Great Minds *Don’t* Think Alike Contest Winners!

Hello, everyone!
I’m sorry for the delay. My computer froze and I had to find another one to use. 😦
HUGE thanks to all of you who entered my Great Mind *Don’t* Think Alike contest! I can honestly say that the judges and I were completely blown away by your work and making the final choices was very hard – hence the extra prizes added 🙂
First of all, there were hundreds of kids who entered – which made me SO HAPPY! You were also amazing. Truly. I may take some time off from riding this summer to invent a teleporting machine so I can come congratulate you all in person! 😊
The winners were chosen by taking several things into account – the projects themselves, the difficulty levels, the time it would take to create it, how unique/out of the box it is, personal notes written by the student and, finally, notes written from the entrants’ teachers. Some of these pictures do not do the projects justice; some have intricate stories attached to them. Each judge gave a rating to each project. When the ratings were all added up this is how it shook out…
So, without further adieu
School visit
school visit
We loved this sculpture of a fish created with different kinds of cut-up soda cans. WOW!
Bookmarks for everyone in the school (link below to student made video) 
Standup cardboard Tree and Fish Post-it notes
m&m picture
We loved this. There is SO MUCH GOING on here. This artist is obviously bright and has a wonderful imagination 🙂
Signed classroom set of Fish in a Tree books
likenesses of famous people
Loved this idea and the likenesses are so cool!
clay 2
Created out of clay. INCREDIBLE!! Love the sentiment as well ❤
clay 1
Created out of clay. INCREDIBLE!! Love the sentiment as well ❤
dyslexic girl pointy hand
Fantastic! Obviously someone very creative and bright! 🙂
Signed FISH IN A TREE for both student and his/her teacher
lauren signed book 4 kid and teacher
Isn’t the layering here gorgeous?! This is one talented kid!!
signed book prize
prize 2
These girls did project about their own brains and then showed us how they are connected. WOW!
Swag for Everyone in the Class
book based on The CAy
What a COOL story! We loved it. And a ton of work went into writing it. 🙂
swag 3
Loved this so much. Lovely story behind this picture 🙂

swag 5
Picture of class full of kids. People are drawn as individuals and placed in slots. Can be moved around. 🙂 Other cool notes as well!
50 hand-signed bookmarks
jackie poem
Incredible poem! ❤

spun own yarn
This girl made her own yarn out of cotton balls! How innovative is that?!
roller coaster
Roller coaster out of cardboard. Cool details when able to zoom in.