Authors Love Teachers Giveaway, 2019


It’s THAT time again. Valentine’s Day – when we all take a moment to celebrate those we love. So, we authors want you — teachers and librarians — to know that we adore you for all you do for kids every day. We appreciate you. We KNOW that you are not celebrated the way that you ought to be. For you, there should be parades images (2)and fireworks and a national holiday.

Many know that my second novel, Fish in a Tree, is a love letter to wonderful teachers everywhere. As I think of a few teachers, in particular, I really wonder where I’d be had I not crossed paths with them. Many have heard about Constantine Christy, my sixth grade teacher, who was the inspiration for Mr. Daniels in Fish. But, few know the story of Mr. Berard.

Mr. Berard was my seventh grade social studies teacher. He clearly loved his job and “his kids”. Just as with Mr. Christy, it became important to me to impress him so when he assigned a big project in late fall, I decided I would blow his mind by building a colonial village.

In the basement of our apartment, I found a piece of plywood and began there. By the time my mom came home from work, I was mixing plaster of Paris with dirt on our dining room table. (Yeah, I know…) I made buildings out of inside-out food boxes and crayons. I used macaroni and cotton balls and legos and anything else I could find. In my own mind, it remains Smithsonian-worthy.

The heft of it made it hard to carry so, by the time I got to class, I dropped it on a desk, relieved to put it down. The noise got the attention of two unkind girls.

“What is this?” one asked.

“It’s my project!” I smiled, feeling a bit taller than usual.

“That’s not what we were supposed to do…” she responded with disgust. And then laughter. The kind of laughter that makes you shrink inside. And as I looked up, I noticed no other project in the room looked like mine. Not even close.

7b808d81bc9f5d62cc1d8300f3bd47d7By the time Mr. Berard stood at my side, I stared at my shoes, my ears filled with the girls’ snickering.

I messed up. I couldn’t believe it. I had blown it. Again. What was wrong with me? How come I had to be the person I was?

Mr. Berard was quiet while the girls told him how wrong I was. I waited forever for him to speak. And when he finally did, he said, “Well…you didn’t follow the directions, so…”

I wanted to disappear.

“…I’m going to have to give you an A minus…”

The girls argued but he told them to go. My head rose slowly so I could look at his face to see if he was telling the truth. And we locked eyes. His smile was sad. I don’t even think I said thank you. I couldn’t say anything.

If he had followed a rubric as we use now, I would have failed. Maybe I deserved that. But he would have undone everything that Mr. Christy had accomplished the year before. Instead, he chose to see the child before the student. Because of this, I looked at him with gratitude in the months that followed and the student worked very hard for him. And…was always careful to read the directions.

THANK YOU, teachers and librarians, for your keen minds, your strong spines, and your broad hearts. Every day, you have the opportunity to shape the world in ways that few other professionals can. WE SALUTE YOU. 

HUGE THANKS TO THE GENEROUS, TALENTED AUTHORS/ILLUSTRATORS who’ve donated their books for this giveaway. Of course, I couldn’t do this without each of you!

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So, without further adieu…


This is a PRINT from the SHE PERSISTED PICTURE BOOK hand-signed by both author, Chelsea Clinton, and illustrator, Alexandra Boiger!!!

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