MG Authors Love Teachers & Librarians GIVEAWAY, 2018.


Hello, Teacher and Librarian WORLD CHANGERS!

A TOAST!  To you.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, TEACHERS AND LIBRARIANS!   ❤ Welcome to my fourth annual Middle Grade Authors Love Teachers and Librarians Giveaway!

teachersIt’s no secret to those of you who know me that I just adore and respect and cherish teachers and librarians who are out there every day with kids–reaching out to them with just the right book or just the right conversation and changing lives. As is often said in children’s literature circles, books offer both mirrors and windows to readers. We often discover things about ourselves and/or who we want to be through reading (mirrors). We also learn about the world–other cultures, ways of life, opinions and learn to empathize with others (windows) which is more important than ever. For some, a book offers a friend and the ability to revisit that friend as needed. Yes, we write the books. But YOU, wonderful teachers and librarians…YOU put those books into the hands of kids every day. We are a TEAM.
So…to express this appreciation and love for ALL of you heroes/teachers/librarians out there, I have banded together with some author friends (HUGE THANKS to these authors for their kindness and generosity!) to offer one GIANT giveaway for one lucky winner. The winner of this giveaway will receive a signed copy of every single book below. There are many you’ll recognize, I think 🙂 Even if you don’t win, though, please know you are appreciated. Every. Day.
Please see the rules on ways to enter at the BOTTOM of this post.

So…without further adieu, here are this year’s raffle books:








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So a pretty cool line-up of signed picture books and middle grade novels, huh?

Okay–so to enter the SIGNED BOOKS Giveaway to win ALL of these books – THE KID LIT LOTTERY!!! ……

1) Make a comment on this blog about anything book-related, kid-related, something to inspire or make anyone reading this smile. 🙂 *Please provide twitter handle or e-mail address with your comment* Also, if you share elsewhere online (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) please let us know here.

2) Share to Twitter with the hashtag #AuthorsLoveTeachers  I know–long hashtag 🙂 But it will help us find your entry! ***Please include link, if possible!


Rules: ***Giveaway ends on Wednesday, February 21 at 11:59PM. Winner will be announced the following morning.

1) This is to show our appreciation for teachers and librarians, specifically. Therefore, the winner MUST have a school mailing address and be presently employed at that school. (Sorry–only US and Canadian winners this time.)

***2) We know that teachers do not always get the appreciation they deserve. (They deserve parades and serenades and major awards.) This giveaway is a reminder that WE appreciate you. Yes—we write the books, but YOU are in the trenches every day. YOU get the books into the hands of children. Together, we create life-long readers.

And for that…we are most grateful.

Thank you.

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758 thoughts on “MG Authors Love Teachers & Librarians GIVEAWAY, 2018.

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and giveaway! I have really enjoyed how the community of authors, teachers, and librarians can come together on Twitter for the purpose of creating life-long readers. Many of the authors in the giveaway have inspired the readers at my school along this road, and the others we just haven’t spent enough time with yet. Hence my entry into this contest (yes, I have spent my budget for the year already- but I will do fundraising for more). Thanks again, and good luck to everyone working to help kids find great books to read. @iceNIN75

    • Cheyenne Crook

      What an amazing way to show your appreciation to teachers. The best part about this line up of books is that even as a teacher now, I can still remember reading these books when I was in school. Goes to show how some titles never lose their edge! Thank you! #AuthorsLoveTeachers @MrsCrook1126

  2. Cara Wegrzyn

    Thank you for organizing this incredible giveaway in appreciation of teachers! My students have been inspired so much by the generosity of many authors this year…the likes and replies on Twitter, the swag packs, the personal notes, the videochats, etc. These personal connections with the people behind the books are helping them to relate more deeply to the texts they read…and are helping many of them to get excited about producing their own written pieces. I can only imagine how an enormous box of signed books will touch them!

  3. Kristi Allred

    Thank you, Lynda! This is amazing. I am a middle school librarian and I see daily the impact that great books have on students. I love matching kids to the right book. Reading helps us all become better to each other and the world around us. I am currently reading Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus. Happy Reading all! @allred_kristi

  4. Marge Keller

    Thank you for the wonderful title and words of encouragement. The above titles provide a host of books to attract every type of reader. Books are lifesavers.

  5. Sarah Gaetano

    Wow! What a gift! Thanks for showing the love to teachers and librarians.

  6. What a great collection of middle grade books! Thank you to all the wonderful authors who realize the sacrifices teachers make for our students. I feel very loved and appreciated y this collection of books from great authors.

  7. Julie Jones

    Book collections like this inspire me to keep reading newly published books. My inspiration to keep reading (and buying) these books has a positive influence on both my own children & my students. Whenever I have a bag by my desk, my students are asking to be on the wait-list for whatever is inside-they know if I brought it in, it’ll be a great read!

    Thank you for bringing this idea together!

  8. What a great selection of books! My 5th graders would love to have these in our classroom library!


  9. I grew up in a district that had an annual Authors Festival. Every student would have a chance to see at least one author visit their classroom (sometimes two). At the end of the day, all the authors that had been visiting kids around town would sign books at the town library together. My collection, which started more than 30 years ago contains signatures from authors and illustrators like Norman Bridwell, Marc Brown, James Marshall and Katherine Patterson. Though I loved reading from my first book it fostered a connection to books unlike any other. I ended up teaching in a district that has author visits annually. Our students have been visited by Rob Buyea, Cynthia Lord, Jacqueline Davies and many others. I’ve read so many of the books in this giveaway and loved them all. What a generous offering of an amazing collection of stories!

  10. Good morning – First, thanks for doing this! It is a wonderful way to give us a pat on the backor a virtual hug!! Second, I am a PK-12 librarian and one of my very favorite things is to see the joy on one of my student’s faces when falling in love with a book and reading. My teachers do a great job getting kids to love books. I am lucky! Third, I shared this via my twitter (@CPCSInfoMaven ) and FB feeds. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and again, thank you!

  11. Mary

    Thank you to the authors who write stories that connect with my students. I give away over 1000 new and gently used paperback books to my high need ss each summer so that every child has a home library of relevant reading materials. @mphilli0524

  12. sejnost

    This is a wonderful giveaway. The Kid lit community is so wonderful and giving. What a wonderful way to pass along the love of literature.

  13. What a wonderful variety of books! Yes, teachers get books into kids hands, but we couldn’t do it without the talented authors who write the books kids want to read. Thanks for the generosity. @DrLMaucione

  14. Ashley Brewer

    Hi Lynda!
    We LOVE authors too! Your beautiful stories give children window into reading that makes our jobs worthwhile! I’ll be entering on Twitter @mrsbrewslibrary!

  15. Lorie Barber

    There’s an ENTIRE CLASSROOM LIBRARY in this giveaway! My kids call my classroom “a library with a classroom in it,” which I love, because they know how much I adore and value reading. Books and reading, to me, are the greatest stepping stone for kids, both academically and social-emotionally. Thank you for this.

    • Lorie Barber

      I forgot to mention that I am on Twitter, almost obsessively. 🙂 My handle is @barberchicago. My kids think it’s awesome that they can talk to authors on Twitter. It’s an amazing community. 🤗

  16. Jessica Reid

    My students love sharing with each other what they are reading. We do library shelfies where students take pictures with books tjat tjey have enjoyed reading. We share these pictures in the media center as book recommendations.

  17. Kristin

    Thank you for the chance at this AMAZING collection of kid lit! I’ll retweet and post on instagram.
    Whoever wins will be having a wonderful day showcasing all these books to students. Thanks again!

  18. Thank you so much for your inspiring words! I love being surrounded by all of your “book babies” every day—authors are my rock stars! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Thank you, authors, for the gift of your books!

  19. Scott Fillner

    This is AMAZING! Thank you for organizing this. If we are lucky enough, our students and their teacher would be thrilled. @sfillner

  20. Kari Martin

    What an awesome line up of books! Thank you for doing this giveaway!! It is really great to feel appreciated for the work we do and I think that all of these authors should know that they really do impact my teaching. Getting good books in the hands of my students is always a goal of mine and they make it really easy when their stories are SO good:)

  21. Holly Hart

    It is so rewarding to have all of the work that teachers and librarians do to keep students reading. I love working in a library and talking to students about books and putting together displays and promotions.

  22. Katie Jenkins

    This is an incredibly sweet and generous opportunity for us teachers!
    Authors, your books are such a blessing to my classroom! I’ve seen the seeds of becoming a life-long reader start to take shape this year from students reading many of these books!
    @kljenkins on twitter

  23. Kacie T.

    Read aloud has always been my favorite time of the day ever since I was in school and now as a teacher I’m able pass that love on to my students. Thank you for thinking of us today! ❤

  24. Tina Stimpson

    I started teaching a section of 6th grade reading this year. The students I have in class I have worked with for 3 years in elementary school. Reading is not something that comes easy for them. They work very hard. This year I have seen so much growth in their reading. It might not show on district benchmark assessments but I know. When I bring in new books they cannot wait to start reading. Three years ago these students would of ran the other direction. They are becoming readers and it makes my heart happy. Thank you to all of the authors who write books that help students become readers.

  25. Mary LaSita

    This is such a wonderful idea and the line up of books are top notch! Thank you 🙂

  26. I teach 3rd grade and I am constantly updating/reorganizing/adding to my classroom library! My students love to read! I encourage lots of independent reading time in my classroom, and I expect my students to read from a range of genres. They love to trade the books in their book boxes every Monday to find new treasures to read and love. I would love to add these books to our collection!

  27. Cara

    This giveaway is truly amazing!!! So many incredible titles by many of the kindest, most generous authors! Many of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, Skyping or talked Bc with via Twitter. Thank you and the authors in this giveaway for making a difference everyday. For providing us with the tools to meet our readers and enhancing our relationship with each student, one book a time! You all deserve a standing ovation. We are a TEAM! @caranewman12

  28. Claire Walton

    Thank you Lynda for helping us teachers feel like heroes. This prize would be an awesome addition to any classroom library. I can imagine all the smiling faces as books begin to pour into the school that wins.

  29. Wow. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for taking the time to organize such a generous gift!
    As a teacher, inspiring kids to read and giving them the gift of loving to read is my ultimate goal. I couldn’t do it without the amazing books written by authors like YOU! @iowaamber

  30. Megan Shaw

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for the special potential opportunity to share these books with my three elementary buildings, and middle school as well! I will share this with everyone on FB!

  31. Eli Tinkelman

    Wow, what an incredible book list. A girl in my class on Wishtree: “I was reading it on the toilet and I started to cry.” @team4_hm

  32. Brittany

    Thank you so much for this incredible giveaway opportunity! Every child deserves the best of opportunities – and helping provide access to as many books as possible helps a love of reading come alive! Thanks y’all! #AuthorsLoveTeachers @readwritethrive

  33. Carly Moats

    Thank you for recognizing teachers. As I scrolled through (3-4 times) I found myself smiling. What an amazing compilation of talent! As a reading interventionist in a Title I school it is my passion to build students’ love of reading. I see books on this list that I’ve book talked to my groups, to kids in the hallway during morning duty, and to my colleagues. I see books that I’ve reviewed on my blog, with hopes that families will pick them up at the library. I see books on this list that are on my ever expanding TBR list, waiting to be requested from the public library. Thank you for organizing this giveaway!

  34. Erin Varley

    Wow! This giveaway is incredible! You could start a new classroom library with all these! It just goes to show how generous authors really are! Thank you for organizing all this and for the chance to win, Linda!

    PS- It was so great meeting you and talking with you at #nerdcampLI. I hope to see you again soon!

  35. Katie Reilley

    Reading your love note to teachers and librarians made me tear up. We so appreciate the work authors do in sharing their stories with our students. The connections my students & I have been lucky enough to make via Twitter have been such a benefit to our reading community. The personal Skypes, the responses to our tweets, the swag…it goes a long way in reaching and motivating readers. Now, this is seriously the BEST giveaway on Earth (probably even the whole universe!) I truly am thankful for how much MG authors love teachers. Huge thanks to all who donated and autographed these marvelous books! 😘

    Also shared on Facebook and Twitter and with my school colleagues via email. 🤞🏼

  36. Jodie

    “Children should have access to books that provide both mirrors and windows so they subconsciously build and image of who and what they could be.” My favorite book quote …I don’t know who wrote it, it was on the Mindshift blog.

  37. Ariel Wander

    This is amazing! Thank you all so much for taking the time to recognize our value and hard work. It makes me feel so much better, especially after having had a couple of rough days 🙂

    My students are devouring every book they can get their hands on this year and would absolutely love any of the ones listed above. I’m reading Savvy at the moment and it’s stolen my breathe.


  38. So many books like these have changed the culture of my classroom year after year. As a teacher, I find myself eager to read more in order to keep up with the demand of books with such life-changing messages! We have had “read aloud playoff” brackets set up to determine read aloud text because we have such a hard time picking. Winning just one book would mean that someone else can share the magic in my 5th grade room. Thank you to all the authors who have changed me and my students!

    Rob Udy

  39. This is incredibly generous!!! I am a second year 4th grade teacher still looking to grow her classroom library….this would be a dream! Let’s spread the passion for reading to the young minds of the world…. follow along with my classroom at @AshMcMichael 👩🏻‍🏫😊❤️

  40. jodieviviano

    I have a couple student devouring every book i can put in front of them. This list is awesome! I dont have a funny thing to add really, just to tell you that my classroom of readers would love this and maybe i could suck in my reluctant readers too….. thank you for offering this!
    Jodie Viviano

  41. Premillennialism, you have done it again! A wonderful collection of books ranging in content, genre and a welcome into any classroom library (beginning or building) as there is something for every learner to find themselves in & get lost within a great story! #AuthorsLoveTeachers @zeliamct

  42. Ginger Rodriguez

    As a child books took me to all the places my feet and heart would later take me. Books were, indeed, my first valentine.
    Twitter: @tweacher
    Instagram: @happy_tweacher

  43. mrssmith102415

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!! As a first-year public elementary school librarian who has loved reading ever since I was young, I am falling more in love with the profession each and every day. I LOVE working with my students to find the perfect book for them. I have witnessed the wonderful power that books have by watching young readers respond so honestly and emotionally to texts that move them. I feel blessed to be a librarian. I am currently reading The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. @CarSmith1024

  44. Geraldine Palin

    Thank you so much, Lynda! Authors like you continue to inspire and encourage young readers. This giveaway will connect so many of them with quality titles that will captivate them and create such excitement for the lucky winning school. Shared on twitter (@MrsPMedia)

  45. This is incredible! Authors, thank you for giving teachers magic mirrors and windows of wonder with which to reach out to our students. It’s a gift every time I open pages and think, I know just who needs this story in his life. And it’s a double gift when I see her face when she hands the book back and says it was just the right one…or passes it directly on to another reader without even setting it on a shelf. You are so generous. (@ureadiread)

  46. Tracy Scaglione

    What a fantastic contest! Fingers crossed and shared on FB.

  47. Tracy Scaglione

    Oops! Forgot to add my school email:

  48. This is an amazing list of books and a wonderful idea! Many teachers will be very grateful to receive any of these titles, including me. @DMetzke

  49. What an extraordinary opportunity— every librarian’s dream! Thank you for celebrating the work we do in this very special way!

  50. Kerry Stoots

    THANK YOU for recognizing teachers and showing appreciation. This is an awesome collection of books, and even if I’m not a winner, I’ll be saving this list when I add more to our classroom library! @kkstoots

  51. I teach 7th grade ELA at a title one campus just outside of Houston, TX. Our classroom library is the heart of our classroom. My school was flooded throughout, by Harvey. I was worried that when we returned after the storm my students would miss the sofas and comfy chairs that I had purchased for our room, but child after child raced up to me and asked if our books were okay. I can’t tell you what it meant to hear their love of our library come through even in a time of so much loss. These kids, are “those kids” that people outside of the classroom love to profile as unlikely to succeed, but thanks to books, our students will prove each of them wrong. Donations like this are changing not only the lives of our students, but also the future of our world. Thank you for caring about our kids as much as we do.

  52. carwilc

    Thank you for organizing this fabulous giveaway! These titles would be so fun to share with our students! @carwilc

  53. Thank you for helping us get more books to our readers!

  54. Kamla Rambaran

    Thank you, Lynda and Authors, for this amazing opportunity. Fish in the Tree had such an impact on my students and in my class as well. It introduced my students to 3 amazing characters Ally, Keisha and Albert who are able to overcome challenges by changing their mindset. My students really identified with the characters and so the discussion began in my class about growth mindset, which has transformed their thinking about themselves and the world. Thank you for your generosity and support of literacy and teachers around the world @kamla_sharbear

  55. Thank you so much. You and your fellow authors make it worthwhile to teach because we have such great literature to share with our students! I would love to share these books with my classroom and Books and Bagels book club. @mrmayerreads

  56. You’re a hero in the library world! You created something amazing for so many kids- thanks!

  57. Lauren White

    Thank you all for this amazing opportunity to celebrate wonderful books! Best Valentine’s Day gift! ❤️❤️ @MsLaurenWhite1

  58. Laura Benson

    How lovely! Brave words on paper can be someone’s lifeline, someone’s hope, someone’s light. Books and stories and words have all saved me from the darkness. Thank you for rescuing our hearts so often.

  59. Katie Henry

    These books would be the star of my Media Center! Thank you for doing this!!

  60. Wendy Chaulk

    I became a teacher to help those who need someone to believe in, someone to help than succeed, someone to be there after they leave my classroom. Books made me want that! My brother made me want that! I love my career!

  61. Pam Warren

    I buy cheap shoes, so I can buy books. This is one crazy cool offer. ❤️Kid lit people!!!!

  62. Lauren Bott

    Thank you for appreciating librarians and libraries! My students would love any of these wonderful titles! An especially grateful shoutout to Lynda and Katherine Applegate — your books have touched my students and moved them immensely. They love you!

  63. Sherisse Spenst

    Wow! What an amazing selection of books! I’d love to have these in my classroom!

  64. What an amazing contest! It truly would be a lottery when to have all of these books in my hands to share with students! The part of my job I love the most is sharing my enthusiasm with students over authors and books. This collection of books it’s all of my favorites!

  65. Selena Knight

    I love this. It is a great list of books to share with students and teachers!! Find me @sknighttech on Twitter.

  66. Diane D'Alessio

    What an incredible list of books and an awesome giveaway! I love books! And I love talking books! I can’t wait to read and share these titles. @di_0923

  67. This is an amazing opportunity to share our love of reading with our students. Having a school where 98% of the students take out books and love to read, any and all recommendations for new books is something I look forward to everyday. Thank you and good luck to all those who are entering

  68. Thank you for the kind words and wonderful “lottery” for teachers! It is amazing to see the power books have to impact young lives. There’s no better feeling than having a student come up smiling and talking about a book they loved, a book you helped them and:) With this list there is sure to be a perfect fit for everyone!

  69. Helen kelley

    Thank you for appreciating teachers! Our students love new books!

  70. Ingrid Mayyasi
    The authors who donated books for this giveaway are certainly very generous. It would be wonderful to add these books to my school library, my students would enjoy them a great deal. Thank you so much for organizing this, you will make a lot of students very happy with these wonderful books.

  71. Holly Luce

    What an amazing opportunity for educators to share a wide variety of books with their students. I have loved how eager my students are to share the books/authors they love with me and each other. Thank you for giving us the chance to connect students with so many amazing stories!

  72. Thank you to every author/illustrator who donated to this generous giveaway. Every day your words sweep readers away to situations, places, and journeys that offer important mirrors, windows, and doors that can change their understanding of how to navigate their own experiences. THAT is the power of what you do! That I get the opportunity to be a conduit of connection between you and the readers you write for is a true honor.

    Write/draw on friends! I believe in YOU!

    With children’s best interest at heart,


    Also shared on Facebook and Instagram

  73. Thank you so much for doing this amazing giveaway and for support teachers!! Placing a book in a child’s hands is the spark that creates the magic of reading.

  74. This is amazing! Thank you for your kind words and generosity. These will make a difference for a lot of kids!! @julieotey

  75. You have once again out done yourselves!!!! What an amazing line up! My students would be OVER THE MOON for this amazing collection of books. Thanks for helping us teachers feel the love – We love you too!

  76. So feeling the book love! THANK YOU. For this opportunity. I can’t wait to share these lovely titles with my students, whether I win this or not!
    Shared to FB and twitter

  77. Melissa Wood-Glusac

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    Happy Valentine’s Day book lovers! My favorite question for today: what book would you want to marry? What book made you fall in love with it? @meliG43

  78. Ryan Swanson

    What an amazing collection of books! All of these books will bring so much joy to the reading lives of the lucky students of the winner!
    Authors and teachers of reading are really in this together! Your engaging books make our jobs SO much easier! @_Mr_Swanson_

  79. Kate Lapetino

    Our fourth graders have been spending all year doing random acts of kindness with a weekly challenge, large projects, and living our lives with the motto, “Work hard, be kind.” We are currently reading Fish in a Tree and the students have been inspired to live their lives brave like Ally, confident like Keisha, intelligent like Albert, and with joy like Oliver- but never cruel like Shay or a follower like Jessica. Watch our kindness spreading on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: #fieldkindness. This collection of books will help to inspire and motive our students that we are all heroes, capes or not! Thank you for your generosity and this opportunity! @kcmgd31

  80. Tracy Tuttosi

    It truly does take a village…thank you for helping to get books into the hands of our young readers. I will be sharing this story with my kids and talking about the kindness of all involved. @readervator

  81. Carolyn Davis

    WOW! This is the giveaway of all giveaways! As I was scrolling down I was thinking of students that I could recommend these to. Thank you so much for doing this! This will make someone very 😃! @CDavisRead

  82. What a great opportunity! Thank you for offering this. My students would salivate if they knew that we could get so many books at once! Every time I go to the library and bring back more amazing middle grades books, I often have to ask three or four students vying for the same book to go “duke it out”. Without my intervention they come up with an agreement about who gets the book first and who is next in line when that person is finished. Love those “fights”. LOL @elisaw5

  83. Just posted on FB and Twitter! Sharing the book love!

  84. What a wonderful and gracious idea! I work with developing middle grade readers. I can teach them strategies all day, but the only thing that makes them want to read is seeing their classmates or me get cited about books. These wonderful books would make a great addition to our library. Nothing would please me more than to see their faces if we were to receive a whole bundle of new books! You are amazing! #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  85. This is so generous of you! As an elementary school librarian, I am lucky to see the impact these books have on kids every single day, and it brings me as much joy as your amazing books bring them. Thank you! @ADLCD70

  86. Danielle King

    Wow! Not only do #AuthorsLoveTeachers but #TeachersLoveAuthors too! Our jobs become exponentially easier when we can put amazing books in kids’ hands! That’s the only way, in my opinion, to create a reader! So thank you MG Authors for your wonderful words! We love you! @dkking2011 on FB SCES 5th Grade

  87. jtfan24wordnerd153

    So. Many. Incredible. Books! I am constantly blown away by the generosity of kidlit authors and illustrators. Whoever wins knows some extremely lucky kids 😀

  88. This is the most amazing, kind and thoughtful gift imaginable. Our students love books – largely because of many of these authors. It would be a dream come true to be able to shower our fifth graders with all of these absolutely amazing stories! Thank you so much! @LesleyScheele

  89. Jen 2

    All of these books are so amazing! I love how inspiring books can be for my students. Teachers can never have enough books in the classroom for our students. Thank you for this chance to win. @jenann4r

  90. Best day ever? When a student (who strongly dislked reading) approached me said, “Ms. B – you REAAAALLLLLLY, REAAALLLLLY have to read these books — and hands me Red Kayak and The Green Glass Sea. That, my literary friends, made my heart sing. But, made me wonder how I’m going to keep up with the reading appetites of my kids — as I’ve already expended my school budget for the year. Sigh. #AuthorsLoveTeachers @cyberlibrary #kglrc

  91. I would imagine that many of us became librarians because we wanted to share your stories – these stories- with children! Thank you for writing books that include all types of children. Everyone deserves to see themselves in the pages of a book! #AuthorsLoveTeachers!

  92. Christine Keating

    Wow! This is an AMAZING collection of books that I’d love to share with my students!! This is phenomenal!!

  93. Our students are drooling over this list of books! We can’t get over the kindness and generosity of all of these authors. You are amazing to put this together. Thank you so much for making a dream come true for a lucky classroom!

  94. Wow what an amazing collection of books!!! My students would love to have each one of these in our library.

  95. This is an amazing list! We have shared your book with our teachers. They loved it and have used the story of the fish in a tree in our parent co-oper training sessions for many years.

  96. LaKeisha Love-Mason

    I’m excited that my reading support students continue to make strides and growth goals. It’s rough to see them leave, but it’s more sweet that they no longer need the support! Thanks for appreciating us. We love authors!

  97. This is an amazing giveaway!! Books have such power in our childrens’ lives. As a teacher, I am fortunate to see children, who used to hate, reading find a book they love for the first time. This is because we have amazing authors for children’s literature. My job is to make sure my students have access to these amazing books 📖 on a daily basis. Thank you authors! @mrsdruffel

  98. I was so pleased to see all the books I loved reading as I scrolled down. I am finding as I age along with teaching I am enjoying reading even more than ever. It is as if reading takes on a new meaning as we age and develop as people. Or maybe it is due to the reading community we find ourselves in. Reading is a solo task but you need a community to enjoy and develop book love. Thank you for this opportunity and for the work of so many authors! They are brightening the world and opening a new world for so many of our readers!!! #booklove. #authorsloveteachers.

  99. @riverfieldllc
    Thank you, Lynda! As a school librarian, I am honored every day to have the opportunity to put books into the hands (and hearts) of children. Is there anything better than when a student comes to the library and tells you they stayed up all night reading because they just had to finish this book– and then asks for another one? Thank you for supporting the work we do, and for appreciating and loving us! We love you– and your wonderful books– too!

  100. Susan Thies

    So many great books. Better than Christmas. Thank you so much. @susanthies Twitter

  101. Ashli

    Wow!! Being able to share so many books with my students would be amazing! Thank you so much for recognizing teachers and spreading LOVE and kindness in this crazy world!

  102. Amy Bahena-Ettner

    This collection is so, so fabulous! Your love for teachers and librarians is much needed and so appreciated. Here is one story (of many) from my elementary school library from Valentine’s Day last year:

    Shared on Facebook (Amy Bahaynah) and Twitter (@Asoymaestra143) with #somuchloveinthelibrary

  103. I absolutely canNOT believe this compilation of books! I’m hoping this is OK, but I’m entering this on behalf of my daughter-in-law. She doesn’t have a Twitter handle and I’m not comfortable with putting up her email address (will gladly do it privately if she wins!), so I’m speaking for her 🙂

    Suzanne is a teacher at heart, without question. She teaches Special Ed for 3rd-thru-5th graders. It requires a tremendous amount of patience and heart to do this every day, especially when there are students who can be especially trying. But it doesn’t damper her drive to give them the best she can–which includes instilling a love for reading, her being an avid book lover herself (I’ve always envied her ability to speed read!) and championing the importance of reading.

    I try to help fill her classroom library by buying used books from bookstores and libraries, but this collection is something I (nor she) can afford, and would be THRILLED to have, though I’m sure many would go into the school’s library, not just her own classroom. Just the thought of these books is choking me up for whomever wins it. What a great gift from all the authors to people who deserve them most—treasured teachers and librarians. Thanks to ALL of you for your generosity and show of appreciation 😀 😀 😀 oxoxox


    (and yes, I’m definitely sharing this on Twitter and Facebook :D)

  104. Amy Bahena-Ettner

    This collection is so, so fabulous! Your love for teachers and librarians is much needed and so appreciated. Here is one story (of many) from my elementary school library from Valentine’s Day last year:

    Shared on Facebook (Amy Bahaynah) and Twitter (@Asoymaestra143) with #somuchloveinthelibrary

    • Amy Bahena-Ettner

      Somehow the story got truncated out. Here it is:
      “It’s Valentine’s Day! In an elementary school, that means flashy cartoon cards with fake tattoos, gooey pink cupcakes with fingerprints in the frosting, and SO. MUCH. CANDY. But the best thing about today was a Valentine’s gift brought into the library by one of my firsties. It was a black shopping bag carefully wrapped around a hardcover book that she had borrowed from her after-school program teachers. She wanted me to read it to my students today and then give it back to her so she could return it on time. The absolute most precious thing was the hand-written card that obviously took her a long time to get on paper. It reads, “You can borrow a book. I brought you a heart. You are neat and you are a book reader. I love books, so do you. You are sweet. You are lovely, too. You read books fantastic. From “Librarian *her name*.” Heart melted. She sees herself as a reader. She calls herself a librarian. She chose to share her heart (and a borrowed book!) with me on this Valentine’s Day. 💗📚💗
      #hopeforthefuture #somuchloveinthelibrary #iamapublicschoolteacher #ilovemypublicschool”

      Shared on Facebook (Amy Bahaynah) and Twitter (@Asoymaestra143) with #somuchloveinthelibrary

  105. What a great Valentine’s Day surprise! The love of reading is the best gift we can give to our children. Thank you to all the authors who are willing to share their books.
    Twitter: @ReadThinkSeek

  106. It is such a wonderful feeling to be appreciated. I am lucky to be able to share wonderful stories, that talented authors write, with striving readers. On “Book Talk Fridays,” it would be wonderful to be able to share that awesome group of books with students who are just learning the magic that is books. Thank you for this opportunity! #AuthorsLoveTeachers Twitter: @DiestlerClasses & @nancydiestler

  107. Julie Murphy

    This would be AMAZING for my students!

  108. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the love this Valentine’s day! Jane Austen famously said, “There is no enjoyment like reading.” It’s so true! There is nothing like getting lost in a good book. Thanks for making that happen for so many! You are AWESOME!

  109. Elissa Anderson

    What an anaconda giveaway! My students would love these books to enhance our classroom library!

  110. Pamela T. Childs

    Reading a great story is more than a pass time, it’s an experience. A great story can change you forever, make you think about yourself and others in a completely new and different way. The only gift that is greater than the author to the reader is when a librarian has the opportunity to put that same gift in the hands of a child. Nothing better EVER. Thank you authors and providers for these amazing books and for remembering our work.

  111. Marisol Gutierrez

    What an amazing selection of books that my students and I can go on an adventure with…I always tell them if you don’t like reading it’s becUsr you haven’t found the right book, YET! There are so great new authors for us to explore…there maybe a magic one for my reluctant readers one that will open their eyes to a world beyond their own…

  112. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! You inspire so many young readers!! @strohreads

  113. So many amazingly wonderful books!! This is great because we are always so limited in purchasing materials after the 1st of the year and these are great titles to add to any library!

    Thank you for offering these to teachers and librarians! I’d love to win so I could share with the English teachers in my building and the elementary librarians in the district.

  114. The two words, “thank you” seem so miniscule for such a monumental effort and haul of an incredible middle-grade book line-up! I know my readers better this year than ever, thanks to the investment of time in conferring with readers daily. There is a book for every child out there – sometimes, it takes a little longer to find the one to make a difference in reading habits. It would be an honor to win this stash to share with my colleague and fourth grade students! Thanks for sharing the book love and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  115. Emily killian molina

    What an amazing gift this will be for one lucky teacher and their students! Thank you!!

  116. Jill Bless

    Another wonderful example of how generous authors are! Such a wide, diverse set of books. My students would be estatic to win these!

  117. Lorenzo Molina

    How incredibly generous. A big thanks to this group of authors!

  118. Pam Basler

    Wow! What a giveaway! My 4th and 5th graders would love these stories. They love to book talk books and these books would be a great addition to my classroom library. Thank you! @pbas5
    I did retweet your giveaway. 🙂

  119. Susan Morley-Zender

    This is such a wonderfully generous giveaway. I have spent so much of my own money to buy brand new books for my kiddos. I love to have that moment with them when we take a few minutes to savor a brand new book. The smell! The smooth spine! The beauty of the cover art! Aaahhhhh. When we dove in it’s with love and respect for where these books can take our minds and hearts. @missemzee

  120. Lynda, thank you so much! This is an outpouring of generosity that is so appreciated! It is you and many, many other children’s lit authors that I thank. You provide a platform for kids to see themselves in books. You help kids recognize they are not alone. Thank you for this amazing gift during Random Acts of Kindness Week!

  121. Oh my gosh! My heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t believe how incredible this offer is! My students would seriously scream if I won! Thank you for this opportunity! We will be tweeting @mrsiwanicki

  122. There are so many amazing books on this list! Some I’ve read, but many more that are on my TBR list!


  123. Cynthia McGann

    It all began with a book. The power of reading is amazing, once you get your students hooked they can’t stop and you’ve succeeded. In my classroom we’ve read many of these titles. Books take the kids to places they could never imagine and teach them lessons they may never come across in real life. Yay reading!

  124. These are some wonderful books! My students would be so excited. LOVED Fish in a Tree, and my daughter also loved One For the Murphy’s! @blms_media

  125. LeeAnne Verret

    Thank you so much for the chance to win! My kids would love all these books! Sharing on Twitter today too! (@MrsVerret)

  126. Kid Lit authors have literally changed my way of teaching and my personal reading life.
    Teachers: if you are unsure about approaching your child favorite author, TRY! They are the most kind souls and they truly love what they do and want to hear from those kids!
    Authors: Thank you. From an educator who loves reading as much as you love writing, I am beyond thrilled for this opportunity. So many of you are personal favorites and student favorites. Can never have too many books.
    Twitter & Insta: @mrs_cmt1489

  127. Tristan Miller

    Omg! I would DIE for this! I’ll pony up the cash if I have to! What an amazing selection!


  128. So grateful for amazing authors!! Their amazing books provide my students with windows and mirrors! They bring such rich conversations and help my students become more compassionate people!! @meaganhparrish

  129. Mary Miron

    This is AWESOME. First time here and I’m excited to read others comments and have the opportunity to win books for my school (we have no budget).

  130. Leslee Cunningham

    Would love to win theses books for my classroom!

  131. Sara Glenn

    I would LOVE to win these amazing books for my library! My students would be thrilled!!!

  132. Jennifer Linkous

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am a Literacy Coach hoping to get a job back in the classroom this coming year and would love to chance to grow my library with this amazing selection of books!

  133. Just coming down off the ALA Award excitement, and now this? Awesome.

  134. Michele Ruggiero

    What a great collection of kid lit! Someone will be so lucky to win this!!!

  135. Karen Smith

    Just scrolling through this amazing collection of titles is amazing in and of itself! Thank you for doing this!

  136. Kristin Stratton

    Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and words. Your books, the featured authors here and so many others make a significant impact on my students every day. My entire life I have had a deep passion for reading and now I do my best as a teacher to instill that same feeling into my students. I do say that this is quite a prize and I thank you for thinking of teachers and librarians when putting this together. We all so appreciate it. Instagram: @dakota_darling

  137. Such an amazing treasury from authors supportive of teachers! Warmest aloha #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  138. All I can say is, this is amazing! It’s so nice to hear the positive words and recognition for all the hard work that teachers do day in and day out. I have so many book lovers in my classroom, as well as my own kids, that would go absolutely bananas for these books. And knowing that makes my heart full, and shows me that I am doing my job and raising readers! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway…the winner is one lucky teacher!

  139. Hello! Our whole school is reading Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story, by Nora Raleigh Baskin, and we love it! Thank you to the authors for giving young adults great material for learning. Lucille M. Brown Middle School Library.
    #AuthorsLoveTeachers #Teachers Love Authors

  140. joliebeth23

    I tried to post this earlier, and I don’t think it went through, so I hope it doesn’t post twice. We recently hosted a “Diverse Books Day” at my school with a variety of author panels and book discussions. Now my seventh and eighth graders are more interested in reading stories about people unlike them and are asking me to specifically point out diverse books in my classroom library! Win!!

  141. Wow! What amazing books! I shared on twitter as well :@schubertheather
    Thank you for putting this together!!!

  142. Brian Lawless

    Love this! Thanks for all you do. Our kids love your work and you inspire them to read! @mrlawless5

  143. Jenny Berlin

    Teachers love authors, too! Thank you to all of the authors that work so hard to create beautiful stories that provide so much for my students; a place to escape, a place to learn, a place to grow. I shared on twitter – @berlinclassroom. #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  144. Andrea Clark

    What an amazing collection to share with readers everywhere! Thanks for all you do! @mrsclark4 #AuthorsLoveTeachers Shared on twitter and Facebook!

  145. Margaret Zastrow

    Such a great collection of books shown! My students this year are huge readers and that is from the works you and other authors create! Your stories inspire them and help them to grow not only as readers, but also as people. Thanks for creating escapes and safe places with literature! @MrsZastrow2

  146. Anne Drogosch

    Wow! What an awesome collections of books! I try each year to add newer books to my shelves in order to continue to build a community of readers. Thank you for honoring us! My students would be so lucky to have these books in our classroom.

  147. Beth Packer

    What an amazing collection of books! I just shared this list of books with my students, and the general consensus seems to be, “Whoah!!! We need those books!”
    Thank you for organizing this. I’d love to get these titles into the hands of my kiddos this year! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  148. And……………….teachers LOVE authors! You guys are rock stars in how you reach kids through words. It’s such a joy to share literature with kids and be fortunate enough to see them in ourselves changed by it. Keep writing! I’m sharing on facebook and twitter and with all librarians in my district right now. @LindaMitch2783

  149. Katrina Hall

    Thank you for this! This would be amazing in our school library!! @mizhallmukilteo

  150. Karen Silverman

    What an opportunity! Thank you.

    Here’s my new favorite librarian quote: “I’m a librarian. I have a masters degree in finding information.” – Aurora Teagarden

    I will share on Facebook and Twitter (@AMaineLibrarian)

  151. Anne Grant

    Hi all,

    Shared the post via Twitter using the handle @AHMS_Rdg_Grant. We’re the Huskies in the Heights area of Houston! And we love to read!

    Wishing you all the happiest of Valentine’s Days!


    Ms. Anne Grant

  152. Hosted our 5th annual “Blind Date with a Book” in our MS library today! It was a hit with 42 students enjoying our wrapped up new books we’ve been saving just for this special day. Such fun to watch how excited they are to open a book!

  153. Lauren Castaldo

    My library needs this badly. We have no funding! This would double what we were able to get with book fair profit!
    I’m sharing everywhere for Cape View Elementary!

  154. RIan Crothers

    What a wonderful and thoughtful giveaway! I love that the picture books are included with the novels! I love to go into classrooms in my middle school and read picture books to the kids. They love them and I love reading them. We just finished up “One Word from Sophie” for a debate project! @brewlibrarian

  155. Stephanie Leary

    Wow, what an incredible giveaway! My students would be thrilled to read so many of these titles! Thank you so much for sponsoring this. I shared on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you again! @sleary1023

  156. What an wonderful collection of books! I would love to have these to share with my 7th and 8th graders.
    A few years ago, after being more intentional about learning my students’ interests and building a classroom library that reflects those interests, I had a student write to me, saying, “I’m really starting to like reading because if I had to read before I would have wanted to cry, but now I enjoy reading and I like the books I have chosen to read.” Since then, it has been my goal to grow my classroom library, to share amazing books with students, and to help students discover who they are as readers. It would be such a treat to share these with my students! Thank you for thinking of us and for organizing this!

  157. Lana Bates

    My driving passion is the moment when that reluctant reader rushes up all smiles and says, “Mrs. Bates! I found the most awesome book!” Thank you, authors, for putting those books in their hands. We teachers salute you! ❤️ @lanab03

  158. Thank you so much for your generosity along with the other authors. This giveaway is so kind. So many of these titles are favorites of our students and there are many that I am still unfamiliar with. I know and feel the students’ smiles and joy when they receive books from love and those who cherish reading as they do. These are inspirational for our students and help to create a lifetime love of reading. Thank you again.

  159. Anthony DeRosa

    My students would loves these books. There are so many awesome books in this give away I would be so excited to share with them and also do as read alouds. I have started sharing a few of these titles through the year and students want to check them out at our library. I would love to have them be able to borrow them from my library. This is my second year teaching 6th grade ELA and I still get excited sharing new books with students or old favorites. Thank you to the authors who are sharing their work with us and giving students an opportunity to get great literature in their hands. @avd111

  160. Julie Kirchner

    I kept scrolling through the list of books thinking there can’t be this many! Oh my, Lynda! What an amazing gift. I’m so grateful to all the people in the kidlit community…from both the book creation end to the distribution end including my colleagues and students who challenge me every day to be a better educator and a better human being. So lucky to have found this beautiful space to learn and grow.

  161. Wow, I started scrolling and thought: “Oh, I love that book! Oh, great author! Oh, I want to read that one!” And then I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling!! So many books, so much amazingness! Thank you for your message and your work to pull this together. Even for all the “nonwinners” that recognition and sentiment is a gift! @BlueSockGirl

  162. Ilse O’Brien

    You never know when a book will resonate with a reader. I made one small comment about a book last week that I’ve made many times before, without getting any readers interested. But this time, one of my students grabbed the book and read it and loved it. Those are the moments that keep us going as teachers!

  163. Angela Buccheri

    I have moved from being a reading intervention teacher to a literacy coach a few years ago allowing me to not only share my passion with students but to help my fellow educators improve their practice. I see some of my favorites in this give away but also some I have not had the pleasure of reading yet. Thank you so much for organizing this! @ABuccheriELA

  164. Thank you for sharing this opportunity to teachers and librarians!!! Getting books into kids hands is the key to falling in love with reading.

  165. Rebecca Hash

    This is a pretty stinkin’ impressive list of books and authors. Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit of our world with you!

    Last school year I read Fish in a Tree. I loved the story and instantly fell head over heels for it. Mostly because I saw a little bit of my young struggling reader self (not dyslexic but struggling) and I instantly saw one of my fourth grade students in Ally. As I read I pictured my student as Ally. Struggling with her disabilities but wanting it so badly. When I was finished reading I casually suggested I’d found a book she would love. To my surprise she checked out the book (a larger book than I had ever seen her choose before). Upon the book’s return she told me she liked it. I feel like this student and I have a special bond over Fish in a Tree. She hasn’t given me any trouble since and always has a book! Thank you Lynda and all authors for allowing us (all of us) to find a character we can relate to and find a bit of ourselves in!

    Shared on twitter🤗
    Twitter handle: @librarianhash

  166. Nicole McKay

    I didn’t have a love for reading till my daughter was born, she is an IVF baby, we can not have children on our own, we waited ten years and she is our little miracle, we read books to her from day 1 and have not stopped, now her love for reading had grown and she reads everyday and every night, she is now 7 years old and in second grade, we love our local library, we have been to many author events and she is just in love with reading and that has given me an amazing love for children’s books, we donate many books to our school and share our books with friends and family, now I share my love for reading with the students I teach and we are volunteering to help re-do our teacher’s book room at our school, we are excited for our book fair coming up and more adventures we will have reading!

    Shared Twitter

  167. Allison Antolik

    WOW!!!! These are some of the best books out there, by the most amazing authors. Thank YOU for all you do to make our jobs as teachers easier. Your books inspire kids more than you will ever know!
    Twitter: @mrs_antolik

  168. Chris K

    WOW! Lynda – this is such a wonderful opportunity you are providing to those of us who are book lovers always looking to match the right book with the right reader. This collection is amazing! Thank you to you and your author friends who contributed. We are so grateful to you and your dynamic way with words. Books + Readers = Joy! Retweeted on Twitter. @CBckehan

  169. Thank you for showing a great selction of books. Thanks to all the authors! These wonderful books will take the reader to new worlds. Twitter @olalibrary

  170. Rachel Smith

    Thanks so much for all the great stories I’ve been able to share with my students! Authors love teachers and teachers love authors! -@Miss_Smith6

  171. Mary Hundt

    Nourishment for my students who go through books like water!
    Thank you for organizing this giveaway!

  172. Rebecca Van Slyke

    This has GOT to be the BEST Valentine of all! Thanks for all you do to help our kids love books!

  173. Brittany Griebe

    Wow! This is amazing! I teach reading and I can truly say my students are discovering a love of reading when I introduce them to a new book! It would be amazing to add such a wide range of books to my library as my students are all so unique!

  174. Joshua Sloat

    Fantastico! Happy Valentine’s Day, Lynda! Currently writing student progress reports and looking through their reflections. Many of them identified reading Fish in a Tree and meeting you as highlights of the year so far! Fondly, Joshua and his 4/5 class.

  175. If a child doesn’t like to read, they just haven’t “met” the right book yet! Thank you for sharing some amazing titles for us to read and share with our students!

  176. theresa

    Three cheers for books and readers!

  177. Beth Wiesner

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and understanding and thanks to you and all the other amazing authors who contributed books to this giveaway! I’ve switched careers many times from writer/editor to ESOL teacher and now to school librarian. The biggest joy I’ve had in this, my first year in the library, is reading aloud to the students at our school and sharing books I think they would love. I’m excited to discover or reread every book on this wonderful list. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance at winning this book lover’s dream!

  178. Wow! This is an absolutely amazing giveaway!!! Some of my favorites and some I have on my To Be Read list! Thanks so much for doing this fantastic giveaway! @MissJennyHansen

  179. Rebecca Schneekloth

    Wow this is amazing. The list just kept going. Thank you so much. The joy of sharing books with my students is why I teach. So thank you so much. #MrsSchneekloth

  180. Megan Truax

    Many, many favorites on this list! Wonder and Wishtree were two of my class’s favorite read alouds this year. The winner of this giveaway will have some very lucky students!

  181. Eileen Csongradi

    I have spent the last few days hearing from teachers about empathy as a predictor of success. I can think of no better way to build that capacity in our students than to read…read about everyone and everything and watch hearts grow large and minds expand. Thank you authors and illustrators for giving us these tools. They are treasures!

  182. As an 8th grade English teacher, I unfortunately witness students slowly lose their love and devotion for reading as their schoolwork and extracurriculars intensify. However, I share my love of books by constantly reading and recommending current YA literature to my students. And with this challenge, there is no better feeling than reaching even the most reluctant non-reader with an amazing novel that speaks to them. Year after year, I have watched countless students cringe in September when I tell them that we will enjoy independent reading time every. single. day. But by providing them a choice AND amazing options, I can always find a book for every student…and it’s those books that become the most-loved titles in the classroom. Thank you to Lynda and all of these authors for writing novels that reach every student, and for re-instilling in my students the love of reading.

  183. Maureen Wehmeier

    This is so exciting! Thank you to everyone for making such a give away possible. I teach lower level 8th grade students. I read a chapter book to them, read a picture book daily, and also book talk daily. We are a literary rich classroom.

  184. Heather Blevins

    Thank you so much for your work and the opportunity to be a part of this giveaway! Books are the only safe place that some of our students have. Thanks for the part that you play in bringing joy to students and teachers as well!

  185. Maureen Wehmeier

    My Twitter and Instagram handles are the same, @maestraw. My school e-mail is

  186. Mandy Stallard

    So excited about this giveaway! I would love to get these books for the 600+ kids at my school! Email:
    Twitter: @mmestallard I’ll be sharing this on Facebook as well.

  187. Steve Brim

    Fantastic books there—-Thanks for doing this!
    @mr_brim giveaway for teachers and librarians! #AuthorsLoveTeachers— Steve Brim (@mr_brim) February 14, 2018

  188. Ruthann Elma

    The best part about my job as a teacher is helping a child who claimed to be a “non-reader” fall in love with reading. Having them say, “I am a reader!” is music to my ears, soul and heart.

  189. Angie Moore

    I love my job! I get to spend every day with 5-10 year olds and introduce them to old and new favorites. I’m slow at cataloging, processing & acquiring books, and I have a sweet kindergartener who has asked me every week since before Christmas for ‘that bird book’ (Red & Lulu by Matt Tavares)… I guess I need to get on that 😉 -Angie @almemoore

  190. Bernadette Kearns

    Wow! I smiled at each book as I scrolled through the amazing titles, thinking about the ones that are old friends and ones I haven’t met yet. I also thought about my 72 readers and my own 3 children who would scream with joy if I were to be the lucky winner of this treasure trove. Whoever wins these books will get the ultimate gift of putting them into the hands of their students which makes my heart happy…no one loses in that scenario! Thank you for this amazing generosity to the teacher/librarian world.

  191. Maureen E Messier

    My favorite parts of my job are: independent reading, visits to the library, book talks, and when a student asks for a recommendation. I listen in to hear about good books! @mermessier

  192. Michele Green

    Wow! The lineup of books here is amazing! Thank you to all of the authors who are participating! As a K-12 librarian, I appreciate your work so much and LOVE that the industry continues to grow and expand. You are reaching our readers and I love being the “middle man”!
    @micgreen on Twitter

  193. Terri Baldree

    These are amazing books! Thank you for putting this book giveaway together! @terribaldree

  194. Angie Hull (@mrshull6)

    This is an amazing author. So many of these books have changed my students and me as readers. I laugh, I cry, I love these books with my students. Thank you.

    Angie Twitter – @mrshull6

    Review on Amazon and Goodreads-along with recommend to many MG readers.

  195. Beth Raff

    Thank you, Lynda!! The giveaway is fabulous. I appreciate your generosity along with the kindness of your author friends!! Twitter @Raff5K

  196. Laura

    This has to be the best giveaway ever! Teachers who are out there, sharing book love with kids and inspiring readers, what a treat this would be! I can only hope to possibly be the lucky winner! There are so many books in this pile on my to-be-read list!!

  197. What a great list of books!! As a teacher I am always looking to find great books for my class. You can never have too many!!

  198. Teresa Aylor

    My daughter has been a teacher for 17 years! She teaches in a 3rd grade class that has some children who don’t get the care they need at home. I cannot imagine how excited she would be to share these amazing books with her students. This is the only way these children will ever be exposed to children’s literature of this caliber. Teachers certainly don’t get enough praise and rewards for all their hard work and caring for their students.
    Her school is Angie Grant Elementary in Benton, AR. 72015
    Her school email is
    I hope she wins!!!

  199. As a teacher-librarian, I get to share my love of the written word, create a culturally sensitive, learner-centered environment and teach research and 21st-century skills all at the same time.

    If we want to reach our struggling students, and promote literacy courage in young students, we must use head books in the curriculum. We need to teach young children that literacy still is the ultimate adventure, and they too have the chance to be the hero. Not only does it allow students to express their knowledge and comprehension through an alternative medium, but also it makes students more comfortable with literacy as a whole.

  200. Delilah vanderGeest

    I am so inspired to get great lit in the hands of of my students so that they can start their own book bits. @thelivbits motivated me to give my kids a voice and the power of feedback from a global audience.

  201. gajenkins

    Oh my goodness, I don’t know if I could be more excited! My students LOVE many of these books, and I would love to introduce them to the rest! Thank you for taking the time to share the love, and for supporting teachers and librarians all year long. You all know we love you too!! On twitter @GaelynJenkins

  202. iamarose

    Oh we would LOVE THESE GLORIOUS BOOKS in our Southeast DC library! Thanks for lookin out for teachers!!!

    Also shared on my Twitter at @betweenmargins!

  203. Authors are superheroes to teachers and librarians, but most importantly students. They allow students to find themselves, to lose themselves, to laugh, to cry and to live a thousand experiences that they would never have the opportunity to live “in real life”. The authors in this collection have allowed me to help my students learn and grow. I am grateful to each of them for their role in my students’ lives. @portablemagics

  204. Alyssa Taft

    This is an incredible gift! I’m sure whoever wins will be so, so thrilled. 🙂 ❤

  205. Susan Roberts

    The idea of sharing so many wonderful books with my 5th graders is a dream! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with children!

  206. Jake Downing

    What a wonderful opportunity for our readers! Thank you so much!

  207. I was conferencing with a student yesterday about the amazing amount of growth he’s made in reading this year. His response was, “Wow! I’ve never really considered myself a reader because I mainly read graphic novels…” It is statements like these that make me happy for the KidLit Community. Together we can change this thinking! Thank you for writing stories for children!

  208. K

    What an amazing list!
    Some favorites.
    Some new to me.
    Some on my check out this book list. So excited.

  209. I love so many of these books! I love to share the joy with kids around reading books. This is a wonderful contest! Thanks.

  210. Rachel Schwarz

    This IS the kid lit lottery!! So many wonderful books! 😍📚 I would love the opportunity to add these titles to our library!

  211. Wow! What an amazing collection of books! My students would LOVE these! @hornetsreading

  212. Brenda Goins

    Thank you- this is amazing😻 The favorite part of my job as a librarian is providing authentic literature for them. Your list is phenomenal! This year I have a student named Hunter that I’m giving books to read faster than I can, so he’s my book ‘reviewer’ fir the other kids! There’s nothing better than peer to peer recommendations😺 @pes_library

  213. Wonderful books and very kind of all the authors to donate. I’ve read many of these and smile at the thought of a student getting the same happiness I did reading them the first time! You know it’s a great book when you are sad to get to the … last…. page…. 🙂

    @ADeanRead33C on Twitter

  214. As a teacher librarian I have the privilege of inspiring and fostering a love of reading with great books like the ones you are so very kind to give away. Thank YOU! @afbookmark

  215. Beth Pederson

    Give a child a book is to give them happiness for life!
    Shared on twitter! @bethpederson4

  216. Susan Sullivan

    I sent a student to deliver some books to a classroom. He came back and said, “I had to practice this this whole way back. The teacher told me to tell you that he’s eternally indented”.

  217. Bridgett O'Shea

    Wow, . . . there are so many phenomenal texts on this list! As the reading specialist for my elementary school, I know how powerful books with strong messages can be in inspiring all readers, but especially those for whom reading may not always come easily. I would love to share this collection with the students in my literacy intervention group, as well as offer them as part of my lending library to my colleagues and students who visit me at recess. Thank you so much for offering to share these with a school; this is so very generous and thoughtful! Thank you for choosing kind . . .

    Happy Reading!

  218. Susan Sullivan

    Forgot to say that I’m sharing this on Facebook at Susan Sullivan and Twitter at @susanlsullivan. A big giant mwah to everyone!

  219. Kate McCue-Day

    This contest is just ridiculous!! Looking through the books I felt a little sick to my stomach thinking I could win ALL those books.
    I’m not sure I could handle it. My 5th graders think I have a very serious book problem and many are concerned about my well being. Book talking the 2-3 middle school books I read a week is the true highlight of my job! Spread the enthusiasm!! @kate.mccueday Instagram #katesummerofbooks

  220. Celebrating those moments when you connect a child and Book!😀👋🏻📚📚

  221. Rayna Freedman

    Your words open doors for students who sometimes desperately need the comfort of falling into the pages. Thank you for finding ways to connect students to characters making many feel less alone in the worlds. #AuthorsLoveTeachers @rlfreedm sharing on twitter and Facebook

  222. I work in a diverse district and nothing makes me happier than finding a character in a book that I can see reflected in one of my students. Whether it be rich, poor, white, hispanic, black, transgender, gay, confused, assertive, bullied, hopeless, hopeful, whatever the characteristic. Giving that book to a middle schooler and letting them know that they are not alone is the best part of my job as a librarian!

  223. Cassie Schulenburg

    This morning I watched a group of elementary students joyfully leap around the library shouting ‘It’s Bookmas! It’s Bookmas!” as they carried the newly revealed books. Our librarian had just received our yearly order of new books. The gasps of excitement and seeing them beg to check some out immediately absolutely made my day. Books are an adventure everyone deserves to have! 🙂 @cbsteach

  224. gmslibrarymakerspace

    These books are amazing. My students would be so excited to have these!

  225. Karen Kendrick

    Happy Valentines Day! What an awesome variety of books. My students would go wild for so many new books.
    Thanks so much for doing this

  226. Cindy Wagner

    It would love to win one signed book so winning all of this would be amazing! But honestly, the kind words brought tears to my eyes – it is so very nice to feel appreciated- especially when budgets are so small. The kids get it though and love coming to the library and they are why I do what I do. I would love to be able to put these books in their hands. Thank you for putting this together! @BWLibrary_Lady

  227. Laura Henderson

    What an amazing collection of books by amazing authors! Reading is a great way to connect with students and open lines of communication about important topics. Some of my best moments as a teacher are the things students have shared with me about book talks! Thank you to my teachers who shared great literature with me and to all the students who love reading with me!

  228. Wow! Winning one signed book would be great, but to win all of these would be amazing! Thank you for your kind words and for putting this together. I would love to be able to put these books in my students’ hands. @BWLibrary_Lady

  229. Christine Roberts

    What an awesome idea! It is so nice to know that to someone we are superstars! You see parades for sports players all the time, but never for teachers, librarians or administrators! Thank you for thinking of all the educators who strive to make the world a better place for our most important resource- our children! Thank you to all the authors that participated and to Lynda for organizing it

  230. Leanne Cleaveley

    I teach K-6 prep at my school – Language Arts and Mathematics. A little guy who I had for Language Arts last year, and now have for Math, gazed longingly at my bookshelf and sighed, “How come you don’t read to us this year?” (when I actually do – any math related book I can find!).
    Reading, any kind, is the best part of my day as a teacher. I can see something for everyone in the amazing list of books above. What a great gift for someone. Thank you.
    I will share the link on Twitter as well – @LC27LadyB

  231. This is truly an amazing kid lit collection! So many incredible stories to enrich the lives of our students and build empathy in young readers. This year our library’s theme is “Read With Your Head and Your Heart”, very appropriate for this Valentine’s Day give-away! Thank you for your kindness and generosity! Write on authors!

  232. Lori Blevins

    I am a media specialist at a K-5 school. See lots of favorites here and some that I have wanted to purchase, but haven’t yet! Would love to win and share with my students!

  233. Karen Henderson

    Oh my goodness. I love you Linda Mulally Hunt! These books would be a dream come true for our school library. 💕💕🇨🇦🇨🇦

  234. Valerie Glueck

    What an amazing giveaway. I would love to add so many of these titles to my classroom library and the ones I already have I would give away to new teachers or my student teacher.

  235. Karen Henderson

    Oh my goodness. This giveaway is amazing. I love your books and these titles would be amazing for our school library. Thank you so much for organizing this.

  236. Alyssa Schneyman

    This is a wonderful giveaway. The Kid lit community is so wonderful and giving. What a wonderful way to pass along the love of literature. There are so many amazing stories which I already love and many of students already love and many more that I can’t wait to read and know my students will love.

  237. Thank you for such a generous gift. My students love having a diverse classroom library, and these titles would certainly boost our choices. Reading can take you to so many places. More importantly, books can provide mirrors and windows for our students. I experienced that first hand today when a student was expressing empathy towards a character that might have gone unnoticed if he had not read the book. Sharing on Twitter as well @cindymullin.

  238. Rebecca Dickenson

    Wow, this is AMAZING! Thank you!

    Fingers crossed! I shared on twitter @EESRavensLib & Facebook.

    Favorite student quote this week- we’re having book fair- “This is like magic! The library turned into book fair between breakfast & lunch!”

  239. What an amazing collection of books that share the stories, triumphs and struggles of a myriad of characters. Thank you for making and taking time to recognize teachers and librarians who work each and everyday to help children develop a life long love affair with reading.
    One of the best parts of my job is being able to read picture books and middle grade books so that I can play matchmaker. I know when I’ve set a readers hear on fire when they turn around and do the same for me— match me to a book that changed their reading and thinking.
    I started a parent/child bookclub a few years ago. We spent 3rd-5th grade together reading and discussion books each month. It was wonderful to hear from parent and child’s perspectives. It was amazing to see that even though we came from different socio-economic levels, countries, faiths, family dynamics and political beliefs, we were able to come together because of our love for books and the power they have to change our hearts. Thank you for equipping someone with books that will do just that— speak to hearts and open minds to conversations and ideas!

  240. Paula Baiamonte

    What an amazing list pf books! We have several of these titles on our district Name That Book Contest list!! @MrsLibrarian

  241. What an amazing collection of books! This is my first year teaching only reading and writing and I have fallen hard in love with so many new books and authors. My class is alive with reading like it has never been before. We have a bunch of skypes set up that the kids are so pumped about! I feel so lucky to have connected with you all on Twitter! #hypedtoskype #teachersloveauthorstoo! @msslayton5th

  242. I would love to get these books into the eager hands of my students!!

  243. Stacie Wood

    This is awesome! What a great treat for any winner!!!

  244. Jill Dodge

    This post and this contest make my heart happy! It’s amazimg as a school librarian to connect with so many authors on social media! What an amazing collection of books! @jilldodgelms

  245. Jessica Schoffel

    I’m right in the middle of reading Wonder to my 4th graders. The best moments we have together are during read aloud! They love it and so do I!

    @MissSchoffel on Twitter

  246. Melanie Frazier

    I am the RTI teacher and I have a goal to not only teach the students to read but instill the love of reading in each one and encourage them to share that love with others.

  247. Deb Zaffiro

    Now more than ever, it is critical that we build empathy and compassion with kids through books.

  248. Wendy Lavenda-Carroll

    Wow, what a fabulous collection of books. I work in a special needs school and love to share books with my students.

  249. Nothing compares to seeing a child’s face light up when they finally get the copy of a title they have been waiting to read. Our library has a very limited budget and replacing worn copies or adding another title to a beloved text would be a blessing. Thankful to #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  250. Nicole Schuette

    Wow, what an incredible list of books! Many of these are loved by my middle schoolers. This would be an incredible gift! Thank you for the opportunity!

  251. Lana Lozure

    I love when a kid’s face lights up when I hand her a book that is a perfect match at that time!
    (I retweeted your tweet.)

  252. Amy

    I love this idea! It’s so wonderful to be appreciated as part of the middle grade reading initiative. 🙂 Thank you for doing this!!

  253. Annmarie O’Neill

    This giveaway is amazing. I see every day how much reading helps students to grow. I love that my job involves putting the right books into students’ hands. Thank you to all the authors that participated in this. @weyhighlibrary

  254. Karen Kraemer

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are all grateful for this opportunity. I have shared many of the titles here with my students and now I have a few to explore myself! Twitter: @kkraemer10

  255. Michele Ruggiero

    Thanks so much for generous authors that provide learning opportunities for each and every type
    Of reader! @MrsRuggieroHV

  256. Tammy Taylor

    Wow! I have spent the past 3 days being totally inspired at #PETE2018, PA’s amazing tech conference, and now more teacher / librarian love. Best Valentine’s Day ever. I am on a mission to get every teacher and teacher-in-training that I know to read Fish in a Tree. @ttaylor217

  257. Tami Peterson

    I went back to school and became a new teacher at 47. I love books and am working hard to build my book library. Nothing makes me happier than finding the right book for my students and get them interested in reading.

  258. My students had a very rough week, but when I brought back a lot of ARCs from ALA to share, one little girl said “At least I will have something to take my mind off everything!” I have already purchased many of these, but would be glad to share with other schools in my district. Thank you for all the work you did putting this together! @msyingling

  259. Thank you so much for making this lovely prize available to school librarians and our readers! There are a good many of these awesome titles that we don’t have – my students are big readers and would be thrilled to win! @mrspowers_reads

  260. As a middle school library media specialist, I love being able to read middle level books. From the cover artwork and through the pages… I love the stories that books tell, connections that books make, and the knowledge that books give us. It warms my heart when students find that “just right” book that makes a difference in their life.


    I did share on twitter too…

    Check out this amazing give away of #middleschoolbooks – Simply amazing! A lot a great titles! I 😍 books! #AuthorsLoveTeachers— Amy Gillam O'Riley (@techspire) February 15, 2018

  261. Marjie Podzielinski

    I love matching the book to the reader. Imagine the fun I would have finding a reader for every book on this list! True love and joy for this librarian! ♥️♥️♥️

  262. Kirsten Biehl

    Oh my goodness! What an amazing collection of books! My 4th graders will love all of these books! We are a classroom full of readers! @kirstenbiehl

  263. Wow! This list of books just makes me want to read forever!
    Now I have even more titles I wanted to share with my students.

  264. Jessica Wisniewski

    Every year, I get new faces -6th and 7th graders who have no idea the wild ride they have just boarded by walking into my room. Every face fronts a soul that is heavy with the need to find stories that match their own, stories that show them the world beyond their shoetips, stories that show them fantastical possibilities. And I get to provide those stories, again and again, thanks to authors like you who carve your souls onto pages to welcome their souls into your worlds. Thank you!

  265. Alicia Patten

    This is a fabulous list of books! ❤️❤️

  266. Joy Kirr

    I would love to spread the love and share these books with my middle schoolers – by handing out many to other teachers, too! Thank YOU, authors, for this love for educators. It’s surely reciprocal, as you get our future READING!!
    ~ @JoyKirr
    Here’s my tweet to get more educators in love with these books:

  267. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m a fourth g grade teacher of 21 readers. This would be such a treat to win!!

  268. Tonya Girouard

    Already love many of the books on this list; the others will certainly be headed to my ever-growing list! Thank you for the love!! Shared to Twitter via @tndnvt.

  269. Thank you for putting such a lovely collection of books together that will surely bring a smile to any teacher and their students. It’s nice to see both non-fiction and fiction titles included. I know I have students who are just as happy to find and checkout the latest science or car book than a novel.

  270. Sara Marshall

    I’m currently reading Wishtree with my students and we are about to read The One and Only Ivan as a school. This would be an AMAZING prize to win and would make my librarian heart VERY happy!!!

  271. Heather Lewis

    What an inspiring and exciting set of books! I am a literacy specialist who works with striving redapaders. They need many choices to hook them into reading. Signed by the author will further entice them. . Thank You!

  272. I have a quote on my classroom wall that says, “A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far away places without ever leaving your seat.” The amazing books in this giveaway will prove to my students that this quote is true! Thank you for appreciating teachers. I appreciate you. @turneyc

  273. Christy Aker-Minetto

    I love youth novels! I love kids that love youth novels! Read aloud is my favorite time of the day. All of these books would be amazing and the ones that are duplicates will go in the birthday giveaway bin. What a cool opportunity.

  274. What an amazing collection of books for all readers, young and old! My students would love to get their hands on them and so would their librarian. 🙂 #readersareleaders #addictedtobooks Shared on Twitter @SShepReads

  275. Janice Woods

    Thank you so much for this offer and putting it together! My students would love to get these books in their hands! 📚📚📚

  276. Helen

    What an amazing prize package! Thank you for coordinating this and being such a strong supporter of teachers and librarians, Lynda!


  277. Kimberly rein

    Thank you so much!! This would be amazing for any teacher or librarian to win!!


  278. Sarah White

    What an amazing selection of books. Thank you so much for the chance😊

  279. Suzanne Mann

    This is a wonderful collection of quality books. Any teacher would be honored to have this collection in their library. I would love be to share these books with the students at my school. Thank you!

  280. This is amazing! I kept scrolling down the list, gasping at how many great books there are, and it just kept going. Thank you!

  281. What a giveaway. Thanks! Love being on the same team. You all write them and we share them and talk about them! You help us open the door to the love of reading. There are more than a few
    Books on here that I have shared with students and they have shared with me. Including Lynda’s…I actually had a student who wanted to read it because she totally related to the MC. Why? She managed to do the same thing until
    She got to our school. Those kinds of connections are priceless. Your books are, as Grace Lin says…windows and mirrors. Thank you for that.

  282. Stacy McBride

    Nothing is better than when kids choose a good book on their own. The more the better!

  283. Ths is such a generous and exciting Valentine offer. It made me smile even more than when my student gave me a Valentine Whoopi cushion that said, “Love is a gas.” She is also the same student in a small book group reading Fish in a Tree. These books would be great additions to my library! @gwmemorialmedia

  284. Amie Hannon

    This. Is. SO. Perfect!!!
    Today my 5th graders made a Valentine for a book that they LOVE! It’s their words that inspire ME:
    “Dear Mayday, You really showed me how to stay strong. I always will love you.”
    And: “Dear Crossover, I love how your poems are so good and you made me love books.”
    Thank you for the appreciation & chance to win these books …my teacher heart is full this Valentine’s Day! ♡

  285. Ellen Smith

    So many wonderful books here!! My students would love them! We watched the ALA Kidlit awards Monday, and my students heard of so many books they are interested in reading, however I teach in a low-income school and our library has not received funding in years, thus it is not up-to-date with titles. If we had these in our classroom, my students would be ecstatic!! Thanks for this opportunity 😊

  286. Megan Koziel

    Wow! Thank you for putting together such an amazing opportunity to help a teacher/librarian share important stories with students. It is encouraging to see the support from authors!

  287. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you for this opportunoty. So many books I’ve read. Loved The Thing About Jellyfish, Fish in a Tree, The War that Saved My Life and all the others roo many to name.
    If I am lucky enough to win these will be given to students.
    @JoneMac jone. macculloch at evergreenps dot org

  288. This would *literally* be like winning the lottery! As a librarian in Newtown who has stumbled upon this post on Valentine’s Day evening after hours of tears for #Parkland, thank you for reminding me that the world of #KidLit always has our backs!!! Love to you all… 💕 @pialedina

  289. Stacy McBride

    Nothing is better than giving lots of choices for students to read! The more the better!
    What a fantastic selection of books!
    Shared on twitter at @stacy5thgrade

  290. Perez Pythons

    Thanks for this opportunity! What a great way to spread the love of reading! @perezreads

  291. What an incredible giveaway. Such fantastic books and authors. Thank you for organizing. @PamelaBrunskill

  292. This is an incredible list of books. Thank you for caring so much about teachers, librarians and students. Here’s my retweet (@wileyteaching):

  293. What an incredible list of books. Thank you for caring so much about teachers, librarians, and students. Here’s my retweet (@wileyteaching):

  294. Julie Testa

    Two of my personal favorites are in this giveaway! What a Valentine gift! I’ve shared on FB for all my librarian & teacher friends.

  295. Nicole Misra

    I love the diverse literature here! I run a lending library with the ELLs I work with. My second grade started bringing books to their ELL time with us and reading while they walk (not exactly safe!) But it’s such a GOOD problem to have to tell students to stop reading @nicolemisra

  296. No Pecor

    Teachers love authors!

  297. Thank you so much for appreciating teachers. What an amazing giveaway! I have been so blessed to not only read fabulous #mglit books but also get to know and develop relationships with the authors through Twitter. So grateful for this #mglit community!

  298. Stacy Vitali

    This list of books are amazing! So many great titles! Thank you! Even if I don’t win, this is an amazing giveaway, so thank you! There is nothing more rewarding then when a student comes up to your desk with a book and giant smile and says, “I finished it!” Then, you proceed to ask them how they liked it and they are already 20 words deep on how much they loved it! @5vitali

  299. Kathy Sahagian

    My first grade students love to read. My class is so excited about books that when they share in class it is almost always about a book. It brings a smile to my face every day.

  300. Thank you for This amazing collection of books. My students would love to have all of these books. The tiles are amazing.

  301. Kathy Moriarty

    What an amazing gift! The middle grade books that are being published right now are sooooo good! These will not stay on the shelves of my K – 8 library! Thank you for the opportunity.

  302. Laurie Hnatiuk

    Wow – simply wow! Thank you for organizing – as a TL in a K-8 elementary school I know these titles have been and will be loved by our students and having the added bonus of the books being signed will be thrilling for students. I am on Twitter as @Lhnatiuk and I shared on my Facebook page as well.

  303. Joy DeJong

    My favorite teaching moment is when you say to kids “We are just going to get cozy and read” and they cheer!

  304. Mary Jo Staal

    This is one of the many reasons why I tell my students that authors and illustrators are some of the greatest people in the world! Putting the stories from amazing authors into the hands of children is a privilege and honor! Thank you, Lynda, for all the love you show us!

  305. Students learn so much reading great literature! This would be an amazing collection for our students! #ReadAllTheBooks. @HainesJamie

  306. Michelle Goodwine

    This literature is opening up our kids’ eyes to the world and perhaps expanding their view of the world. This is an amazing line-up! I’ll share on Facebook as well.

  307. Stacy Morrow

    Wonderful variety of books. Would love to add them to our library.

  308. Teacher Librarians love authors! This is an amazing collection of books that any school would love to add (and should) to their collection. My twitter name is @lichrist and I will be sharing on my Facebook page.

  309. Melissa Sears

    Kudos to you for supporting teachers and librarians in the trenches with these amazing books. My favorite moment is seeing the smile on a student’s face when they get a book that they had on their wish list.

  310. Madeleine Reed

    So many of these books have brought a smile to my face and my students’ faces! Wishtree, Fish in a Tree, and Home of the Brave were particularly powerful read alouds for my 4th graders last year and 5th graders this year. Thank you for your beautiful writing and for organizing this!

  311. Alissa Guevara

    Reading helps us escape to new worlds. It helps us learn about new people and places. It helps us learn to sympathize with others, and find the wonder in things around us. Students can do all of these things with these books! I am the Professional Development Coach at my school. This teaching position helps me to reach all students and staff. Winning this set of books would help instill wonder in ALL of our students! @AlissaGuevara1

  312. Jennifer Kaste

    Great literature, or more specifically getting the right book to the right kid, is life changing; when years have passed and names forgotten kids will still remember that amazing book you made them want to read! @JennyKaste

  313. Emily Mihelic

    I cannot believe this give away is real! My school is lucky enough to be hosting Victoria J. Coe, author of the “Fenway and Hattie” series, at our school today and tomorrow who just so happens to be the one who told me about this incredible book collection give away. The titles presented in this would be phenomenal additions to our library that will continue to allow my readers to connect, discuss, and fall in love with books. The power of books is a wonderful thing. A member of my school’s Mock Newbery Committee says it best, “No books are bad, just some books are great!”

    Twitter: @missmihelic

  314. Carrie Friday

    This is so incredible that you are doing this! I’m a middle school Media Specialist and I have been so blessed to see kids who were below grade level and the picture of reluctant readers fall in love with reading. I can’t keep books on the shelves and the students are flooding in everyday looking for their next book. I truly have the best job ever!

    P. S. I shared your link on twitter 😊

  315. Brianna Gossett

    My kids LOVE reading. We treasure Books! @bgossettsclass

  316. Rachel Weidenhammer

    This is an amazing giveaway with so many titles that I know my students would love! Whenever we receive new titles in my room, we hold a raffle to see who will be the lucky person to do the inaugural reading in our rom of each book!

  317. Wendy Payer

    Highlights of my of my day included introducing a child to Captain Underpants, helping a child practice the art of book selection, and reading Matt de la Peña’s and Loren Long’s “Love” with ninety 2nd graders. Not a bad day at “work”! Thank you for supporting teachers and librarians. I would love to put these books into the hands of young readers!
    Twitter @WendyPayer
    Instagram @bookish_giraffes

  318. Anastasia Gruper

    Thank you to all the authors of children’s books for fostering the love of reading for our youngest readers. Because of you, we are supporting life-long readers. @agruper

  319. Neal Palmer

    Reading for me as always been something In enjoy doing wjth my students. To see their eyes light up when we dive into a new adventure, brings me such great joy. Thank you for giving teachers & librarians the opportunity to build their libraries so that children can experience all the amazing books our country has ton offer.

  320. Heather Shadish

    Teachers love authors! Thanks to the authors writing the stories that need to be shared. Thank you for taking the time to respond to a tweet, Skype with a class, or mail some bookmarks. Thank you for being real. You make reading an exciting, thought provoking, authentic experience for our kids.

  321. Dana Kramaroff

    May we teach from the heart and grow our readers by being readers, ourselves. 💛

  322. Amy Ralph

    Thank you wonderful authors for donating all of these books. As a Elementary school librarian at a school with 98% free lunch, my students truly appreciate books. Due to the high poverty rates of students my library maybe the only place where they can get a book. For several of my students reading books offers them a safe place. A place where they can find happiness in a world of chaos. A place where they can read about characters that they can relate to and see themselves in a book. Authors help create those places in the pages of their books.

  323. Caroline Dube

    Wow, what an awesome thing for teachers! My Twitter is @carolines_books. I’m a teacher and mom and love spreading the joy of reading!

  324. Jackie Kruchten

    What a wonderful and generous giveaway! I know my kiddos would love to have these additions in our library! I will share this great info. on Twitter!
    Twitter name: @BookJackiety

  325. Stephanie Consilvio

    So many amazing authors, so many amazing books!!! From my own child’s love of Josh Funk and Sir French Toast (he has drawn a sequel and is ready for a book signing. It makes me laugh because he is 5 and has come along with me to book signings at various book stores so he thinks that he should sign his book as well 😂😂) to my students love of Ivan, Fenway, and Ally. These books are amazing for any age. Thank you authors for writing meaningful stories that touch the heart of a generation that is getting more and more difficult to reach. Nothing is better than reading aloud to my class and seeing even the most defiant “unreachable” (others words not mine) student pause to listen to the read aloud. That is what teaching is about. Reaching the “unreachable” at the same level/time as the “honor” student so they can see that despite everything they are not so different after all. ❤️
    third grade 👩‍🏫 Massachusetts

  326. Amanda Hornick

    Scrolling through this list of amazing books makes my heart so happy. I think of all of the smiling faces of former and current students who have read these books. Students who have had their hearts touched and lives changed because of the stories that they have read. Thank you for organizing such an awesome give away. I’ve read many on this list, but two stick out – The Perfect Score so relatable to teachers and students and The War I Finally Won – a book that made me feel every emotion and made me a better teacher and person.

  327. Kate Maloney

    I have always loved books. This collection is truly amazing with some old friends and loads of new ones to go on adventures with.

  328. Christy Aker-Minetto

    Also shared on Facebook and Twitter.

    Getting the good news out and increasing my competition.

  329. What an amazing line up I can share with kids! Our district is Title I and building classroom libraries is our DREAM and a very slow process! With every book we add brings so much joy! Theses books would be loved!

  330. Michele Soriano

    I would absolutely love to have all these amazing books in my elementary school library!

  331. Lindsey

    Omg what a wonderful opportunity. So many books that I want to read and share. My students love your book and we read it every year. (Twitter-bubbamommy1, email Thank you for the chance to win!

  332. Amy Ralph

    I forgot to add my Twitter link.

  333. Carolyn Bartus Finley

    Thank you for this! I love seeing the joy of putting a good book in my students’ hands, but frequently they shy away from public libraries and only rely on my classroom library. ❤ @msfinleyreads

  334. Jennifer Newkirk

    Thank you for doing this. Books go with teachers like cookies go with milk, so we also could not do our jobs without you. Thank you for writing books the kids at my school love to read. 😁

  335. nmwise

    Gratitude and kindness is what comes to mind as I think about the opportunity that the many authors are providing by supplying children with books that may be the mirror or window that they needed. Helping children become lifelong readers starts when they find the right book. It is my passion to help these children who will be forever grateful for the kindness I have offered in helping them to find that book! Authors and teachers are the TEAM that these children need. Thank you Kid Lit!! #AuthorsLoveTeachers @NicoleMWise

  336. What a great collection and such generosity to give them all away. My students and teachers already love some of these books and I would love to be able to share the rest. These books make us think and allow us to enter worlds that expand our experiences and help us develop empathy. Something that is so needed in our country today!

  337. Sarah Lauer

    This is such a beautiful and brilliant tribute to the work that teachers do, and the work that authors do–both with the same goal in mind: to help kids become socially conscious, kind, tolerant, good and just human beings. My heart has grown at least three sizes just reading this post, and the comments from educators. All of these books are so important for kids to have access to, each with important messages of identify, character building,

    I am in awe of this collaboration of such respected and revered authors. It is such a joy to be able to share your works, and my passion for reading with my students. They feel so special and proud when one of your books speaks to them, and they feel seen and heard. Middle school can be such a tricky time for kids, and it is through reading that many students find a mirror or window through which they find comfort and a home.

    Providing students with a classroom library full of great writing, relatable characters, important themes, diversity and inclusion, and high-interest storylines is my mission.

    My students would love these! They would line up to booktalk them, write and record podcasts about them, and share it all on Twitter. @LauersLibrary

    Appreciate the opportunity! #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  338. Stephanie Peters

    I have always told my students that reading takes you places and allows you to meet people you may never have the chance to in your lifetime. Opening a book will open windows and doors into new worlds you didn’t know existed. The opportunity to have these books, signed by the authors, in our school library would be so amazing. Our students could make connections between the writers and the stories! Thank you for the opportunity! ❤️

  339. Linda Robinson

    Teachers love to be appreciated! I’d love to win, but if not I have a book list to follow! Great choices!

  340. Katherine Malmquist

    You know you have a winner on your hands when a student shares her progress in a book every day! One of my students is savoring Fish in a Tree, only reading a chapter at a time. She loves the book and it is one of the reasons I advocate for choice in our school library! Sharing on Twitter and Facebook so others can feel the love! @katmalmquist

  341. Melissa ONeal

    You can never have too many books! Thank you for supporting our students!

  342. Oops. Forgot my email-
    The titles in this list that I have in my library are NEVER on the shelves. They are just handed from one student to the next … or teacher😁

  343. Jen Turieo

    What a great contest! Awesome titles. Looks like I have a new summer 2018 reading list. Thanks so much.

  344. Charlotte Polk

    The list of books has this librarian book nerd geeking out! What a wonderful opportunity for a librarian to obtain so many amazing books to add to their libraries to share with their readers. Thank you Lynda for organizing this giveaway! Fish In A Tree- is the book I tell my students about because it’s my heart print book. @charlottepolk71

  345. Paula Clayton

    What a wonderful collection of books! I am currently at a school that had no librarian last year and the kids are so happy to finally get new books! Thank you for supporting schools, libraries and teachers.

  346. Christina Rayner

    Holy guacamole – I couldn’t believe all the author love for teachers and librarians! Such an amazing collection! I bet the winner plans to pay this bookish gift forward to kiddos and fellow educators and book lovers!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!!
    Christina Rayner

  347. Teresa Fleury

    So many books to share with so many. What a great giveaway!

  348. Kelley Ellis

    I teach in a low-income school, and our school library has been dissolved, so I am the only way our students can get books outside of the public library. I would be so forever grateful for this giveaway because my students are amazing and deserve ALL THE BOOKS but I can only give them a select few. I even had a student say, today, “Miss…all these books look so interesting! I can’t choose!” And my heart both exploded into a million pieces, but it also felt heavy because this child thought my tiny little library was both inspiring and stacked…I wish I could make it the best library possible! It is just so expensive.

    Anyway, I love literature, I love my kids, and I love bridging these two worlds. You have no idea what a library like this would do for me and my students.

    Thank you!!

  349. Donna Stark

    Thank you so much for your dedication to teachers and librarians. Tise amazing list has several in my TBR stack! My fifth graders would LOVE winning his collection for our classroom library. It is the heart of our classroom!

  350. Susan Noto

    How wonderful! Thank you for appreciating teachers and for this opportunity to win some amazing books!!!

  351. OMG! This really is the book lottery!! So many wonderful books and so many wonderful authors!!!! I will absolutely be sharing this on Twitter!!! Thank you for even making this a possibility!!

  352. Rebekah Manson

    I am so excited about this giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity. One of the hardest part of providing good books is getting access to them. One of my more advanced readers came to me today and said, “Look Mrs Manson, I have my own personal Library”. She had filled her desk with books from the public library and her house, because unfortunately our library doesn’t have books that interest her or challenge her enough. @beka_manson

  353. Thank you so much for this opportunity to get some GREAT books into our classrooms. I am excited for the students of whoever wins! You all are creating readers helping them grow into great people. We are getting ready to read One for the Murphys to our 7ths, and I can’t wait for them to meet Carley. ❤

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter @sjkibel

  354. Mandy Watson

    What an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for your thanks and generosity. The winner of this will be such s hero to their students and will create such a buzz of excitement for reading. Love it- thanks again for the chance! 🙂

    Twitter handle: ImAllBooked
    Home email:
    School email:

  355. Deborah Richmond

    Books + kids = ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  356. Elizabeth williams

    Eek! How wonderful! I introduced my classes to Jennifer Nielsen’s novels this year. They are obsessed. They’re crafting screenplay adaptations, devouring everything they can find of hers, have regular talks about all things Jaron…it…is…adorable.

    Twitter: Williams_SML

  357. Pam McMartin

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    The books on this list are amazing and would be a powerful addition to my school library or the library of the lucky winner. With budgets being so tight, the generosity of this gesture is profound @psmcmartin

  358. I got to share today at a technology conference about making connections between books & maker activities. I love creative ways to get more books into the hands of interested students. Thank you for this opportunity. I will be sharing on Twitter @ShannonSteimel

  359. Sue

    Amazing selection of titles! Many I’ve read, but so many that are new! I will be adding to my reading list and sharing with students!

  360. Wonderful support! Great opportunity to update library with engaging collection of books to keep our readers reading! #lifelongreaders Thank you #AuthorsLoveTeachers – You are an amazing group of people to support our students like this and help stretch our tiny budgets! @wheeler_elem on O’ahu, Hawaii. K-5 school. #welovereading!

  361. Looking over this list I realize I’m well read! I can say I’ve delved into the pages of over half of them, and I am creating a new list of must reads of the ones I’ve missed. As a school librarian I’d like to say I truly appreciate authors. You labor over your writing projects and then have to risk rejection to see it get published. You are the epitome of determination and perseverance! Thank you for sharing your ideas, fantasies, and at times, pouring your souls into birthing your books!

  362. Wow! This list of books is incredible. I took note of a few that looked interesting for my fifth graders! There are even some that I wouldn’t mind cracking open and reading too! 😀 How generous of you, and all of the authors, to award one teacher this honor. This is a hard job sometimes and getting fantastic books in the hands of kids makes it just a bit easier (and way more fun!).

  363. Pam Picray

    Books for me have always been my safe haven. No matter what was happening in the world, I could find a book that either gave me empathy and understanding by reflecting the situation or allowed me to escape in my imagination. As I teach my Northeast Florida library students today, I’m sure they will have questions about the school shooting in Parkland, FL. I will be reading books about love and kindness to them today to assist them as they work through the frightening emotions we are all feeling. Thank you for YOUR kind words to librarians and teachers. We all really needed to hear this. ❤️

  364. mrsgalvan1

    This is an amazing giveaway anyone would be thrilled to win! Although I am a STEM teacher for 4/5, we all love reading and I try to keep a good collection of books in the room. We all love reading! My ELA counterpart has done a fabulous job of sharing the love of reading with the students and so has my whole team. I’d love to be able to share these wonderful titles with the students and my team! Thank you for making this giveaway possible! @JuliaGalvanSTEM I’ll be sharing on Twitter to help other teachers find this as well!

  365. Laurie Lancto

    Thank you for this excellent, exciting opportunity! The possibility this giant box of books brings is unfathomable and much appreciated! Amazing! Shared on Facebook!

  366. Sometimes all kids can count on when going through tough times are books. Talking to a student about a book is a special connection that breaks down barriers and builds trust. Thanks for organizing this!!

  367. Kathy White

    A tracher can never have enough books. Like snowflakes, every child is different and finds joy and amusement in different things. There is nothing like the love of a great book.

  368. Kathy White

    There is no better feeling than falling in love with a book.

  369. Nicole giusto

    As I’m scrolling these books my excitement and butterflies keeps growing and growing, I can only imagine that feeling would be ten fold if I were to pull these books out of a box to show my class. I don’t think they, or I, would be able to contain the excitement! @ng1ust0

  370. I’m so thankful for the growing kidlit in the world! I love that when my students are struggling, I can give them a book and say “you’re not alone.”

  371. Kim McSorley

    This book lineup is crazy insane! Some of my favorites are in here as well as booms that are on my TBR stack. ❤

  372. Cameron Scholz

    What an incredible opportunity for our classrooms! Thank you for showing appreciation! @MrCScholz

  373. Jacqui Murk

    What an amazing opportunity to get books into the hands of students! Thank you for sharing the love of language, books, and words with the world. It’s through the words that change is made. 📚💕

  374. Rose Gallitz

    It’s always a wondrous thing when a person connects with a book, especially our young people, Sometimes when we drift from reading, we forget how much stories complete us. Every opportunity to connect is a blessing. Thank you for your kind words about teachers and librarians and for creating this opportunity to enrich others’ lives, especially when budgets are tight.

  375. Kristen Picone

    Thank you, Lynda, and all of the generous authors who contributed to this incredible collection of books. In this uncertain world that we live in, books provide hope, peace, love, safety, and sometimes and escape. They give children models of how to deal with social and emotional situations that we all encounter in life. Books take us outside of our own perspectives and offer a more globalized view of the world. Nothing is more important right now. If I was to win this giveaway, I would gift some of the books to the rest of the classrooms in our school. Very rarely are we given money for classroom libraries, which are the most important part of each and every classroom. I will share this giveaway on Twitter both at @Kpteach5 and @Kpstars5. Thank you again for your generosity! Books are the only tool I need to do my job well!

  376. Jennifer Barber

    First year Media Specialist is so important to have a diverse selection of books to encourage the love of reading! Your choice selections are amazing! @jbarbernc

  377. Julie Jaeger

    Thank you for this! What a great list of books. My favorite moments this year are chatting casually about books with students. Formal book talks are awesome, too, but I love the moment when a student finishes a book, and tells me about it, excitement in their eyes. And then seeing the face of the next student, waiting to check it out. The best. Saw a former student yesterday, and after a hug, told her about a book I had just finished that she would love. Books lend a commonality to people. @juliejaeger

  378. Wowsers! This is an amazing collection of books! Thank you to you and all the authors for donating so many books for a lucky teacher/librarian. Johnson Elementary School in Charlottesville, VA is crossing our fingers to win! Find me on Twitter @beckflower Email

  379. Sara

    Thank you so much, Lynda, for your continued support of teachers and for your generosity! I shared this giveaway on Twitter using @zeppahaywood .

  380. My fourth grade scholars came into the school year with a negative attitude towards reading. It has been the most beautiful transformation and it never gets old when my scholars are excited to read and get bummed when reading time is over. They are READERS!! 🙂

    Twitter- morrismathletes

  381. Lauree Moore

    Thank for such kind words and the opportunity to get great books 📚 in the hands of kids! I love when children come to Library eager for books. They can’t wait to find that special book or series! For some titles, the hold list is long, but always well worth the wait! There’s always a rush after booktalks of particular authors or books. I love reading fever! The best thing going are libraries! ❤️ I’m sharing this everywhere! @LibraryMaus

  382. Kathy Schmidt

    After the events of yesterday in Florida – who MORE important to protect our children than TEACHERS and SCHOOL EMPLOYEES (the includes librarians, cafeteria workers, front office people, custodians etc…) THANK YOU for giving love to us! twitter: @kathyfs24

  383. Anne

    Days like yesterday were once unfathomable and now they are reality. My heart hurts for our kids, and makes me want to ignite their love of reading even more, as a resource for coping and for escape. Books can teach us compassion and help us understand ourselves and each other better. We can always use more of that.

  384. Tonya Zinter

    Oh my! I am a book junkie – but looking through these, I found even more new ones! I would love to expand my classroom library! Thanks for the chance!

  385. Angela Gregory

    There is nothing better than seeing students engaged in a good book and building their love of reading. 🙂

  386. Melissa Edsall

    My boys love being read to! This collection is a wonderful and would totally grow with them as they get older. I hope as they get older we can still read together every day – it’s our little bonding quiet time 🙂

  387. Mary Klepper

    I love this list of books! Added a bunch of titles to my wishlist! Thank you so much for doing this as well as the kind words. In light of recent events, this really made my day! I can’t wait to share some of these titles with my kiddos!

  388. These books are all awesome. Thanks for offering this raffle and the kinds words to us this Valentine’s Day.

  389. Jessica

    Thank you so much for showing educators some love! We appreciate your support and encouragement! ❤

  390. Libraries are not just a place to store books, but a place to discover info., perspectives, and creativity. Teachers and librarians can use books to communicate love, humanity, and opportunity. Don’t judge a book, or a person, by its cover. #AuthorsLoveTeachers @dinah_bel -Dinah Wade

  391. There will never be enough money in my budget for all of the books I want to buy for my students.


  392. Nate Smith

    Love my job as a librarian at a 4-8 TAG school in Dallas, Texas. These kids are the ones who will some day move the mountains that today’s politicians are refusing to move. My #librarysafespace allows all students to know that books that represent all cultures will be found on our shelves.

    Will retweet with image of me as Library Man! You gotta see it! *smile* @wbtravislibrary

  393. My favorite thing about being a teacher is sharing my favorite books and stories with students who get as excited about them as I do. And they do! In my experience, it doesn’t take a lot for a second grader to fall in love with a book. It doesn’t take much for me, either! ❤️ Thank you for this chance! #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  394. I wish I was a teacher or librarian. Fabulous list of titles here.

  395. Shauna Bartel

    As a 5th grade teacher I LOVE that my kindergarten daughter loves going to Library with Miss Mihelic every week. A love of reading is inspired and modeled daily in her library at Brookwood Elementary. My entry is a way to show my appreciation for all she does!

  396. Karen Allmen

    I’m a literacy coach who just started working in an 8th and 9th grade building after years and years at elementary, and yesterday I got to spend the morning with the ELA department in our first PD together. We filled six pages of chart paper with our wishes and ideas about helping our students embrace their reading lives more fully. I walked away from that meeting feeling so inspired, and then read about this giveaway. I’m entering this in the hopes of helping to further this conversation we started yesterday — to share these amazing books with the kids we pictured as we wished and planned would be such an honor!

  397. Our school hosts a book club each year and we’ve been lucky enough to have several authors attend. We love getting kids excited about reading and are grateful to the generous authors that help us do this! It’s a special time of year and we love it!

  398. Andrea DeFusco

    What a great way to honor teachers and allow one to restock their classroom library and introduce students to new books. A fabulous giveaway. @judgiedefusco

  399. Books are windows to the world. Thanks for offering this opportunity.

  400. Books are windows to the world. Thanks for offering this opportunity @ripponlibrary

  401. Sandi Brann

    What an amazing selection! I would absolutely LOVE to be chosen to receive any one of them, let alone all of them! Then the incredibly difficult decision would be which one would I choose to share first with my students?!? Yesterday, during two particular “cliffhanger” moments, my whole class cried, “NOOO!!!” when we ended our read aloud time(s) of our current book, Space Case by Stuart Gibbs. I so love that!


  402. Sharon Hansen Brown

    This is what I would call the LIBRARY LOTTERY! Great collection of wonderful reads- and some that are now added to my ‘to read’ list! I feel like I already won, with a new stack to start on! Thank you a million times over for supporting librarians everywhere.
    #sharonthelibrarian 🙂
    Samuel Morgan Elementary
    Kaysville, Ut

  403. Hilary

    What an amazing collection of books! This is a wonderful giveaway- thank you for the chance! @Hilaryham

  404. Keri Beauchamp

    What a great giveaway! There is nothing more exciting as a librarian than putting a book into a child’s hands and watching them fall in love with it. It’s the best job!

  405. Books inspire chilcren to be passionate about life! Thanks for this give away opportunity! #AuthorsLoveTeachers @booksavors

  406. Brenda Pridham

    What a generous offer of an amazing collection of books. It is always a great feeling putting a book into the hand of a reluctant reader and to have them return and ask “what’s next.” Wow! This offer would be a welcomed surprise to my students and my small Library.

  407. Cecilia Phelan

    Books are the windows to adventure in the world. Twitter: @phelan_cecilia

  408. Stephanie

    These books look amazing! My class would love them.
    Here’s a joke to make people smile:
    How does Harry Potter get rid of a rash?
    With quit-itch.

  409. Thank you for your support of students and, for not just giving away books, but such a wonderful collection of books! As someone who is constantly seeking to diversify the school library in which I work, I appreciate the variety this giveaway provides…and a great opportunity to add books to my “to-read” list! 🙂 @teachinatardis

  410. Rochel Engel

    Thank you so much for such a generous giveaway!
    As a school librarian and teacher, I find books are treasures that share both wisdom and expression in ways films never can.
    Our children at school get so excited with each book that enters our library.
    It is so special to learn about the authors of each book.
    To know that these books are their brainchild , their labor of love and we get to enjoy their precious gifts makes us feel so lucky!
    Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!

  411. Matching the right book to the right kid can turn a non-reader into a passionate reader! Maybe #AuthorsLoveTeachers but librarians and teachers love authors!

  412. Our title one school would love these books !!

  413. This is just incredible! What a great list! Thank you for supporting teachers and helping us to support our students’ love of reading! Sooo many books here to add to my #toberead list!


  414. THANK you all so very much for the words and worlds you give us to share with students. You light the path! @mrsrisser

  415. Allison Stout (@rtslitech)

    This is an amazing opportunity! Thank you so much. I love matching people and books. It’s my favorite part of my job. As I scrolled through the list of books, I could picture the reader who would go with each book!

  416. Wow – this is awesome! I’m a middle school librarian and our students would love new books! Some of my faves on the list are: Braced, The Thing About Jellyfish, Brown Girl Dreaming, The War That Saved My Life, The Giver, Mother Bruce, My 7th Grade Life in Tights, Orbiting Jupiter, and Wonder. Thanks! I shared on Twitter and on FB.

  417. Hannah Deubner

    I love reading and do my best to get my students to love reading as well! Thank you so much for this generous giveaway!

  418. This is an absolutely amazing offer. I am so lucky to have great resources at my two schools. The district funds my library and the PTA supports any gaps in that funding. If I win, I will donate the books to an underfunded school in Maine. I will get help from the Maine Association of School Libraries to get the name of the school.

    I never set out to be a school librarian. It’s an amazing, fun and rewarding job that I am lucky to have.

    You can find me on Twitter @mrsaltham.

  419. I love great books and this is a great collection. I am delighted to be a school teacher librarian learning and growing along side my students. Find me @sfens on Twitter.

  420. Today a boy in one of my classes finished the first book that he has EVER willingly read. Alabama Moon. Thank YOU authors who write for kids! @ML_Buchanan

  421. Today a boy in one of my classes finished the first book that he has EVER willingly read. Alabama Moon. Thank YOU authors who write for kids! @ML_Buchanan

  422. Shelley Kauffman

    This is amazing. Wherever this books end up, kids are going to be so inspired and grow as readers and thinkers. My amazing students would be blessed to have such rich literature in the classroom. Shared also on twitter. @shkauffman

  423. WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! I’m so grateful for amazing authors. You write amazing stories that I get to share with my students. You show such kindness to teachers and students alike. THANK YOU for this opportunity and keep writing those amazing books! Shared on twitter: @mhaseltine.

  424. Amy Janavich

    Thank you for this thoughtful give away. There is no greater job as an educator than to help a child become a life long learner and lover of books. With so many great books here it is easy to create excitement in our students.

  425. L. Wilcox

    This is an amazing giveaway! My students would be thrilled if I would be able to add some of these titles to our school library. I am a second year librarian dedicated to expanding the fiction section. If I won this giveaway, I would be able to give my students greater access to some fantastic titles.The best part of being of school librarian is the look I get from students when the book they have wanted to read has been returned to the library and available for checkout. Their expressions are priceless! Thanks for acknowledging and honoring the work that teachers and librarians do each and every day!

  426. Ashley Young

    Something to make you smile? Ok.

    Where does a librarian sleep?

    Between the covers!

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week. I’m sorry. Please pick me. @msyounginthellc

  427. Stephanie Anderer

    As a young educator, I have been inspired by attending book events such as nErD Camp Long Island, connecting via Twitter, and even even chatting with a variety of authors. I have used the inspiration that I have gained from you to help my students find a love for reading. Your books are the seeds that help our students grow and explore new worlds and gain knowledge. I thank you for that.

    Twitter: @miss_anderer

  428. Thank you recognizing the hard work of some of the most important people on the world. Some days teaching is hard. Some days it is great. Like today when a boy proclaimed, “Mrs. Whitt, I am in LOVE with a book!” (And meant it)! Providing kids with high quality literature that provide mirrors and windows it vital to creating compassionate citizens. They help them learn about themselves and others in the world. The books on this list would provide many windows to many students and for those books, I am grateful.

  429. I just heard George Couros speak at a staff development workshop today. The quote that resonated most with me is that we need to make the positives so loud that the negatives are almost impossible to hear. After looking at this list of books I believe to my core that they exude the positive messages and foster empathy. And that’s something all teachers need to bring to classrooms today.

  430. Carolyn del Rio

    What an amazing collection of Kid Lit! Love, love, love It! @cdelrio_LVES

  431. Stephanie

    I know that nothing can make things better after yesterday in Florida. But I think there is something special about just doing what we keep doing every day. That means teachers keep teaching, writers keep writing books, and kids still keep reading. Thank you for all these books that make readers forget the real world for just a chapter or two.

  432. “The simplest way to make sure that we raise literate children is… to show them that reading is a pleasurable activity. And that means finding books that they enjoy, giving them access to those books, and letting them read them.” -Neil Gaiman

    Twitter, Instagram: @kdm_guybrarian

  433. WOW! So many amazing books in one place! So many of these books are the books that our students need to be reading these days! We need to open our students minds to all of the diversity in the world! @MrsSedenka

  434. Lori Willis

    What a great lineup for books! I’m an elementary librarian and my fiction section needs a lot of work! We have very old titles and not many new ones. These would be such a wonderful addition for my students!

  435. Sue Kessler

    What an awesome selection of books. The giveaway idea is so thoughtful! We can never afford all the books we need to reach our diverse readers but we try. Ps. FIAT is always a class favorite. Thanks!

  436. This is amazing! I try to read current titles so that I can talk books with my students. That also helps me select titles for our class library, give book club suggestions and tread alouds that bring on authentic &!engaging discussion. Thank you for this!

  437. kmbe0712

    “The Struggle is Real” is a quote that we see everywhere but to me as a reading teacher, this quote reminds me of the world of readers. Readers struggle to learn to read and teachers struggle to do their best to help them. However a great fiction story is like an aspirin to the
    headache that struggling readers have. @makinreaders

  438. Middle school is the best! @dhmslibrary

  439. Malinda Miller

    This is amazing! Thank you for the appreciation and the opportunity to add such an incredible selection of books to our shelves. @MalindaRSMiller

  440. Janelle Stigall

    I have a list that goes on forever of books that I would love to add to my classroom library. Many of them are in this group. Amazing! Thank you for your work & for making someone’s day truly outstanding! @janellestigall

  441. Anita Fentress

    What a stellar group of books and authors! They would be a marvelous addition to the library for my 3-6 grade students! There are familiar titles and many I have only wished to have to be able to share. I love to read and book talk a wide variety of books to inspire my students to fall in love with reading. WOW! I would be able to blow them out of the library and see their faces explode with excitement after sharing all this superb collection!! Thank you to you and all the authors for making this a possibility! I will spread the word on Twitter @ad_fentress.

  442. Wow! Thank you so much for doing this! What a fantastic collection. My fourth graders would be all over these.

  443. I can’t contain my excitement at the possibility of the mega giveaway I would have at my middle school if I won this contest. There are so many students at my school who love these titles and who aspire to write books one day. I’d of course share with the really hard working librarians in my district who could get the younger middle grade books into just the right set of hands. I’ve already shared on the Facebook page @YMS Library and on Twitter @YMSLibrary. Good luck to whoever gets this jackpot! I already feel like a winner though because I am a school librarian and I get to do cool stuff like take a group of students to see the Black Panther movie tomorrow. Comic books rock too!

  444. Carrie Bruner

    Wow! This is an absolutely incredible giveaway, and thank you so much for doing this. As I scrolled through the list, I found myself audibly oohing over the titles you had included, and making a mental list in my mind of which students might like each title. I feel such joy as an elementary school librarian when a child is excited about a book they’ve read and want to talk about it with me. Thanks again for doing this!

  445. Brandi VanDelft

    Yay for the kid lit lottery! Our middle school students and teachers would be absolutely thrilled to win!! Our middle school students (and teachers) love these authors and books 💓💓 @mrs_bmv

  446. Annie Morrison-Faltis

    My students would love these books. @ReadandGarden,

  447. Kelly Farnsworth

    So grateful for this generous opportunity to win
    these books and thankful to all these authors
    who are donating their books for this giveaway.
    This is my 19th year teaching 6th grade. I’ve been
    an avid reader over the years and I add the
    books read to my class library in order for
    students to have a choice in books and genres.
    I currently have about 2500 books in my class
    library. The shelves fill my whole room! I love
    seeing students have the opportunity to read from
    my library and to be influenced and motivated
    to have a book in their hands to read. Would love
    to add more books to my class library and give students an opportunity to read from these books.
    Thanks again for this generous opportunity!
    All the best to you and all the authors

  448. Wow, great line-up of books! Motto hanging in my elementary library: “Great minds don’t think alike.” Librarians love authors!

  449. And teachers love authors! Love this idea!

  450. Beatrice Cruz

    Wow! Thank you for this give away! My students love when I’m able to add to our classroom library! They can’t wait for any new books I can bring. We love to read in my class! Thanks again!

  451. Susan Chase

    I love sharing books with my students. Thank you for the opportunity.

  452. I’d love to share these books with my kids at home and at school!

  453. Christine Jancay

    Oh, just imagining all these books inspiring my readers! ❤️ It!!

  454. creslibrary

    What a generous offer and kind sense of honoring our passion to connect our readers with engaging books. @margojantzi We are currently enjoying THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN as a school community.

  455. Thank you so much for this incredible possibility of placing these wonderful books in the hands of our students. Books can take my kids anywhere in the world-to see, to imagine, to dream, to serve, or to shine. It doesn’t get any better than that. I shared this post with all my teacher friends on Twitter @sabuller. I can’t wait to show my class @grade4RCS all these titles. It will be a great discussion!

  456. Mary OBrien

    Such an incredible opportunity. I love every book on the list, so I know that all the students in our K-12 school will too! We are blessed with a new library and building its shelves daily! @maryalycia420 We love books and reading!

  457. Books are the entrances to whole new worlds for our students! As an English teacher, I am so blessed to get to “travel” with my students! @createjoy2

  458. Jennifer Green

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity! Books connect us in so many wonderful ways. I shared your message on Twitter @GreenReads4Fun! 📚❤️

  459. Kari Nelson

    Our kids have some uncertain lives, many don’t know what to expect when they go home. School is a haven to them. One of the things I love about being a librarian is that I can teach kids when they can’t be at school, reading can be their haven. I have a poster in my library that says “Reading gives you a place to go when you have to stay where you are.” Books can open their imagination and give them an escape from tough situations. I love giving students this powerful tool! Thanks for this chance to give more to my students! #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  460. What an amazing giveaway! You are so kind and thoughtful to organize this for teachers everywhere. Yeah! This year our state had budget troubles and my school received $0 for books for the library. I have been getting books here and there for my library, so the kids have some new books to read. This giveaway will be like winning the lottery for someone. Amazing!

  461. Vanessa L Ueltzen

    So many of these books are now part of my middle school cannon. Fish in a Tree, The Giver, Wonder, The War that Saved my Life…..this is a dream library!!! @imthebookauntie #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  462. Stephanie Miles

    Thank you…. what an amazing gift!
    Are the Superheroes
    Crafted and rearranged
    Rescue our
    Hearts and minds
    Changing who we are
    And who we are to be

  463. Kerry Collins

    Some fabulous thought-provoking, discussion-inspiring books here. And many more to get to know. Thank you! @mrscollinslmes Retweeted

  464. Katherine Jones

    My students would LOVE these! I know I would 🙂

  465. I think the best part about winning this contest would be sharing these books with students and the other teachers and librarians at my school! Thank you for making books that inspire us to inspire! This “job” is definitely a team effort!

  466. Rebecca Reynolds

    Lynda, thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement of teachers and librarians! It’s great to know that we have such a champion in our corner all the time. YOU are appreciated, Lynda! Thank you for the chance at making such an amazing impact on the lives of so many students and their teacher!

    Retweeted @Melady2000
    Shared on FB

    Thanks again, Lynda!

  467. Emily Pataky

    This list is incredible! I couldn’t believe how far I kept scrolling to get through them all. I would LOVE to be able to share these fabulous titles with students. Knowing they have someone who cares about them can mean the world of difference to some of our students. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Shared on Twitter: @MrsPatakyReads

  468. Christina Hanson

    What a great lot of books! Any teacher or librarian would be lucky to snag these! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to have the possibility to share these with our students!

    Retweeted: @hansonhallway

  469. Janet Sager

    I love sharing books with my students. I have book talked many of these. This is an amazing give away. @sagerj

  470. Heather Staples @staples_heather

    A BEAUTIFUL gesture for some amazing books & authors! My classroom is a 9th-12th grade literature room that ranges from basic skills to students enrolled in a teaching elective to AP literature. Picture books have been read for lessons, literary technique, and appreciation, and YA books have been used daily to create lifelong readers that may have been in hiding the past few years ♥️

  471. Thank you Linda. Our students not only enjoyed “Fish in a Tree” when it was the Global Read Aloud book but they really liked getting to listen to you talk about the book. Thank you for all you do.

  472. Shannon Brown

    I was just telling my students yesterday that Harry Potter saved my life because it allowed me to escape into another world and get away from all the horrible things that were happening at that time. So now, every day I ask them what world are you escaping to today?

  473. Mary Westbrook

    One of the best parts about my job as a public children’s librarian is sharing books with children. It’s finding the right book for the right child. And when it’s one of my favorite books, it’s like we’re in our own little book club talking about what we love about the book.
    Twitter: @mjwestbrook10

  474. Jennifer Mason Stott

    I’m a K-5 librarian in a wonderful urban school. Today one of my book club boys said, “Awww, we have VACATION next week? But then we won’t have BOOK CLUB!” I am so grateful to all of the authors who create these little mental vacations I take with children, the delicious secrets we share when we read a book together. We would be ever so grateful for new adventures!


  475. Cathy Fuller

    What a dream it would be to win those wonderful books all signed #Authorsloveteachers

  476. Dyann Pulkkinen

    I like to have book tasting in my class. I set the room up to look like a cafe with a variety of books on the menu! I can just imagine the spark of excitement if students were able to taste the magnificent mix of books in this book giveaway! @pulkkinensclass

  477. What a wonderful line up of books! Thank you so much for the words of appreciation! I am a Media Specialist in a Title 1 school. My school Ranks highest in County of 27 elementary schools for the lowest socioeconomic at 99% free and reduced lunch. This is my 2nd year as Media Specialist. I’m working hard on the old collection to add more books for mirrors and windows. This week one of my 1st graders said, hey that little girl looks just like me. I was reading The Youngest Marcher by Cynthia Levinson. My heart was happy! I will share on Facebook and Instagram.

  478. Nicole Hindersman

    Every time I hear a student tell me that he/she has never read this many books in one school year (and it’s only January), I know I’m doing right by them…give them time to read! #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  479. Annaliese Braun

    Right now our school is working on a Reading Passport to become Well-Traveled Readers. It is a new program for our school (and a work in progress), but it is so refreshing to see students read different genres that they might never have considered before! This bundle of books would definitely encourage students to continue “traveling”! @anniebraun #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  480. Caitlin Dodeci

    The power of literacy is indescribable. As a first grade teacher, books are extremely special and important. When I look to share something new with my students or teach a concept, I begin by looking for a book. The discussions and lessons that come from a read aloud are simply astounding. I always finish our classroom book a day with a smile on my face because of what my students get from the experience. Literacy is something that will continue to bring us together and I am so grateful to have access to books like the ones in this list, allowing me to foster a deep love of learning with my students.

  481. Lori Mullins

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to bring more books to our students and to each of you for writing such wonderful books to inspire our young readers to want to get lost in a book. @SLCS_Mullins #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  482. Bethany Callahan

    What an amazing collection of autographed masterpieces just waiting to be united with the limitless imaginations of my school’s children! To the observer, they are books. To the readers, they will be beloved friends.
    Twitter: @mscallahan121

  483. Farrah Shipley

    Thank you for your kind words and generosity towards teachers & librarians. I have appreciated the opportunity to connect with authors via Twitter and Skype and loved to see the joy of the students as they interacted with the author. We have the privilege of seeing how the stories you create spark a child’s interest and connect with them on a personal level. Thank you for that gift! @farship

  484. Laura Aldridge

    What an amazing giveaway! So many incredible books and popular reads for students of all ages. Some of my favorite reads are included like The Giver and Ivan, but also new titles I’m excited to check out.

    So wonderful and generous for you to host this for teachers and librarians working hard to get great books in the hands of worthy students. @tlmsmediacenter

  485. Jennifer Emmolo

    What an amazing contest!!! Know that as a teacher and librarian we love authors too! Sharing what you do is what we do ❤️

  486. Catherine Littleton

    This is an amazing collection! My kiddos would go crazy over all these books if I won. So many great read alouds! @LMESMediaCenter

  487. Stacy Gabriel

    Authors Rock! They are the gateway for helping all our students see the world and see themselves in the world.

  488. What am amazing giveaway! I have a student who recently told me that she never read books on her own until this year because of me. I told her that we probably found her the right book and she said maybe, but my excitement for books got her interested! This amazing give away would keep doing this for so many kids! Thank you Lynda!

  489. Frances Smith

    Oh wow! My kids would FLIP to see these books! Thank you all for doing this!

  490. Dinah Parker

    Thank you! Books are magical in so many ways! It is my greatest hope to share and instill that love of reading and hunger for knowledge in my students! @slcsmsparker

  491. Kelli Hunsicker

    Thank you for this awesome chance at winning this great line up of books! We started the balanced literacy model recently and the best thing is that students not only read, they have choice in what they are reading and that makes them excited. I love when my students are recommending books for me to read! It opens up my door to new books and adventures too.

  492. Tina Mowrey

    What a wonderful collection of books! The connection between authors and teachers and librarians is so important. Thank you for this show of appreciation for those of us spreading your beautiful words. tmowtx@tmowtx

  493. What a great group of books and a generous gift. Won’t a happy group of children open that box of books! Thank you for your writing and this giveaway. Sharing them will be a joy. @JanHamilton7 and

  494. #TeachersloveAuthors #StudentsFirst I would love to win these goodreads for my book club! @BartellsDojo @BartellTeach

  495. Stephanie

    The selection of books is amazing! My kiddos would love these in our classroom library! @phaniemyers

  496. Elizabeth Pruett

    There’s nothing better than sharing your love of reading with students and helping a student find that one book that begins a true reading life. ❤️📚 #AuthorsLoveTeachers @liz_pru

  497. Erika Kahlenbeck

    My students would be very excited to get new choices for our classroom library!

  498. Kim Phelps

    This is an amazing giveaway with phenomenal books! Having this collection for students(and myself) would take us on so many adventures, so many surprises, so many giggles and even some tears! Having so many choices would be sure to reach everyone’s palate! @kimdphelps @phelpsfourth

  499. Abbey Faust

    What an amazing list of books. Most are my favorite authors and my 5th graders favorites. Would be so exciting to win! I shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! (@teacherfaust)

  500. So many of our favourites titles and authors pictured here! Thank you so much for the appreciative message. Perfect way to start the weekend. @arllennium p.s. Grateful this is open to Canadians!

  501. Kimberly McLean

    Thank you for your comments to teachers. This was one of those days I really needed to read something like that! Looking through this incredible list of books, I see favorites that my 4th grade students and I have loved and talked about. There are also a number of books that have been on my to buy/read list, and then a few I have not heard of. What a generous giveaway of books that any teacher would be thrilled to have in their classroom library! Thank you. @kmclean240 and @driving4th

  502. Lindsay Snyder

    Awesome! There are some great ones in this list that I have loved sharing with my students! Thank you for sharing your appreciation of all that we do each day!

  503. Carlene Lantz

    “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” — Frederick Douglass
    Here’s to helping every child find their freedom.

  504. Elizabeth R Dimond

    I love these lists because it gives me the names of the new title I need to add to my library to improve the diversity of the collection. That and they are just great books!

  505. Jodi Edwards

    My middle school kiddos are hungry for new books. Our library budget has been starved to the point of virtual non-existence. What an amazing gift this would be for our middle school! Thank you for putting this incredible collection together and sending it out there into the reading universe!

  506. Elizabeth R Dimond

    My first post included my personal email rather than my school email.

  507. Jinny Bates

    Wow! What a give away. My students would love to have all these books added to our classroom! @jinnybates37

  508. Thank you for helping our kids learn to love reading!! Readers are leaders. Knowing my students love to read makes me incredibly happy! 🙂 @teachingsalazar

  509. christoffersonxp

    And we are thankful for you. Because of authors, we are able to put books in the hands of our students that make them feels loved, accepted, and a place of belonging in the world. Your books help our students learn diversity, acceptance, respect, and a feeling that they can be anything they want to be in this world. THANK YOU! @kidsreadaz

  510. Lynne Eichel/ eductwitr

    Choice and access are the lifelines to reach readers. The kindness of authors who donate books to school libraries with little to no funding keep our hearts beating. Thank you for this opportunity.

  511. Judith Nacca

    Our students are voracious readers! They devour books at such a high rate, that our teachers are constantly using our own money to replenish classroom libraries. 4th grade students LOVE Fish in a Tree. The work they’ve done in book clubs using Beers and Probst’s Dusrupting Thinking would make your heart burst into confetti. I would love to win this raffle to celebrate the love of reading with our teachers and students.

  512. Michele Drummond

    When you need to find yourself or lose yourself, there is no better way than reading a book. Every student deserves a teacher who wins this incredible book lottery. Good luck to each and every one of you. Thank you for making someone’s classroom a book sanctuary. ❤️

  513. Lindsay Mitchell

    I work in a district where students have limited access to books. I spend countless of my own dollars ordering books for my students. They love when I bring new books to share! I love that you are willing to give back to teachers that spend so much of their own money getting books in the hands of kids!

  514. Lindsay Mitchell

    I work in a district where students have limited access to books. I spend countless of my own dollars ordering books for my students. They love when I bring new books to share! I love that you are willing to give back to teachers that spend so much of their own money getting books in the hands of kids! @mrsmitchellscrew

  515. As much as authors appreciate teachers, we appreciate authors just as much, if not more. Your books and stories bring our classrooms alive. When so much is dictated to us and a focus on scores, stories that authors create from the heart bring live, life, tears, and laughter into our learning spaces.

  516. Jenni Yingling

    Wow! What amazing books. With these books every child will love reading! Thank you for offering this giveaway. @yingling3

  517. Kellie Cruz

    Seeing our middle school library full of students reading for pleasure makes for a beautiful day! They share their thoughts, write recommendations and still get excited over new books!

    Thank you for this giveaway! So many great titles i think our staff and students would enjoy!

  518. Barbara M Smith

    What a fabulous lineup of books and what a generous giveaway! Thank you. As a teacher I appreciate your kind words. I want to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful work you, and your colleagues, do. Your wonderful writing that encourages children to dream, to question, and to hope makes my job easier. @barbs200

  519. Dawn Moore

    3-4 grade librarian! We love books at Hawthorn Elementary. Our students love to share what they are reading and are on a constant discovery for their new favorite book. Thank you to all the authors that continue to write amazing books that are relevant to my students. @LakerLibrarian

  520. Wrapped up another Skype marathon day this past February 1st and introduced each and every student at my school to an author that day. My favorite part was freezing the screen as we said goodbye so that the entire grade level could take a “selfie” with their first celebrity. Our kids associate famous with being an author. As. It. Should. Be.

    Thank you,
    Amy Duncan

  521. Amanda Cresse

    Reading is a reward in itself, but a bundle of books by amazing authors? Yes, please!

  522. Amanda Cresse

    Reading is a reward in itself, but a bundle of books by amazing authors? Yes, please!
    Thank you for recognizing the book pushers.
    💞 @AmandaCresse

  523. I am so so glad to see a variety of stories and narratives being included in this selection! Having these books would make any classroom more representative and I’m so glad that so many authors are taking the time to give power to these voices!! @theSJEducator

  524. Amazing gift from authors! Some teacher or librarian and the students they serve are going to be VERY happy!

  525. Cassie Jemilo

    Middle school years are tough…books help my students learn about life, themselves, and that there is a wonderful world beyond our school walls. #booksrule

  526. Marcie Rush

    Just had a book love moment with Wishtree. Unbelievable when a book& your life intersect. Said goodbye to a colleague&friend yesterday as he follows a new path. Wishtree couldn’t be a more perfect read today to speak to hopes,dreams,friendships,roots & letting go. #wishtree
    Books place the world in your lap. Winning this lottery of books could make me not move for days 😁
    ~Marcie @marcie1419

  527. Thank you so much for all of the kinds words and appreciation. I am blown away by the books offered in this giveaway. Thank you flr the opportunity to add these to my classroom library! My students are passionate readers and absolutely go crazy over new book deliveries!

  528. Sarah George

    Thank you so much for this unbelievable giveaway! I’m so thankful to be able to have a small part in my students’ journey as readers and learners. Wonderful books are priceless.

  529. Judy noble

    What a very generous and wonderful gift to offer-watching our school’s media center budget get smaller is less discouraging knowing so many people care and are trying to help us combat this! From @libearylady (on Twitter)

  530. Charity Harbeck

    Books empathize, inspire, connect, teach, entertain, provide escape, allow travel, let us become someone else for a while, raise ignorant children into thoughtful adults. The stories within have the power to change lives.

  531. Camela Hadden

    Wow!! What a giveaway! Myself and my students would be the luckiest if we won this. I am always trying to encourage them them to read books they want to read and Fallbrook in love with a book!

  532. Patricia Murphy

    Kindness. “No act of kindness is ever wasted.” -Aesop. Lynda, you have always been so generous to teachers. Your books are treasured in my classes. Thank YOU. This is a huge gift to a teacher. I am a teacher in a brand new school without a school library and your gift would be so appreciated.

  533. Kerri

    Thank you for the love and appreciation! @edugator230

  534. “Ordinary people have big TVs. Extraordinary people have big libraries.” – Robin Sharma

    Thanks for the opportunity to add these amazing books to my classroom library! I shared on Twitter too @mrsmontjoyreads

  535. mssteviestevens

    What a phenomenal list of books. I added several to my Amazon cart in the event and probable outcome that I am not the lucky teacher chosen to receive this gold mine. I will definitely tweet this link for the benefit of other teachers, so good luck, reading comrades. @MsStevieStevens

    On a separate, but related note, a reluctant reader of mine just finished “Orbiting Jupiter” and remarked, I didn’t know books this good existed. My heart melted. He’s now reading “A Long Walk to Water,” and I’m loving our conferences together.

    Thanks for your generous giveaway and for the accolades.

  536. Kelly Gutsue

    We Love Books! Adding new books to a classroom library of hungry minds is like presents under the tree on Christmas morning. The excitement, the smiles, the wonder when new books enter the room is electrifying! I am excited about the books in this giveaway! Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

  537. Elizabeth Zdrodowski

    Authors may love teachers but teachers (especially librarians) love you more! Thanks for making a difference in the lives of students! (@ezdrodowski)

  538. When I was in middle school, I loved getting lost in a book for the afternoon. I love encouraging my students to unplug and then hearing how much they love a book!

    Thanks for having a great giveaway!

    I love talking about books with others teachers and my librarian! But I love hooking kids into new books even more!

  540. Heather Jensen

    This is another amazing line up! I see many favorites, but I am excited to see a new titles to fall in love with! My students are so amazed to see signed books. I would love to share these with my students and school! @hmjensen31 thank you to all the authors for loving teachers. Your fabulous books enrich the lives of all our students! Good luck to everyone!

  541. kathycorbiere

    THESE 95 books….all SIGNED? What a line-up! I am gobsmacked! My students will be too. Are they all brand new? I can just imagine the unpacking party, the display, the celebration of great literature and the “book sniffing” that will occur should we win. Seriously, as each brand new book checks out, my assistant and I fan the pages under our noses and sigh – the kids laugh but we see them fanning and sniffing as they walk out the door. Can’t do that with your tablet. Good luck to all and THANK YOU authors!

  542. Julie Jackson

    Thank you for this great opportunity! Books are the open door for our children and provide opportunity to feel validated and valued for so many! Last year when I read One for the Murphy’s I had a little boy who personally connected to this book. He asked to keep the book and reads it over and over and even shared it with his adoptive parents. 💕 @bentl1ja

  543. Debra Pellerin

    This is an amazing opportunity! I am currently gathering books to share with students and their families in a Community Bookstop at our three elementary schools! These books would be a perfect addition! Thank you for knowing our mission is to get the right book in the hands of a child to give them a mirror for their own lives and a window for the diverse world we live in!

  544. Amy Benoit

    opportunity + chance = hope.
    Community changes lives. Teachers change lives. Books change lives. Goodness changes lives.
    Thank you for hope!
    Signed the 408 students and 32 faculty members @ Worcester Arts Magnet School.
    Love, Mrs. Benoit

  545. Amy Romanowski

    This is an incredible giveaway! Spread the reading love! ❤️ @ajromanowski23

  546. lchadwick88

    Wow! This is the most amazing lottery!!! There is nothing better than putting good books into the hands of children. That is why I have loved being a teacher and now a librarian! Thank you so very much for this incredible opportunity!!!❤️

  547. Peggy Roe

    This is an incredible line up of books! I will be sharing on Facebook and am excited for the person who will win these fabulous books.

  548. Tracy Helgerson

    What amazing titles! My 120 – 6th graders would love to read these. Teaching is a thankless job but one I wouldn’t trade in the world. Thank you! #AuthorsLoveTeachers @TracyHelgerson

  549. Sarah Justice

    As a lover of books and especially autographed books, this is perfect for me to share that love with my students!

  550. Sarah Justice

    I live sharing the love of reading with my students! @sarahpjustice shared on Twitter

  551. Jennifer Murphy

    From The One and Only Ivan…”I love colorful tales with black beginnings, and stormy middles, and cloudless blue-sky endings.” One of my favorites–thank you Katherine Applegate!

    Thank you for your warm words and for this giveaway! #AuthorsLoveTeachers @mrsmurphy34

  552. Wow! What a great collection of books. So many of these titles are favorites of my students. Most of these titles are constantly checked out.

  553. There are no words to describe how unbelievably amazing it would be to add these gems to our grade’s classroom libraries. I am grateful for the diverse books included that aim to reach all friends/experiences in our classrooms. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation @priddys4th

  554. Natalie Krayenvenger

    Books are windows into other worlds and souls of our fellow man/woman/child/people/animals. They are the vehicle that connects us, teaches us, and helps us to grow and change. Without incredible authors and illustrators, my job as a teacher would be…well, I don’t even want to imagine that scenario. Thank you for your generosity every day by sharing your thoughts, creativity, and love of the written word. #TeachersAppreciateAuthors/IllustratorsToo
    @nkrayenvenger @mrskrays4th

  555. Jenny Sanford

    Thank you for your generosity toward educators. We spend money out of our own pockets for books because we love our kids, love reading and want our kids to love reading. Thank you for acknowledging that intention and desire by offering such a wonderful gift. Thank you for the many ways as an author and literacy ambassador, you advocate for and inspire reading!

  556. Karen Gemmer

    This is an amazing collection of middle grade books to enrich a lucky teacher’s library. Thank you Lynda for showing appreciation to teachers and librarians in this concrete way. And thank you to all the amazing authors for putting your words on paper for students to soak up. My favorite words as a teacher are “this book is amazing!” #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  557. Kate Kluegel

    The Kid Lit Lottery is RIGHT! Thank you for sharing your talents, for valuing students, teachers, and librarians, and for being a voice in education!

    I’m sharing on Facebook and Twitter as well. My Twitter handle is @kate_kluegel.

    Keep on!

  558. Katie Maier

    This is so amazing! Amazing books! My goal is to inspire students to be lifelong readers!

  559. Dawn Greenhill

    What a great selection of books! The best feeling in the world is finding a book for that “non-reader” and seeing the smile on their face when they’ve finished it!

    • Vicki

      I love the selection for middle school readers. I love when students stop in to tell me how much they loved a book that U recommend and want another one. My Twitter is @mylibinfo.

  560. Joan Marsh

    What a treasure of books! Reminds me of this quote from Walt Disney ” There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” You are very generous, Lynda!

  561. Stephanie Klansek

    So many great titles. Excited to see many I have read but just as many in my TBR list. Thank you, authors, for writing the books our kids need.

  562. What an amazing giveaway! Looking at the list of books reminded me of several that I’ve been meaning to add to my TBR pile.

  563. Thank you for your generosity! My classroom’s readers would love to open this package!


  564. S Larochelle

    There are some fabulous titles here! What a generous gift

  565. Wow, thank you so much for shining such an important light on educators and librarians, two jobs that are often overlooked. To inspire a child to love reading is my favourite part of my job. Choosing class read alouds is something I look forward to every year, and I have read many of the books on your above list to my classes, with the favourites being the books written by R.J. Palacio. Every class I have read those books to just devours them. It is so refreshing to see such a love and joy of storytelling. Over the past six years, I have taught Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Needless to say, my classroom library is extremely diverse, but the titles included in this prize would round it out perfectly. And to have signed copies as well would just make my students and I excited times one thousand! They know my love of reading, and they crave their independent reading time each day. To know an author had touched that particular copy and signed it would just bring them pure joy! My classes love engaging with authors we are reading about on Twitter. Special memories have been made when R.J. Palacio and Chris Colfer (author of The Land of Stories) retweeted and commented positively on our posts. Twitter is an amazing way to connect us with fellow educators, authors, and people around the world. We also blog about many of our read alouds on our class blog, Tuckered Out, which is written below. Thank you so much for the opportunity! I SO hope my class can celebrate with a huge book party with 95 signed books! That beats a party with pizza, cupcakes, and iPads any day!!!! Thank you for choosing kind to one very lucky teacher/librarian and their students!


  566. Alice Garrigus Usher

    The one thing that never changes in teaching is the need to read aloud good pieces of literature and the love that students have for that time in the day when it happens.

  567. Megan Pearce

    Thank you for showing your appreciation of teachers and librarians! Together, we all do create lifelong readers! I know my students would be absolutely thrilled to have the addition of these beautiful books to our classroom library.

  568. Megan Pearce

    Thank you for showing your appreciation of teachers and librarians! Together, we all do create lifelong readers! I know my students would be absolutely thrilled to have the addition of these beautiful books to our classroom library.

    I realized I forgot to leave my twitter handle – @MsPearcesClass.
    Thank you!!

  569. Ashley Smith

    You might have just inspired my next Reading Resolution! What a great list of diverse books! Many I have not read and am adding to my list!

  570. Kim Guyette

    I’m a winner already just with this great list of titles, thank you! The ones I know are awesome so I assume the rest are too. I look forward to reading and sharing them with my school. “Books and ideas are the most effective weapons against intolerance and ignorance.” — Lyndon B. Johnson

  571. Susan Irwin

    Let us all spread love, respect, and empathy through inspiring literature!

  572. Deana Ryznar

    Thank you so much for an amazing giveaway! Teaching through great books like these can be such a powerful way to reach students and to teach them new things. Books like these also teach great character traits that help to make each student a more well rounded individual. #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  573. Erinn Brickwood

    I am so incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to open my students’ minds to the world of well-written literature. To share in the problems that characters face, to wonder why authors make decisions in their writing. These moments are what I wake up for as a fourth grade teacher. Thank for the possibility of expanding our classroom library! #AuthorsLoveTeachers @keshequa5

  574. I started building a true classroom library three years ago. My school doesn’t have a library for our secondary students, so it became even more important to me to give my students access to literature that they will love. Kids come to my room every Monday morning (really, almost every morning because they know I’m always trying to find new ways to get them books and often have a few new ones each week) asking for new books. My goal is to have books that can serve as windows and mirrors for EVERYONE. It’s a lofty goal, but I’ll always be reaching for it. Thank you for this opportunity. ❤

  575. Michelle Weaver

    Thank you SO much for this gigantic book giveaway! As a school librarian I am constantly buying books from every discount source I can find! My students would be amazed to get this many books at one time!

  576. Thank you so much for this fabulous giveaway. I’ve read about 50% of the titles on this list, but own only maybe 2 or 3 of them. I would love the opportunity to share with my students. I’m a first year teacher, still building my classroom library so that my students have books that they’ll love as much as I do.

  577. This giveaway is amazing! I love when I can share a book with students and when students and teachers can share titles with each other. We use #gfpsyareads to share what Middle School students and teacher are reading. I upload recommendations weekly to Twitter. It would be nice to have these titles to hand out to our staff and students.

  578. Thy Dinh

    Just finished reading Katherine Applegate’s One and Only Ivan this Presidents weekend. So touching and heartwarming!

  579. Jennifer Mckinnon

    What an amazing giveaway! I’m thinking about my whole ELA department sharing this treasure! I’ll be sharing online from @Jenn_Mckinnon

  580. schmidtkristas

    This is an amazing opportunity! Thank you for your support of teachers…and for writing and sharing such amazing books!

  581. Sharon Handler

    Thank you for appreciating teachers! As a media specialist in South Florida , 20 minutes from Parkland, it’s been a rough week for all of us. The pressure is great. Thank you for noticing that we ar there because we love what we do and the kids we do it with.

    — @sheshler

  582. Margaret Resendez

    What an amazing collection of books and authors! Thanks to this community of readers and writers who are so passionate! Passionate about their work, books, students, community, and the world we live in. Have enjoyed sharing this with others in my reading community (via FB & Twitter)! @mresend1 @anderson_lib #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  583. Chris Dexter

    Thanks to Lynda and these generous authors for helping to make the best job even better! Books touch our lives every day, and with all that is going on in the world, we need them now more than ever to stay connected and to know that we are not alone and are in this together. Thank you! @cwdexter

  584. Ashley Jarvie

    One of the best decisions I’ve made is reading the first book of a trilogy to my 6th graders out loud. Every year when I finish reading them the book, they immediately want to know where they can find the next book so they can keep reading on their own. Read alouds are important!

  585. Britnee Reid

    Wow. The time and thought put into this giveaway are truly inspiring. Thank you for valuing what is being done “in the trenches” and taking time out of your schedules to remind us of your appreciation. I may teach Science but I work every day to help students find a love of reading themselves. MANY conversations are started based on what my students see I’m reading (I try to advertise my “current reads” at all times!)

  586. I just finished reading Fish in a Tree this morning. The book was recommended to me by one of my students! If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what it. We recently finished reading I am Malala and The Seventh Most Important Thing and my student came up and gave me Fish in a Tree. She said that the Book, Head, Heart strategies we were practicing would work really well with Fish in a Tree. Boy was she right! As a teacher, the book changed my thinking about my students and the ways they each see things differently. I will use what I learned from the book to really evaluate the way I think about ALL my students, trying to celebrate the differences in each of them like Mr. Daniels did.

  587. Thank you for always providing kind words to teachers when they need them the most. I have read both of your books in our classroom, as well as The One and Only Ivan, The Wild Robot, books by Kate DiCamillo and our class is getting ready to read The Wishtree. It is so important for teachers to be avid readers of young adult literature so they can recommend the books that are a good fit for kids to get them hooked on reading. Just this past week, one student wanted to read a realistic fiction book and I said you have to read, One for the Murphy’s. It is one of my favorites. When we read and have a love of literature then we can share that excitement with our students. I still receive emails from former students asking for book recommendations! Thank you for providing opportunities like these for teachers to provide quality literature to our students.

  588. This is an incredible amount of books!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win these amazing titles:) The best part about this giveaway is knowing that it will benefit so many kids!

  589. Reading is like dreaming with my eyes open … I have this necklace and kids ask about it all the time. When I begin to question them and have them tell me their thinking there is this moment of revelation when their eyes sparkle and they nod their head and say something like … “sweeet I get that” or “ya … I feel that.” Those are the best. And, of course, our interaction ends with a hug and a new book to check out.

  590. Kathleen

    To give a child the gift of reading opens their world to endless possibilities. @kathleen_durfee

  591. Becca Bradley

    Kids are awesome. Books are awesome. Kids with books???? Cannot be beat!!! We’d love exploring all these great books and new authors in our 5th grade classroom!!

  592. Wow, what an amazing give away! As an elementary media specialist, I love my job. I love putting books into the hands of kids! When kiddos say things like “libraries are the best places on earth” makes it even better.

  593. Kim Sigle

    I tell my students that I have the best job in the world–I get to see every student in the school and I get to share incredible books like these with them. I love being a librarian.

  594. How amazing that this many authors have come together to support teachers! My students would enjoy meeting all of the incredible friends they would find in these books. #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  595. How amazing that this many authors have come together to support teachers! My students would enjoy meeting all of the incredible friends they would find in these books. #AuthorsLoveTeachers

  596. How amazing that this many authors have come together to support teachers! My students would enjoy meeting all of the incredible friends they would find in these books

  597. This is truly awesome. All we want to do is get books into the hands of young readers. I became a reader later in life and believe that if I had the opportunity to read these great books I wouldn’t have waited so long. I love sharing with our students and seeing how excited they are to get their hands on books as well as how excited they are when they finish. Thank you for creating such great books. @TeamRo5th

  598. Karyn Lewis

    What an amazing line up of books to share with my students and teachers! Thanks for sharing some book love with us again this this!

  599. Nancy Hagerty

    REAL reading allows us to escape reality, but also empowers us to change our reality. This great line up of books and authors is no exception! Thank you.

  600. I returned to the classroom this year, after a 10 year hiatus filled with homeschooling my own kids and time in a corporate cubicle. Clearly, that corporate life didn’t bring me enough joy to stay there.

    I started working at a new school and quickly realized that we didn’t have a library. I’m not sure anyone can convince me that any subject or test is more important than fostering a love of reading, for readings sake. Knowing as much, I did something I hardly ever do: I asked family, friends, and strangers to help me create a small lending library. The generosity of those who were able to donate was overwhelming. We have roughly 125 books and there are boys who come to see me everyday! Their excitement keeps me going on most days. Seeing them get excited about checking out and reading books keeps me going.

    As a single parent and teacher, my resources are limited; however, I do not want those circumstances to limit our students. I think this is an amazing thing you’re doing and whoever wins, will make an impact.

  601. MIchele Joyce

    What an amazing giveaway! Stocking our shelves and baskets with vast opportunities to explore other lives and other worlds is one of the greatest gifts we can give as teachers.

  602. Araceli Alvarado

    Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort in recognizing teachers. This is an amazing giveaway. Even if I don’t win,this made my heart happy and I feel like a winner just knowing someone out there showed some love to all of us in this manner. Thank you and much love!

  603. What an amazing collection to share with some lucky kids! Our bookclub (students and parents) is reading One for the Murphys right now and we’d like to thank you for “fostering” our love of reading. All the best and good luck with the one you’re working on right now.

  604. Jennifer Lauchlan

    What an incredible collection of books! I love being a middle school librarian for so many reasons but those moments when a student comes back and tells you that a book you suggested was “So great!” are the ones that fill my heart with joy.

  605. Tracey Marino

    Have read, enjoyed, and shared many of these books with students at my school! Hooray for authors who engage students in reading!!!

  606. Jessica Milton

    I am SO excited about this giveaway!! I always try to inspire my students to love reading as much as I do 😊 My 5th & 6th grade students (and me!) would LOVE these!
    Twitter: @jessicahmilton

  607. Maria Monaco

    Love so many of these middle grade books, and would love to get them in students’ hands! Thanks for another #AuthorsLoveTeachers giveaway!

  608. Brandy Tarno

    Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway. This is truly going to be a blessing for a teacher or librarian. I am currently a Title 1 Reading Teacher and no matter what the age group that passes through my door each day, I read to my babies and hope to ignite a love for reading in them during our time together. We must continue to show kids today that reading can take them on an adventure and make it something they WANT to do, not something they feel forced to do. Thank you again for giving back in such an amazing way!

  609. Melanie Sheppard

    This is such a great giveaway! My students would love to win these books! My twitter handle is @melaniejowrites. Fingers crossed!

  610. tere hager

    Such amazing titles. I would love Tony have many of these on the library shelves and also share some with teachers for their classroom librarian. Thank you to all the authors for their generosand support. Twitter is @terejhager

  611. I’ve always heard that the eyes are the window to the soul. I wonder if books can be considered the windie to the world?! I appreciate how teachers, librarians, and the authors of thr books on this list want to get books in the hands of students. Great authors know how important it is to put books in the hands of students. We all hope they become life-long learners. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to providing this opportunity.

  612. Susan Chase

    Our current read aloud is Katherine’s Applegate’s Wishtree. My second graders just heard the tree talk. Gasp! What will happen next?

  613. Janet Ellis

    My students would be over the top thrilled to have access to these books. What an awesome giveaway! @JanetEllis2

  614. OMG! OMG! This group of books is unbelievable and amazingly awesome! Thank you for offering! @GRSReads

  615. Katie rupp

    What a treasury! “So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.” Thanks for uniting us ❤️

  616. Becky Schneekloth

    THis is amazing. You will touch so many kids with this gift. Sharing books is my favorite part of being a teacher.

  617. booksdontbite

    This is such an amazing thing to do! I work at a university but am hoping to move into a middle school classroom or library in the fall. I can’t even imagine how much this could change the lives of someone’s students. Thanks for the opportunity! I shared on Twitter @tori_glass