and teachers would be so excited if we won this collection!!!

  25. Greg Hatfield

    Being a librarian/reading ambassador is one of the greatest parts of my day! Hope to be able to share these amazing stories and characters with my students!!!

  26. What an amazing line up! Pick me!

  27. Leanne

    These amazing books would be well-loved by students at Merritt Central Elementary School! What an amazing give-away. Thanks for creating this great opportunity to put even more books into student’s hands. Twitter: @LC27LadyB

  28. Allison Jackson

    Oh, Lynda. How kind and generous of you and all the other authors involved in this giveaway. Must be a mutual admiration society since to teachers authors are the rock stars. Thank you very much for your love and support.

  29. Kristen Picone

    Everyday I give thanks for the children that sit in my classroom and for the authors that inspire them to become readers and writers. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times…

  30. Tracy Tuttosi

    There are so many great, great books for kids. I counted all the holds/reserves I have put on for my kids the other day – 692 holds this year alone. Speaks to great books for kids. Thanks to the amazing authors who keep giving us so much good stuff to read!

  31. Rachel Byler Harder

    This is amazingly generous. Thank you. So many kiddos are going to benefit from this. ❤

  32. Wow! This is amazing. I couldn’t do the job I do without incredibly talented, huge-hearted authors out there creating literary adventures for me to put in my kids’ hands. Thanks for organizing this, and thanks authors! Excited for whoever wins this sweet collection!

  33. Wow, this giveaway is beyond generous! I’m a library media specialist at a K-5 school in Connecticut, and I know my students would LOVE to add these books to our collection. I try to end each class with a book trailer or quick book talk, so my 3-5 students have already heard of many of these titles! Thanks for this opportunity!

  34. Angie Mitchell

    This would be a wonderful addition to my library. I am in the process of purchasing more books for my 5th graders. They fly through books so fast. Thank you for organizing this give away. Who ever wins this will be very lucky. @AMitchell828

  35. Brian Fernandes

    A great selection of books that will captivate readers and create a culture for reading. @MrBrianRI

  36. Andrea Lathan

    This is an amazing giveaway! Teachers and librarians may be in the trenches, but it is your words that our students find solace in, a world to get away from their worries, someone to relate to, or a place to laugh and enjoy literature. There is no better job than being a school librarian! Connecting kids with great literature is a joy! Thank you Lynda and all kids authors! @lathan_lmc

  37. STAR Simpson

    An amazing group of authors and books! Thank you for doing the work needed to get something of this magnitude pulled together.
    Srar Simpson

  38. Holly Paranich

    Scrolling through all these titles made my heart swell. So many great MG titles! Last year our K-9 school chose FiAT as our whole grade read aloud in grade 6. So generous of you Lynda to share such a great giveaway!

  39. What an amazing set of books. This would benefit any teacher classroom and MANY, MANY students. This is a terrific start to keeping or rekindling the love of reading. THANK YOU!

  40. Allison

    If I don’t win this, I think I will have some sad students. @reader4evr

  41. Tim O'Neill

    Thank you for doing this, Lynda! We appreciate you!!

  42. Brett Reis

    Wow, this is fantastic!

  43. Jacqui Cebrian

    What an awesome collection of books! Thanks so much for putting this together! Some classroom is going to be so lucky. @jsquared2k3

  44. Katherine Tighe

    After working as a full-time mom for 20 years, I went back to work as a teacher 13 years ago, working with fourth and fifth graders. I get to teach them reading, writing, social studies, and art. I am a lucky woman.
    This year has been the most emotional year of my teaching career. My students have been disturbed by the behavior of the adults they have watched on the news this year. Many of my students were teary and worried on Inauguration Day. One way that they have been able to process these feelings is through the stories we read together. Wonder, in fourth grade, and Fish in a Tree, in fifth grade, are our first read-alouds of the school year. Each year, these two beautiful stories set the tone for our work together, with Fish in a Tree expanding and reinforcing the ideas of kindness begun with Wonder. The lessons of “choose kind” and “have grit” have armed my kids with a way to think their way through the difficult times they encounter, and to make better choices than they see modeled around them. I am so thankful to have authors who write with such authentic voices for kids of this age. Thank you for making my job so easy and so much fun! You are our heroes!

  45. Deborah Kreiser-Francis

    Wow!! I am a lucky librarian who also gets to read the books that are supposedly “for the students.” MG rocks!!

  46. Reyna De La Mora

    This idea could only come from a dear and fantastico human being! Could this be our silver dollar day?:) We are about to finish up FIAT. Thank you for always helping me form a positive classroom environment with your stories. Best of luck to all the great educators out there!

  47. Updated my tweet with the right hashtag!

  48. As a teacher and mother of a child with a processing disorder, I ached to watch my young daughter decide she would “never, ever be a good reader” in early grade school. Her hook was finding heroes and heroines who overcame obstacles and proved they were intelligent and talented in their own ways. Now, some 15 years later, she is studying to be a teacher to help reach students like her.

    (Link shared via Twitter @JPiekarz)

  49. Michelle Hopf

    This is the coolest giveaway! Thanks for putting it together. Fish in a Tree is our Family Book Club pick for March and we are falling hard for The War That Saved My Life! Thanks for a chance to get these and for all the recommendations!

  50. Woot! What an awesome opportunity! Thank you Lynda and Co. for honoring students and their teachers ❤

  51. Cheryl Bonsall

    Love sharing my love of reading with students. And they love telling me about the books that they enjoy! #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

  52. Karen Henderson

    What a wonderful package. Would absoluteky love to win this for my Pre-K – Gr. 8 schools! Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. Cassie K

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! All of these titles are so worthy of being read and in the hands of children!! WEEEEE!!!

    Twitter- @SoVeryCassie

  54. David Smith

    OMG what a collection of fantástico books! If i were to win they all go to 5th graders in the end of the year giveaway!

  55. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much!! I shared on Facebook and Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mhaseltine/status/831722001790300160 (@mhaseltine) I am grateful to you and each of the authors who signed books for us. Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m feeling the love!!! My students would FLIP OUT!!!

  56. Ryan Swanson

    Thank you for recognizing teachers with this give away! I have said it before: authors make my job easier day in and day out! Without the attwntion that authors pay to making great books for younger audiences my job of connecting readers would be next to impossible! So THANK YOU!!

  57. My students would love these books! As a K-5 teacher-librarian, I know the transformative magic middle grade books can work on readers of all ages. Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful giveaway and congratulations to lucky the winner– though I am hoping the odds will be in my favor!

    Twitter: @RiverfieldLLC

  58. Wow. All those amazing books! And the best part is all the students I can share these with because that is the best part of my job, share the joy of reading and help match a student to a book. Speaking of–a couple of years ago I book talked Fish in a Tree at my book club and one student wanted it right away. Why? She’d done what the MC had done. Managed to stay under the radar. The cool thing about this student, who still struggles with reading is she LOVES books. One of the many, many reasons I LOVE my job. Thanks for doing this! My twitter handle is @readwritetell. I will share this there. Thanks again!

  59. Deb

    Wow. All those amazing books! And the best part is all the students I can share these with because that is the best part of my job, share the joy of reading and help match a student to a book. Speaking of–a couple of years ago I book talked Fish in a Tree at my book club and one student wanted it right away. Why? She’d done what the MC had done. Managed to stay under the radar. The cool thing about this student, who still struggles with reading is she LOVES books. That is half the battle…we can help her with the rest! Thanks for doing this! My twitter handle is @readwritetell. I will share this there. Thanks again!

  60. Vanessa L Ueltzen @imthebookauntie

    I am literally in tears as I believe you have seen into my heart with this collection of books. Many of them and their authors hold such a special place in my heart, and others I am dying to read. Jefferson’s Sons, One for the Murphys, and Wonder are currently lit circle choices for my MG students, Pax is on my “MUST read” list…my 6-8 graders would be beyond thrilled with these!!!!

  61. Nathalie

    Thank you so much Lynda! What an incredible collection of books, thank you to all the authors involved. A special thank you to you for organizing this opportunity. We just finished FIAT and the kids absolutely loved it and are still working on the code:) Thanks again! @NatFaure

  62. Christina Hanson

    This is the motherload of all MG books! As I scrolled down, I kept saying “Wow!” and “What?!” From SE Hinton to Jeff Kinney to Jacqueline Woodson, amazing. Simply amazing. Thank you, Lynda and all the authors, for creating characters, places, and events that our students can view as a mirror and/or window. Without hard work, multiple drafts, revisions, and every last tweak, we wouldn’t have these books today, so thank you authors!!

    Twitter/Instagram @hansonhallway

  63. Stephanie

    What an amazing collection of generous authors!

  64. Korby Saunders

    This is so exciting!! I can’t wait to share these titles at my read aloud workshop in March!

  65. A great list of authors and books once again this year. Thank-you for doing this yet again. Here is my tweet of the giveaway on my account @iceNIN75 https://twitter.com/IceNIN75/status/831780650235596800

  66. When I looked through this list of books, I realized that they all had one thing in common– all the ones I’ve read are great books, and almost all of the others are ones I have on my to-order list because I’ve heard great things about them… and I kept scrolling, and scrolling! This list alone is a prize; I can’t imagine adding copies of all of these books at once for my students to enjoy!

  67. Maureen Messier

    Fabulous list of books. I’d love to update my classroom library with these future classics.

  68. Ashli Hastings

    THANK YOU so much for offering this! Books are the best way to reach all of our students! My class would be so excited to receive these titles!! @ashlihastings

  69. Tomi C

    So excited for this giveaway! What a wonderful selection of books. Thanks for presenting a variety of books for al types of readers. New books are always welcome as our shelves are full of older, worn books.

    Thanks again and good luck everyone

  70. Melanie Roy

    Wow, kid lit people are nothing short of amazing. Our students would beg to get these titles in their hands! Thanks for taking the time to honor educators and librarians, Lynda and Company! It is truly appreciated. @mrsmelanieroy

  71. This giveaway is simply amazing! As a fifth grade teacher I often (okay, always) buy books with my own money because I want my students exposed to new, quality middle grade books and authors! This year my Mock Newbery book club was a HUGE success with over 60 members! Growing readers takes great teachers, librarians & of course authors and their books!

    Thank you so much!
    Amanda @MsAPlusTeacher

  72. Sarah Labourdette

    Thank you for this amazing contest! What a wonderful treat!!

  73. Amber

    WHAT?!?! This is amazing! Can’t wait to share this books with some of my favorite kids! Amber.webb@roeper.org

  74. Thank you for including Canadian teachers and including such an amazing list of books, including so many GRA books! @Mrs_Fays_Class #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers #BeSomeonesHero

  75. Jessica Davis

    This makes my teacher heart so happy! How generous of each of you! I truly believe a good book can change a child’s life! Thank you for caring about our students!


  76. Jill Bless

    My favorite part of teaching is matching books and readers. There are endless possibilities with these books. Middle grade authors are amazing! Thank you for writing books that make our world better and being so generous to share them with us! @jillbless

  77. Wow! What an incredible giveaway of treasured titles! My fifth graders would love these books. #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

  78. Michele Knott

    Love working on the same TEAM as you and the other rockstar authors! @knott_michele

  79. Wow! I have to say, the love we Teachers and Teacher Librarians get from these authors is amazing. I am so impressed by the time they give to kids in answering e-mails, creating school visits, giving back to the writing community in workshops such as Teachers Write and Nerd Camp. Really, you authors just rock my world.
    I write the newsletter for my local chapter of Teacher Librarians. Whenever I win a giveaway, that book goes into a giveaway that’s part of that newsletter. Imagine if I said ALL these books were up for grabs?! It’s so fun getting books into the hands of adults that love getting them into the hands of kids. Hands down, best feeling ever and why I love being a school librarian so much. Thanks for the love, thanks for your work and KEEP GOING!

  80. Tod Guilford

    Amazing! A generous gift for a lucky school or library. @guilfordt

  81. creslibrary

    So many of these books are changing our students’ outlook on life. @mjantzi As an elementary school librarian, you help me with wonderful life changing titles. Thank you so much for partnering with us in the trenches.

  82. This 5th grade teacher can unequivocally say that MG authors are loved by our students as well! Reading is everything in our room, and your bravery in tellling wonderful rich, powerful, and relatable stories for our kids is what makes my job – getting good books into their hands – so fun and easy.

  83. Judy noble

    This giveaway if fantastic! I work in a seriously underfunded city public school library and seriously love what I’m doing:-) its people like you and giveaways like this that help motivate me each day to help each student meet his/her just right Book for her/his reading. Thanks for this opportunity-and keep in the great book writing

  84. Amy Romanowski

    This is an incredible lineup! Our classroom library would LOVE these! Thank you for this offer!


  85. My classroom library is the best tool in my arsenal of literary weapons. How magical would it be for all these books to be signed?!

  86. ClaireWalton

    Thanks for helping to write books that allow kids to have a common experience with a character. A book the the Outsiders that I read in school to Pax, Fish in a Tree, Orbiting Jupiter that were part of the GRA.

  87. Lynda Mullaly Hunt, you are always working to help out teachers but ultimately children everywhere. Thanks for arranging the giveaway. I’m a 6th grade teacher and your books have engaged many of my students, especially when Fish in a Tree was the read aloud book. Thanks!

  88. Sandy Schneekloth

    WOW ! what a great giveaway! Thank you for doing this. Lynda Mullaly Hunt, love your book,
    Fish in a Tree…so do the kids. Thank you, thank you.

  89. Maureen Hoffman-Wehmeier

    I remember all my teachers k-12. I hope that I am a teacher my students remember, long after they leave my classroom, for the fun times, the hard times, the book discussions, and most of all for the love.

    Thank you all for the wonderful opportunity to win some books for my classroom. You all are amazing!

  90. Katrina Lee

    What an amazing collection, I would love to add some of these diverse titles to my 6th grade classroom library!

  91. This is such an incredible giveaway of books that my students will truly love! Some of these titles and the authors that have written them are on their list of favorites. Many of my students wrote to you about these books for the Letters About Literature competition that we entered! My goal this year is to add more titles to my library and to find some favorites of my own so I can encourage my students to have a love for reading!

  92. Stefanie Lombardo

    What a beautiful collection of books!!! Thank you for being so awesome to teachers and kids and spreading the love of reading!


  93. Wow!!! This is an extensive list! We are currently reading Wonder and I just ordered Pax. I’d love to share these with my students!
    Check us out @msjohns1314 on Twitter or Cassjohns7@gmail.com

  94. Kate Kluegel

    I am constantly grateful to the incredible author that share their talents with my 5th graders and I. You make deep conversations, mind vacations, empathy, and problem solving come to life. Thank you!

  95. Suzanne Buhner

    YOU inspire us! A fellow T came to me just yesterday and said her kids gave a standing ovation at the end of Fish In A Tree…& thanked me for suggesting it. She wanted more book suggestions! Not a problem, thanks to all of you!!! I am @sbuhner and thank you for this Th book giveaway!!!!

  96. cerle

    Love these books, love these authors, love being a school librarian, and I LOVE sharing good books with my students! ❤️

  97. Kicked off this year with Fish in a Tree as our first read aloud. Students loved Ali and related to all characters. Thank you authors for writing books that create discussions about diversity and acceptance. #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

  98. Once again, you’re taking care of our children. Should I win, I’ll give away the brand new copies of the ones I already have in my classroom (I have only 8 of these) to other teachers in my school. Thank you for helping all scholars love reading – such great titles!

  99. Cindy Babich

    What an awesome giveaway! My 4th and 5th grade readers would be so excited to have such amazing titles added to our classroom library – and so would their teacher:)

  100. #booklove This would be a Silver Dollar Day! So many great stories here to put in the hands of readers! @CDavisRead will be sharing on Twitter. Carol9d@aol.com

  101. Julie Hoffman

    These are fantastic books! They would be a great start to building and empathy library. Each of the authors represented here Have stories of hardship and perseverance- stories of hope. Thank you to the authors (and publishers) for making this happen for a teacher or librarian. That’s love!

  102. Jennifer Newkirk

    I love your books and would LOVE to win this collection to share with my kiddos at school! They love to read. I have shared on Twitter @teacherjenn2013. Thanks for doing this. I could not do what I do without you doing what you do.

  103. Melissa ONeal

    Geeking out over all these books!!!
    Twitter: @melissalsu

  104. Such a great list of books and signed by the authors!! I have several in my classroom library now and will be hitting Amazon to add some others. What a great offer for educators! Thank you for your generosity. I have retweeted on twitter.

  105. Love to use these books as a read aloud in my classroom!!

  106. Maurine donahue

    These would be great for my classroom

  107. Mary Gaeta

    These books are amazing!!!! @olalibrary

  108. Jennifer Green

    “A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.” Thank you for giving our students this opportunity!

  109. What a blessing for one lucky teacher/librarian! The book choices are fabulous and will be a wonderful addition to any library. This generosity is an example of magic of writers, especially writers who write for children. Thank you for this opportunity. Peace and smiles!

  110. Mary K Schackmann

    If I mention something about a book or an author to my 5th graders, the book flies off the shelf.

  111. This giveaway is the absolute best giveaway I ever seen on any social media sites. As a teacher there are titles in here that have changed some of my students lives on a personal and reading level. As a teacher who reads along side her students, several of these titles have impacted me to the complete fullest, and several are on my TBR list!!! I can not believe the titles you are giving away! What an honor it would be to win! Thank you for this opportunity!! (twitter: @mrs_cmt1489)

  112. Jill Brockschink

    When I sit down to conference with my 4th graders about the books they are reading, I see such a spark in their eyes! They love words, and characters and their stories. Thank you, Lynda, for giving us Ally and all her struggles. Her story helps kids open their hearts to each other and to themselves, and adjusts the perceptions of what being smart is actually all about. So excited to continue to share her story, and with any luck, the stories of all of the characters so graciously brought to life by these authors. I can see the sparks already!
    I am tweeting this under the handle @Mrs4BRsClass
    Also sharing on my Facebook page Jill Brockschink.
    Thank you.

  113. Nicole Mancini

    I love my job. It is my passion. As a fifth grade ELA teacher, bringing that enthusiasm for books and reading is my world! I am so proud of my kiddos and know that these books would mean a lot to them! Thank you for this chance! @MissNikkiIn5th

  114. Jill Dodge

    After being an elementary school librarian for 13 years, I made the leap to a middle school library this fall. I am so grateful for the move and I never knew how awesome middle schoolers were (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t that awesome in middle school). Talking books with them and hearing their insight is one of the best parts of my job. Thank you to all of the authors for writing books for this age group. They are unique, smart, and creative young people and your books connect so strongly with them! @jilldodgelms Also sharing on my personal Facebook page.

  115. I teach Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. In my state (Iowa), support staff (speech language pathologists, hearing and vision teachers, physical therapists, etc) are not employed by the school districts themselves, but rather by area education agencies.

    One of the rules for the giveaways doctates that we must have a school address, but I do not because of what I mention above. Am I still eligible for this giveaway? I’d love to get more books like these in my students’ hands.

  116. This is amazing! Students desperately need books like these. Thank you for your generosity!

  117. Kamla Rambaran

    An amazing list of books that will allow students to grow and make connections. My students not only enjoyed the book Fish in the Tree by @LynMullayHunt they were able take key concepts and themes within the story and apply into their lives. Concepts of growth mindset and the power of changing your words while accepting differences in key. A powerful story that reaches all in many different ways.
    Student reflection:
    -“disabilities don’t have to define you”
    -“you can’t have a fixed mindset you need to keep trying in order to succeed and overcome challenges”
    -“even if it doesn’t seem like it there will allows be a friend/teacher out there to support you and help you”


  118. Starla Hazen

    Thank you very much for your support of teachers and librarians!


  119. I am so thankful that you admire and respect teachers, but that goes both ways. Authors, especially children’s book authors, are my rock stars and it makes me so very happy that you are all in this world. Just as Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary helped me get through tough times when I needed them, you are doing so for this generation. Much love and appreciation.


  120. Amanda Hillhouse

    I am the Reading Specialist for middle school age students…new “job” after teaching 6th grade for 22 years. My librarian recommended “Fish in a Tree” as my read aloud for the 6th graders. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! And it opened up a dialogue with 2 different students and their parents who had concerns but didn’t know how to verbalize them. They are now getting some answers to their concerns. Middle school students are so self aware but don’t understand differences in others…this book began a dialogue with my students about empathizing our differences. I am looking into some of the titles above to read aloud with my 7th and 8th graders.

    Thanks you so much for your support of teachers and librarians. And with this blog, I am able to say thank you for the change you have made in my students and me.

    Twitter: @alhillhouse

  121. Kristin Alvarez

    WOW! What a list of books that you are giving away. I know our readers here will love to have these books in their hands. Thank you so much! alvarezk@fpsct.org or @kzalvarez

  122. Susan Hutchens

    Lynda – this is such an incredible thing to do for teachers and librarians! I’m currently a semi-retired teacher who subs almost every day at one of two schools. I would sure love to win these books and present them to the school librarian at one of the schools! I know the kids there would love them! Take care, and know that YOU are a hero to so many people!

  123. WOW! This is an incredible list of titles! I’m going back into an intermediate classroom next year after 6 years of instructional coaching and I would love nothing more than to put these titles in students’ hands. Thank you so much for thinking of teachers and librarians! @svalter80

  124. What an amazing list of titles. As I scrolled through them I noticed past and present Battle of the Books titles we have used/use in our school-wide competition. Fish in a Tree is one of the 13 titles in this year’s competition. The kids would be so excited to have a signed copy if this book, and the other titles too, in our library. Thank you for showing your love to us with this giant giveaway.

  125. Celia Brown

    Hi Lynda, this is absolutely wonderful….Carley and Mrs. Murphy would surely call you ‘their hero’. Books can change lives, thank you for spreading the good word about literature! Celia Brown brownc@fpsct.org

  126. Andy Bean

    How fortunate any teacher or student would be to get a chance to read all these great titles.

  127. megankortlandt

    Holy cannoli! This is an amazing collection of books and an incredible opportunity for teachers. Thank you so much. I’m deeply thankful that you give teachers recognition. Please know that we are also so thankful to have YA and MG authors as our partners. We work with you every day, and we know we’ve found some of the best success when our kids fall in love with your work. Sharing on Twitter as well – @megankortlandt

  128. Kendra Wyniemko

    My students would love this! @kpwyniemko

  129. Oh my goodness – what a fun collection of titles! I love this time of year when many of my third and fourth graders are growing more and more independent as readers — and are beginning to crave stories that are more complex. I especially LOVE when they read titles I’ve booktalked in the library and then come back to me with their own insights…such great connections with kids!! Thank you for honoring librarians (and teachers!) with this giveaway!

    My email is olsonj@conwayschools.net, and I shared this on Twitter (https://twitter.com/MrsO219/status/831932588239499265). I also passed your email along to the other librarians and a few reading teachers in my school district.

    Thank you again, Ms. Mullaly — my students and I enjoy your books so much!

  130. I am grateful, again and again, for the kindness and generosity shown for teachers and our readers by middle grade authors. Thank you for your outpouring of love and support. I know I am only one of MANY who are happy to share your love with my students. xo


  131. Andrea Cox

    I am so excited to have seen this giveaway on Twitter! I only have a fee of these books in my classroom library (this is my first year as a gen ed 6th grade teacher with my own classroom, previously special education/co-teaching model) and have almost ALL of these on my wish list! Our 6th grade uses Wonder as our year-long “Motto Text” – all of our students mention this book, and refer back to the characters constantly! I connected 2 students to One for the Murphy’s this year, and it was a life-changing book for both of them. They basically consider Carley and Mrs. Murphy part of their families. I am so incredibly hopeful about winning this giveaway(as I’m sure so many others are as well)! What an incredible opportunity – thank you! Email: Msandrea82@gmail.com Twitter: @MissAndrea8225

  132. cciring18

    What a fantastic and diverse set of books. I have loved so many of these titles and so have the students and adults with whom I work. Sharing on my Twitter account as well!


  133. Sarah

    Thank you, thank you thank you! I work at a small rural school where students do not have access to the school library daily so I make it my mission to keep popular titles in my classroom library. This opportunity would allow me to add so many amazing titles to our collection. Thank you!

    ~ Sarah

  134. This is a spectacular list of books. My students would be so lucky to have these titles at their fingertips! Middle school authors rock!

  135. Cindi

    LOVE this list!!! There are several I still need to read! LOVE MIddle school titles!


  136. Katie Thomas

    Wow! Look at this collection of books! Thank you Lynda and all of the other very generous MG authors! You are the true rockstars!! I will be sharing this on Facebook and twitter @kthomas63.

  137. Rayna Freedman

    Reading is food for the soul. Books take us on so many adventures. They can heal us. They can teach us life lessons. Characters become heroes. We are lucky to have such talented authors to welcome into our home on any given night! #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

    Shared on Rayna Freedman and Ray Lee Facebook and @rlfreedm

    Thank you!

  138. Meghan Mccarthy

    Thank you so much! All of these books are wonderful!

  139. To open a book with a child is to open their heart, their mind and their soul to the world and all that which exists in their imagination! @SLP_NMS

  140. Justin Greene

    Thank you so much. This list of titles is amazing. I would love to share these with my sixth graders. They would freak out! Email: justgreene@yahoo.com Twitter: @justgreene

  141. Leigh Stewart

    These books would enrich our library and our school!
    Funding cuts 😦
    Winning these books 🙂

  142. Gina Fox

    @gfox1998 Love middle grade authors! You get kids and help them get themselves!

  143. Melissa Boire

    Wow! What an amazing, incredible list of books to share with our students. Lucky doesn’t begin to describe the winner of this giveaway! Thank you Lynda for helping organize this and for all the inspiration you’ve provided for staff and students with your writing, particularly “Fish in a Tree”.
    @Mrs Boire

  144. This is such a great assortment of books. As I was looking through it I was matching kids to books. I just had a student tell me yesterday how much he loved Fish in a Tree. @harpe23

  145. David Cirone


    What an amazing collection of books. I like how there is a wide range of genre and reading level.

  146. Angie Hull

    Hi! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway. These books would be cherished and fought after by my sixth graders. I love teaching everyday and I love connecting with authors!

  147. Angie Hull

    Thanks so much for this. Even this post made my day! My sixth graders would love each and every one of these and as I look at the list, I am picturing which student would get each title first.

  148. Heather

    Hi there posted a tweet, @twitheath and following up here. I am so excited to see the fabulous books on the list, after all books as mirrors and windows! Teaching book readers empathy!

  149. Joy Broadwell

    What an awesome opportunity! Thank you for your generosity! So many fabulous titles that would thrill my students! jmbroadwell@hammond.k12.in.us or @MrsJBroadwell

  150. Judy Morales

    Reading is the key to everything! It can change your life. More middle grade students need the opportunity to explore the word through words! It is very generous of you to do this! Thanks!

  151. There are some great books on this list, some that are on my TBR list, and some that are new to me. The winner will be on very lucky teacher or librarian! Thanks for giving teachers and librarians this chance.

  152. Elizabeth Oosterheert

    Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity for teachers and students. I agree with Kelly Gallagher, who writes that the best ways to increase student engagement with books are: Build a classroom library. Build a classroom library. Build a classroom library! Many of us don’t have the funds to do this as quickly as we would like. Thank you for a chance to put more books in the hands of more children. It is critically important.
    Follow me on Twitter @oosterheerte

  153. Stephanie Justice

    This is an amazing collection of books to have in a middle school media center. Thanks , Lynda, for spearheading this giveaway. Would love to share these with my middle school readers!

  154. Valerie Glueck

    Amazing list of books. Many I have in my classroom library and many I would love to add. Thank you for recognizing the hard work educators do. vglueck@rsu18.org @vglueck69

  155. Meghan McCarthy

    Such generous authors! I’d love to be able to showcase all of these books in my classroom, and introduce my students to some new favorites!

  156. Stacey Riedmiller

    Lynda, we really appreciate that YOU appreciate us. You make our work so meaningful with your work. ❤

    Twitter: @literacybigkids

  157. Mike Strom

    As a new middle school teacher, I have spent hundreds in the last few months updating my classroom library with books my kids would actually read. Even if I don’t win, there are some awesome titles I can’t wait to check out!

  158. Erin Varley

    Wow! This is so generous! My fifth graders would love to get their hands on these titles. Thank you thank you for this opportunity!


  159. Kaylin

    Wow! What an amazing list of books! My kids would love to make these additions to our classroom library. Thank you for the opportunity!

  160. Jason Lewis

    Once again, this is truly amazing! Thank you to all the rockstar authors and illustrators who have added their book(s) to this amazing collection! Your books make ours jobs easier!!

  161. Ruth Reedy

    What I love most about being a sixth-grade ELA teacher is putting the right book in the right hands, and I must say, I’m not bad. That nose-in-the-book-can’t-think-of-anything-else posture…especially the first time? Well…I don’t have to tell YOU.

    I have a lot of the books in your giveaway, but I am a great sharer! Also, great books catch on like wildfire and sometimes I have waiting lists for new books. What a blast! Your offer is so generous…hope I win!

    I hardly use twitter but I am @reedys_readers. I am also on Facebook.

  162. Jessica Frye

    Wow!! What an amazing group of books! There will be some lucky, lucky students who get their hands on these!!❤ Thank you for thinking of teachers/librarians everywhere! Twitter- @jfryeou

  163. Sandi Brann

    Oh, wow! So many excellent books! I am currently reading aloud Fish in a Tree to my 4th graders (making it the 3rd time I have read it). Thank you for arranging this.

  164. Amy Simmers

    I can’t believe how many awesome books are listed here! Thanks for being supportive of librarians and teachers who work so hard every day to get the right book in the right kid’s hands!

  165. Kim Romero

    I love this! I am a 5th grade teacher and we teach a social issues book club unit. These would be great for the unit! I hope I can win!

  166. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for sharing your love of books with kids! I’m definitely sharing this on Facebook and Twitter!

  167. Re Marzullo

    Amazing giveaway and what a fabulous selection. Thanks for remembering teachers and showing the love for our students and us! ❤ @re_marz #MGauthorsloveteachers

  168. Britt Jungck

    Reading some of these books with my students is what fuels me as a teacher. AThe fellowship created during a read aloud of a moving text, is like no other teaching magic on earth.

    Each year, I choke up as I read Carly’s final moment with Mrs. Murphy, and I sobbed uncontrollably with my homeroom last year reading Orbiting Jupiter….but is there anything better than showing your students how a book can move you? I think not.

    Britt Jungck

  169. Bernadette Pasek

    This is a wonderful collection of books, which any classroom or library would be lucky to receive.

    I love that so many of these books have messages of hope and love.

    Bernadette @ MsPasek

  170. Christianne Ottinger

    Wow! What a generous offer! I would love to be in possession of that great set, but I’m at a school with a really nice library. I think there are so many schools without the funds to keep their libraries open or staff it. I know a few schools not too far from me in that situation. I’d share the winnings with one more needy than me.

  171. Karin Hanson

    Absolutely love the idea! These books! These authors! Sharing on Twitter via @karinhanson Thank you!

  172. Amazing list of books! Thanks so much for your generosity and support of teachers and librarians!

  173. Christie

    What an amazing collection!! I can’t wait to look up all the titles I have not heard of!!

    Shared on Facebook too!

  174. Julie Lass

    This giveaway for teachers sounds wonderful. I already teach with books by a few of these authors and would love to win these books for my school. @julielass

  175. I love all the books that I have read that are on this list. And I LOVE that I get to share with my students the same feelings, and then watch them in turn fall in love with the books. Thank you to all the authors who share their thoughts, experiences, and passions as well!!!

  176. Jessica Churchill

    Wow! I have read a few of these books with some of my classroom book clubs and they are for sure student favorites! My students absolutely love to be read to even if they are in 6th grade. This would be such an awesome addition to my social studies classroom. Thank you!

  177. Ann

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. There are so many amazing books here to share with students.

  178. Maryellen Wall

    All of these books are Amazing stories that we would love to share with our students. A book
    can change a childs life and we would be honored to receive these.

    Thank you for this special!
    Maryellen Wall

  179. Incredible list of books. Awesome.

  180. Michelle Perron

    This is amazing! I got so excited looking at the books listed here and I know my students will, too! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  181. OMG… could not believe the amazing array of titles here! My students would be OUT OF THEIR MINDS to receive such a wonderful gift! Thank you for thinking of us!

  182. Susan Giles

    There’s so many great new books here that I’ve had the great pleasure of reading, but I haven’t been able to get them into the hands of my students yet. What an amazing gift it would be to win all of these amazing books! Thanks to all of those who organized and donated to this giveaway!

  183. Lynda- You are so wonderful! Thanks to all the generous people that donated books! WOW! Thanks for all you do! ❤

  184. What a wonderful list of books! Thank you to all the authors who are participating. Each book teaches our kids (and adults) so much about the world and people around us. Thank you for connecting us to others! @AngieBush2015

  185. Naomi Turk

    I love it when teachers are recognized for their hard work and dedication! We ❤️Lynda Mullaly Hunt!

  186. Thank you MGAuthors for giving us the tools to reach our readers! Your books inspire children to read, to write, to give friendship a chance, and they inspire me. @ureadiread

  187. Judy Muirhead

    Wow! My fifth grade “fantasticos” and I would be honored to receive these books. Thanks for helping teachers get the best books into the hands of the best kids!

  188. Jennifer Clark

    Such a great book list from such generous authors! It would be an honor to receive these books and put them in the hands of my students!

  189. This collection of books would be an amazing way to build enthusiasm and excitement among the readers of my building. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts towards educators. Quality, engaging books like YOURS and the many others listed here are what help us to connect with our children and build lifelong readers. @ReachingReaders

  190. This is the most awesome giveaway! I remember when I first read One for the Murphys and I was so angry at the end that I went to find you online. Also, The Outsiders and I are the same age! @thebrainlair KathyMBurnette

  191. Just finished The Thing About Jellyfish and passed it on to a young lady in my school who could benefit from reading this story! Thanks for putting this challenge together! My students and I would love to receive and read these books! @rk2rb1228

  192. Marie Ziller

    I can’ the believe the amazing books in this package! So many that I have purchased for my classroom, and book talked them; they are flying off my shelves. Plus so many others that are on my list to purchase! There is nothing better than a great read!

  193. Kelly Farnsworth

    Wow! This is so amazing and many great, great
    books listed in this giveaway. Thank you!
    This is my 18th year of teaching 6th grade and
    it’s always been my goal to provide students with
    many choices of books to choose from. As I finish
    a book, I introduce it to my students and add it to
    my classroom library. I’m currently on my way to
    having 2300 books in my library! Hooe to add more
    to my library. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of us!

  194. I’d love to add this list to my classroom library. I teach READ180 and am always looking for new books to engage struggling readers. https://twitter.com/deneetyler/status/832051925180821504

  195. Andrea Bolton

    It is always nice to hear how much we are appreciated by others. You continue to show us how grateful you are. Any school would be lucky to have this line up to add to their collection. Thank you. @bookwormbolton

  196. My students have loved FIAT and have continued to be accepting, kind and helpful as a result of knowing this book. I have a few special needs students in my 5/6 class and today I had almost everyone volunteer to be part of a circle of friends. Students providing their peers with guidance with being a good friend and how to play properly–because some need the help
    ans I’m glad to have kids that are willing to give it 🙂

  197. Carmen

    I love books! My students are starting to fall in love with reading! We could use these books to help us keep open our options!!
    I am sharing this giveaway on Twitter from @MissZeisler

  198. Oh my! This collection ROCKS! I teach first grade and reading is #1 in our classroom. My students would truly benefit from this collection…I love to read aloud. Build empathy, awareness, and literature passion nurtures life-long readers! I shared on both of my Twitter accounts- classroom and personal @1Bstpatrick and @carriebrowntx. I shared on Google + and Facebook, as well. carriebrown@carriecharleybrown.com Thank you for this opportunity!

  199. Amber Thompson

    Thank you for thinking about teachers! I work hard to provide a huge classroom library for my students, but it costs so much! I appreciate your generosity and I love sharing your books with my students. One young lady in my class was hooked on Joan Bauer books. When she finished reading all of Joan’s books, I shared One for the Murphys with her and she loves it. She wants to read Fish in a Tree next. Thank you for sharing your amazing stories with us!

  200. missgall

    I am blown away at the generosity and thought put into this giveaway! This is an amazing collection of books by an amazing bunch of authors! Thanks Lynda for organizing this giveaway. My students would be thrilled to add this collection of books to our library! @missgall3rd @coachgall

  201. Stacy Holloman

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful books with the lucky winner. It’s wonderful to see books that expose kids to such beautiful diversity. @RoeperQuadSquad

  202. This is such a wonderful thing you do for teachers and their readers. You really are one of a kind. So happy to have spent time with you talking books, readers, and life. Authors are the backbone of all we do!

    Thank you! @patrickontwit

  203. doodlinmunkyboy

    Such generosity!
    This stack of books would add so much to any library!

    I’ll be tweeting (@doodlinmunkyboy) this giveaway, just to share this list!

  204. iamarose

    What an incredible way to brighten teachers’ days and kids’ reading lives! Thank you for your powerful stories and generosity!

  205. Great selection of books! Includes some of my favorites, The War That Saved My Life and Fish in a Tree are my current picks of the month for my students 🙂 Thanks so much for showing appreciation for educators. @MrsPMedia

  206. Deb Wilkinson

    What an awesome collection! Would love to share these with my students. @Deb_B_Wilkinson

  207. sbartle

    Beetle Buster Rules Excellent Nonfiction

  208. An amazing collection of books. I would be so lucky to share these books with my readers!



  209. Jackie richter

    Thanks so much! I can never get enough books!! Xoxoxo

  210. Moving from a school with a very involved librarian to a school with two paras who don’t help the students or encourage reading is very difficult to handle.

  211. jtfan24wordnerd153

    Holy cannoli, what an incredible collection of books!

  212. Wonderful site. A lot of useful info here. I’m sending it to some friends ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And naturally, thanks in your effort! http://www.healthworkscollective.com/user/1701066

  213. There are so many wonderful titles on this give-a-way! My readers would enjoy every single one. Thank you! @iruniread

  214. Angie Moore

    What an amazing collection! ❤ Although I work in two school libraries, and would love to add them to my collections, I’d also love to be able to gift them to my classroom teachers. They are all so strapped financially and spend so much of their own money on great books like these. Thank you for honoring teachers in this way. ❤ Angie Moore @almemoore

  215. Lauren Fryer

    Wow! What an amazing prize. Thank you for showing your appreciation for teachers! We ❤ you! Twitter: @fryer127

  216. What a wonderful gift fir the lucky winner! I have read several of these books already, and PAX and Orbiting Jupiter were favorites last year. Thank you for supporting all of us out here in the trenches 😉 @ipushbooks

  217. Kevin Nealy

    Fish in a Tree has become my, and a lot of my students’ favorite books. It helps children who struggle realize that they aren’t alone, and that they have to find the thing that makes them special. We thank you for your work.

  218. Winning this would be absolutely Christmas-morning-like for my students – what an amazing gesture you are making! THANK YOU! I’m @theloud_library on Twitter 🙂

  219. Anna Sedenka

    As always, so generous of all the authors involved! So many of these amazing books are on my to be read list!!

  220. Teresa Holyoke

    As we are currently celebrating National Read Aloud Day at my school dressed as our favorite storybook characters, it seems appropriate to enter this contest that includes so many wonderful books. Thank you for the opportunity! Tweeted out at @TeresaHolyoke Teresa Holyoke tholyoke@breweredu.org

  221. What a wonderful way to share books with more students!!! This would be a wonderful addition to any school library or classroom library!! Thank you!

  222. A Barrett

    This is awesome!

  223. a71u2LupmtFppsMVzo48hzXcM3zTF7vJeKPVlC2poLM=

    I love this! Sharing to twitter now.

  224. Kaili Phillips, Mt. Ararat Middle School, Topsham, Maine

    What a great opportunity!

  225. Bill Sweet

    What an excellent Giveaway and great opportunity! My students (and the teacher) would be thrilled to have these high quality books in my classroom. Many I’ve read and some would be new to me; an added bonus is that they are signed!

  226. Kym Granger

    What a great list! I can’t wait to explore them more! Thanks so much!

  227. Charlotte Woelmer

    I am a volunteer librarian in a small parochial school. We struggle to update our books especially for our middle school students. This giveaway would be amazing for our students. Thanks for the opportunity. I will share on Facebook.

  228. Anita

    What an amazing variety of books. Orbiting Jupiter is a favorite with my eighth graders. Thank you for offering this collection.

  229. What a way to close out our World Read Aloud Day 2017. Would love to add to classroom collection!!

  230. Mrs. G

    Thank you for the great giveaway! (Also posted to FB)
    There is no such thing as too many books!

  231. A middle school teacher’s dream! Oh pleeeze pick me 🙂 Shared on Twitter @chattytcp5 and on WordPress @ chattytcp.wordpress.com

  232. Wow! A middle school teacher’s dream!!! Oh, pl EEZ ze pick me!!!
    Shared on Twitter @chattytcp5 and on my WordPress Blog @ chattytcp.wordpress.com

  233. Kelly Loeffler

    Just started a new position as a 6th grade reading teacher. Best part of the job is recommending books to reluctant readers and having them come back to tell me how much they loved it! Shared on FB!

  234. Tricia Cherry

    My students this year have gone through a TON of the titles in my library already this year. Some of them have a hard time getting transportation to a local library so they often head to my library first. It would be so wonderful to get some new additions!

  235. Anthony DeRosa

    My students have been really excited about the read alouds I am sharing with them this year. This is my first year teaching ELA and to see how excited the students in my sixth grade class get about the books I share with them is encouraging. I know my students would love these books as part of our classroom library. I am sharing this with my colleagues on google +, twitter, and facebook. @avd111

  236. Katie Lebeck

    These are some of the greatest books for the middle school children that I teach! Thank you for being such an inspiration to them!!!

  237. Valerie Vickery

    I love instilling a love of reading in my 4th grade students. These books would be an amazing addition to our classroom library. Thank you for this amazing show of appreciation for teachers and librarians.


  238. Tanna Gallaher

    Incredible giveaway!! Thank you! @tannagallaher

  239. Jennifer Ferguson

    This giveaway is so amazing. There is nothing better than to see a reluctant reader grab hold of a book and get sucked in slowly page by page until they forget why they ever hated reading in the first place. There is a book out there for everyone!
    Shared on Facebook and tweeted!

  240. Janine Miller

    Wow such an awesome giveaway! High interest books I know my middle school students will love! @jmcornelius

  241. April Marquis

    I love the moment when a student proclaims , “this is the best book I’ve read!” There is something that I should unlocked when a student discovers the joy of reading❤

  242. Kerrie Lattari

    What an amazing gift! I love being a middle school librarian and I know my students would be thrilled to get theither hands on these books.


  243. Wow! What an amazing, thoughtful message from authors! Our students are the big winners!!
    (Twitter handle: @readsomuch)

  244. Eva Sullivan

    What an incredible thing! Thank you so much.

  245. This is amazing! I would love to get new current book for my classroom.

  246. Rayleen Berry

    How incredibly generous of you all! While I am excited at the prospect of a whole library of books that cover multiple genres, represents many ethnicities, and multiple reading levels…I’m also excited for whomever wins! What a gift to all of the children in that school! I find books to be magical in their ability transfer power to the reader – both as a reader and a member of society. Thank you for putting this together 🙂

  247. Taylor Vincenzo

    Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway. One quote my class and I like is, “Books build a stairway to your imagination.” Our class is constantly looking for new, exciting books to read. It would be a pleasure to get these AWESOME books to let our imaginations run wild. In our school, we participate in Battle of the Books. This year, Fish in a Tree, is one of our featured texts. Thank you for giving us teachers, and our students, this opportunity.
    (email: vincenzot@fpsct.org)

  248. Kristina Carpenter

    What an amazing collection of books! Fingers crossed!


  249. Elva Ratchford

    What a great testament to teachers and librarians! This collection would be an invaluable addition to my classroom library. Students at my Title I school have limited access to books outside of the school. Thanks to all of the authors who are a part of this worthy effort.

  250. Carli Sauer

    Holy Toledo this is awesome! Thank you for putting this opportunity together for teachers and librarians. I am a middle school librarian and am fortunate to have very avid readers in my building. It seems like I never have enough copies of books!

  251. Joanna Carden

    I want ALL of these for my middle schoolers. Such a great list!

  252. Teressa Hart

    My students would love these books. Thanks for showing me some new (to me) titles. @TeressaHart

  253. Steve

    Keep reading – someday you may read something that changes your life. @knwmoretomorrow

  254. Kristin

    What an incredible list of books! Anyone would be lucky to win all of these titles!

  255. Adam Jesse

    Teaching a child to read is the greatest privilege, I will ever. Getting them hooked on a book the greatest reward.

  256. Kalessia Chester

    Yes! Reading opens the door to a whole new world! (*sings A Whole anew World)

  257. This is awesome! I love promoting reading in my 5th grade class! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  258. Melanie

    This is amazing! Would love to win these for my tiny school’s library.

  259. Mary Westbrook

    This list of books is amazing! I’ve read maybe half of them and love sharing them with the kids at the library! Twitter: @mjwestbrook10

  260. What a wonderful list of books! I would love to include these titles in my room. Many are ones that I’ve booktalked before, but having additional copies for the classroom would be excellent. Twitter: @mskraushaar

  261. This is an awesome opportunity for teachers! Also, I just recently listened to the audio for Fish in a Tree and really enjoyed it! @tkdlizajane

  262. Kelli Jones

    My mouth is watering at all the awesome titles included!! Wow!! What a jackpot of books to win!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed — hoping I win!! I could match a student reader to every single book!! 🙏🏻😊

  263. Cindy McGann

    “Courage isn’t knowing you can do something, it’s only being willing to try.” Fritz Lowe from A Night Divided. We love reading in 5th grade at Indian Head School! I would love to get these titles into the hands of my students for novel studies!!

  264. Eric Schlabach

    What a great list. Many that I and my students already love, and many more that I can’t wait to try.

    Twitter: @Mr_Schlabach

  265. Liz Phipps Soeiro

    What a wealth of literature! Thank you for doing this. I know several hundred kids who would love to sink their teeth into these books. 📚❤️

  266. Vanessa L Ueltzen @imthebookauntie

    Haven’t read Moo yet, but LOVE Walk Two Moons! Bravo Sharon Creech!

  267. Sarah Coombs

    Books are gateways to finding new dreams , realizing potential and escaping to new places. They are the best heroes for our students!

  268. Kimberly Jameson-Dean

    Reading opens up a child’s world to more than they can see in front of them. Thank you for creating this magic by writing.

  269. Stephanie Leary

    What an amazing giveaway – thank you! This goes such a long way in supporting classroom libraries and helping students find books they love.
    Twitter: @sleary1023
    Email: svieron@gmail.com

  270. Our teachers just finished a long, difficult week- fund raisers, theater, culture fair, parent-teacher-kid conferences, meetings and school tours. @oclibraryk https://twitter.com/oclibraryk/status/832709223934947330

  271. Leslie Fitzgerald

    What an awesome collection of books! I recommended Fish in A Tree to a fifth great earlier this year. When she brought it back I asked whether she liked it. She said, “I didn’t like it Mrs. Fitz, I loved it!” Thanks for thinking of students! @MrsFitzReads lfitzgerald@psas.ws

  272. Amanda Bridges

    What an amazing list of books! My students would drool over this stack of brilliant books. Thank you for taking the time to recognize teachers!

  273. JoyAnn Boudreau

    Wow! What a find seeing this on Twitter today! Thanks for making some library’s and school’s day!


  274. Gail

    This is an amazing opportunity for a grade 5 humanities teacher! My students have read through my classroom library and the single copy I have of some of the title in this giveaway are the most loved. The students created a wait list system to get their hands on my copy of FIAT, The Thing About Jellyfish, The War That Saved My Life, Wolf Hollow and One For the Murphys. Can’t keep them on the shelf. Kids who love to read and wait in a cue to get their hands on a fave book it a great problem to have.

  275. My students would love this! @baltese

  276. Alicia

    Great opportunity! My 5th graders and I would be thrilled to win!

  277. Kari Martin

    This is such a generous giveaway! I love so many of these books and want to read and share the ones I haven’t my 4th graders would be thrilled to add these books to our library. @MissMartin_MV

  278. Kari Martin

    This is such a generous giveaway! I love so many of these books and want to read and share the ones I haven’t. My 4th graders would be thrilled to add these books to our library! @MissMartin_MV

  279. Wow! I’d love to read all of those books, and I’d love to get them into the hands of my students. @MrsVerret

    I shared on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for this generous prize for our profession!

  280. Sarah Miller

    Love getting my students to fall back in love with reading! Any books would help me achieve this!!❤

  281. Pam Friday

    Thank you for this opportunity ! So wonderful.

  282. Allison Antolik

    Thank YOU for all that you do as an author. Beautifully written books that speak to our students make our job easier! @Mrs_Antolik

  283. Lauren Deal

    My students would LOVE these – many are already on our classroom library wishlist! Thank you so much for your generosity. Twitter @lpdeal, email dealla@daretolearn.org

  284. Vanessa L Ueltzen @imthebookauntie

    Thank you so much for doing this MGAuthors!!!

  285. Vanessa L Ueltzen @imthebookauntie

    Thank you MG Authors!!

  286. Megan Lane

    This is awesome! Love how you are supporting our students! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!
    Twitter: @WilburLaneG11

  287. Megan Lane

    This is so awesome! What a great set of novels to have in the classroom! Thank you so much!
    Twitter: @WilbutLaneG11

  288. Christy Gupta

    Thank you so much for sharing and putting this together! Whichever community wins is getting a beautiful set of books that will be cherished for years!

    Sharing on twitter (@guptador) and Facebook!

  289. Christy Gupta

    I just used the wrong Twitter handle below! @MrsGuptasClass is the right one. #doh!

  290. kwhitsel

    Not sure if my previous comment posted so here I am again 🙂 I love these books and these authors, they have changed lives in our co-teaching classroom! Thank you! @karriebec

  291. Julie Carlyle

    Can’t wait to share #Fishinatree ❤ @jcarlyle18

  292. Vanessa L Ueltzen @imthebookauntie

    RJ Palacio’s Wonder changed my world! Whenever an adult asks me about the one YA book they have to read, I pull this one off my shelf and hand it to them 😙

  293. These would be great additions to our speed date a book project!

  294. Sarah Trapp

    Wow, what an amazing give away with so many beautiful books! The best part of teaching for me is seeing kids light up when a book hooks them. I feel so lucky to have a job where I get to help kids fall in love with reading. Twitter: @teachertrapp

  295. Brian Lawless

    Lots of fantastic books for a lucky class of kids! I’ll be sharing on Twitter @mrlawless5

  296. Wonderful collection. Thank you. Would go great in our book shares.

  297. What a great collection of books! Middle grade teachers love authors, too!

  298. Wow! What a great giveaway! My fingers are crossed 🙂 I shared on Twitter- @mrscantu5.

  299. I can remember the day someone opened up my own love of reading by gifting me with a collection of books such as these. What a wonderful opportunity for some child or group of children. I hope that I am able to provide the same opportunities given to me with this amazing act of generosity. Truly this is what cultivating a love of reading is about

  300. Connie D

    Wow! What a great book collection. Can never get enough books into students hands.

  301. Josh Newhouse

    As a librarian in a middle school who loves books and encouraging students to read this is an amazing opportunity! Thanks to all the authors on board and I know the winner will appreciate these books so much!

  302. Sara Henry

    The way the world is today, I find that books are our one of the most important sources we can use to find peace, love, serenity, and strength. In these tough times, we have to stand together and share all the incredible books and stories we can. We have to make a difference. We have to show that in these books there is so much knowledge. Books are our one source we can use to show the world love. I love books and I love that I get to share them every day with my students. Books make the world a better place, let’s be honest.

  303. Stephanie Klansen

    So generous! Would be like Christmas to win all of these titles. Somewhere readers are going to squealing with delight to get their hands on all of these amazing books

  304. Craig Podolski

    This would go a long way in updating a sadly outdated classroom library. Fingers crossed.

  305. Cheryl Bonsall

    A Book’s Just a Book
    You walk through the doors to look
    Up and down the stacks for a book.
    A book that is real,
    A book that’s pretend,
    A book about someone
    Who’s just like a friend.
    Something silly and fun to read,
    That you don’t want to come to an end.

    You’ll meet people
    With all kinds of faces,
    And travel through time
    And visit new places.

    On the other hand……

    Perhaps you have a question or need
    To do research and find information
    About space or art or sports
    Or about another nation.

    Your teacher may want you to write
    A poem . . . or a report,
    About somebody famous
    For their work or greatness in sport.

    An animal you may want to choose,
    That lives in the wild
    Or lives in the zoos.
    To find out things that are neat
    About how they live
    Or about what they eat.

    No matter what you need to find,
    Your librarian’s not far behind.
    We can help you,
    Whatever your need,
    It’s your mind that you’re going to feed.

    We are just happy that you want to read,
    For an assignment or just for your self.
    So whatever the reason, pick up a book,
    ‘Cause a book’s just a book
    If it sits on the shelf.

    Written by Mrs. Bonsall


  306. Amber Kuehler

    This post made tear up a bit. After a long week (I’m in Iowa and we just lost our collective bargaining rights. 😔) I needed some inspiration and support. A good reminder to always come home to the book community. Thank you. 😃

  307. Wow! What a fabulous list! Thank you authors for getting these books to even more readers. @bookwormbrookek

  308. Sara

    This is an amazing set of books. Thank you for honoring the work of teachers!

  309. Wow! This is amazing! So many books on this list that I can’t wait to read. And to share with my students. Thanks for all you do!
    Lots of love,

  310. Andrew Farrar

    Some great books@

  311. Debbie Newhouse

    Wow! This is an amazing giveaway. My students and I would be thrilled to receive such an awesome gift!

    Sharing on Facebook and twitter.

  312. Sylvia Troxell

    Amazing titles to inspire our students to explore human experiences and see that we are more alike then different. Let’s make some life-long readers. #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

  313. Elissa Malespina

    As a teacher librarian in a middle school, I can tell you my students love these books. Some where even our summer reading picks.

  314. Adrienne

    Book talking these books would get my readers excited to read!! Loved Wish and Counting thyme ! Would love to add these to my library!

  315. carwilc

    Like several others, I would love to win these. Our school library never has money to buy NEW books. #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

  316. Being a school librarian is an incredible job. Everyday I have the chance to make deep connections with people through books. Thank you to the authors and illustrators that enrich our lives with wonderful stories, artwork, and experiences.

    shared on FB and Twitter

  317. Michele Wolf

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I work with struggling readers and writers in grades 6, 7, 8. What an absolute gift this would be for them! And what a continued encouragement of their love of reading! Even if we don’t win – yay for the lucky middle graders who do!

  318. Rhonda Deighton

    Authors are teachers too! Thanks for writing books that my students can connect to, think deeply about, laugh with, learn from . . . .
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win such an amazing collection of books. #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers


  319. emilymontjoy

    4th grade ELA/SS teacher at Woodruff Elementary School- Thank you for this amazing opportunity! What an awesome book pile! I really appreciate the generosity and support authors give to teachers. I have found so many authors to be an extra tool to use in my classroom to encourage students to read (& write)! We appreciate y’all so much! I shared this mega giveaway on Twitter @mrsmontjoyreads email: mrsmontjoy@yahoo.com

  320. Jackie Killingsworth

    Librarian that loves to share books with children and adults. #MGAuthorsLovesTeachers opening up new books with students gives them ownership.@jkillingsworth

  321. Cody Honeycutt

    My kids have been looking for books like these! We read Wonder aloud in our classroom and they have fallen in love with the character and the multiple perspectives! Thank you for this opportunity!

  322. Cody Honeycutt

    Twitter: honeycutt_cody

  323. This is a phenomenal list of books! I just love the way a good book takes you into another world and yet connects so well to your own!
    I hope I get to share these with my students!

  324. Ilse O'Brien

    An incredible treasure trove of MG books! There’s something here for every reader. Getting the right books into readers’ hands is one of the most important things we do. Thank you for organizing this incredible giveaway! @ilseobrien

  325. Kimberly rein

    I’m a middle grades librarian and I’m loving sharing all these amazing books with my kids. We are love The Crossover, Michael Vey, Wish, Legend, Ruined, and Flawed right now!! #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers @chmscougarslib

  326. Kaitlyn Ilinitch

    There are so many great books in this giveaway! My students would be so lucky to have them in our classroom library!

  327. I would give these to students at our spring Read&Feed, an all-day event where teachers volunteer to read to students in the library and we provide snacks. Thanks for the opportunity. Sharing on Twitter! @katykauffman

  328. Angela Earp

    Thank you for supporting teachers.
    My top priority as a teacher is to put the right books into the right hands of students. This collection would support that goal so much! #phillipsearp

  329. Tonya Fletcher

    Wow! That is amazing! We would love to win these for our school library collection! I shared on facebook and on Twitter. My Twitter handle is @tonya_nc. Thank you all so much! Lynda, thank you for the kind words!!

  330. Leslee Cunningham

    Would love to win these books. Thanks.#MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

  331. Jessica Morelli

    What a valuable treasure of fabulous stories! I would love to share them all with my classes.

  332. Karen Huffman

    My students would be so excited to receive all these books. They really loved Fish in a Tree! Thank you for honoring teachers and librarians!


  333. WOW!! Thank you all SO MUCH for making comments and sharing to Twitter and Facebook. So excited to find out who the winner will be. Again – huge thanks to you all!

  334. Paula Baiamonte

    This is AMAZING!!! I’m always looking for top quality books for my students to read, especially for my 5th graders. This totally prepares them for the type of books they will see in middle school.

  335. Karyn Lewis

    Lynda, thanks for cheering us on! These books are many of the books our students hug and pad from one to the other, not ever making it back to the shelves in our classrooms and libraries. Thank you for listening to our students, keeping it real, helping them imagine, and serving as the windows and mirrors they desperately need in our world today. You can find me at: @ktlewis14 @TheEagleHideout and karyntlewis@katyisd.org

  336. Ann M.

    Love so many of these books! I’m reading them with my own kids and am helping to promote them in our district ❤️❤️❤️ Twitter handle: @AnnMansier

  337. Vanessa L Ueltzen @imthebookauntie

    Gary Schmidt is another favorite….Love The Wednesday Wars 😊

  338. cjulsrud

    This is absolutely amazing! This is my first full year implementing reading workshop, and I would love to swell my shelves even further with this great collection of titles. Thank you for supporting teachers! I’m on Twitter as @Mrs_J_of_EAMS and Facebook and Google+ as Cristi Lackey Julsrud.

  339. Suzanne Mathews

    I would be over the moon to receive even one of these fabulous titles to add to my school library. Our school has added one grade per year for the last three years. We are now PreK through 8th grade. It is a challenge to provide wonderful choices to every reader. I would love to share any of these titles with our students. From suzannem2010

  340. TINA Stimpson

    Thank you for celebrating teachers and librarians. Every day in my classroom I celebrate you and other authors that make literacy enjoyable for students. You and others write about the tough topics that students think only happen to them. They make connections. Fish in a Tree changed one of my students lives. She was able to talk more about what was happening in her life. I want to thank you for putting this giveaway together. Thank you to all of the authors who donated books. I celebrate you daily for changing the reading world.
    Twitter @tina_stimpson

  341. Shelly Moody

    Thank you for organizing such an incredible giveaway! Thank you to the fabulous authors who donated to this collection! I would love to share these books with the teachers and students at our upper elementary school! What a gift! @shelmoody

  342. What a gift! Thank you authors for your support. 📖❤

  343. What an amazing collection of books! Some of my favorite books to read with students–and some titles new to me to explore with students! Thank you, Lynda and all of the amazing authors participating, for writing such wonderful books and for celebrating teachers.

  344. Melanie Stevens

    These books!! Middle school English teacher here. THANK YOU! What a spectacular selection of novels for some lucky person to share. I just finished Freak the Mighty with my sixth graders. Actually, every 6th grader in our school read the book. We celebrated with a ‘Freaky Friday’ theme before vacation. Books are these amazing experiences we share with our students.

  345. What an incredible opportunity! Love so many of these books and excited to discover the others!

  346. Bridget Curtis

    What an amazing group of books!! My class read PAX for the Global Read Aloud this year and loved it. Any teacher would be lucky to get to get this set of books. Twitter: @brittyc1928

  347. Taylor Lang

    What a fabulous collection of books and a wonderful opportunity! I teach third and fourth grade gifted students in a multiage setting and we LOVE many of the authors included, and would love the chance to have our worlds opened to some new authors! Twitter: MissLang08

  348. Cindy McGann

    Who won! Dying to know…I’m wringing my hands in hopes of getting them on all those fabulous books!!

  349. Lisa Werhane

    Awesome giveaway!

  350. What an amazing giveaway for a lucky teacher!! I can only imagine the joy that these books will bring to a classroom library! So many amazing titles! @anichols32

  351. Jenny Berlin

    Middle grade teachers appreciate authors! So grateful for the words that inspire my students and the authors who allow me to share their stories!

  352. Oh my, what a generous offer. Thanks so much, and thank you for acknowledging the work educators do each and every day! Whoo Hoo – books!

  353. Oh my, what a generous offer. Thanks so much, and thank you for acknowledging the work educators do each and every day! Whoo Hoo – books!

    Twitter- @chattyt

  354. Wow, what a giveaway‼️ You are my superhero ❤️ Twitter – @chattytcp5

  355. Laura Lenker

    One of my favorite things as a teacher is to share books with my students. When they love a book I recommend and that we have read, and we get to talk about it. Nothing better. Thank you for sharing the love of reading with us!

  356. Jennifer Merrifield

    Thank you for organizing this incredible book giveaway, Lynda. This is certainly much better than a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Your kind words about teachers have warmed many hearts. Thank you also to the many generous authors for making this giveaway even possible. @JenMerrifield

  357. Lindsay Rasmussen

    I teach reading intervention and work with some of our most reluctant readers. I have found that displaying new books in my room is an amazing way to foster reading, especially graphic novels. The best part of my job is when a student asks me for the next book in the series or a book that is similar to the book they just finished. Their excitement for books warms my heart!

  358. Gina Fox

    Thank you, Lynda, for this wonderful opportunity to get more books in kids’ hands! You are an amazing author and caring person. Loved you through your story, One for the Murphy’s!

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