Back to My Writing Roots–The OFFICIAL Launch Party of MURPHYS

So…Can I just say HOW EXCITED I am about my *official CT launch* of One for the MURPHYS at the Glastonbury, CT Barnes and Noble this Thursday, May 24th at 6:00?!

My career literally started in this store when I joined a writers’ group about ten years back and was welcomed with open arms. I made good friends, learned a lot, and also took a liking to Mocha Lattes.

This is also a special store to me, as I wrote about 20% of MURPHYS at the table near the window. Coincidentally, OFTM takes place in Glastonbury, CT, with scenes set in Smith Middle School and Welles-Turner Library. Also, a whole chapter takes place in the Hallmark Store next door to the B&N.

I am happily collecting Red Sox and semi-happily collecting NY Yankees items for raffles.  You’ll also find some “Be someone’s hero” t-shirts, a real live prop from the book, and other eclectic items. I promise to entertain with adventurous tales of my travels across the wilds of…erm…Glastonbury. I’ll tell you why I set OFTM there, the very unlikely thing that sparked the book in my head, and talk about some things other writers (of any age) can do to improve their writing. I may even wear a gorilla suit. (I said *may*)

Friends, teacher colleagues, former students, and fellow writers (and, hopefully, kids!) will join me in my celebration. Can’t WAIT!!! Hope you can join us!


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YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes!



Welcome to my stop on the YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes, a crazy whirlwind blog-hop-extravaganza featuring 58 debut authors and prize packs featuring ARCs, signed books, gift certificates, swag, and more!

If you haven’t visited our Apocalypsies website, please click here to start from the beginning of the race and read the complete rules. (The race will begin on May 2, 2012 at NOON)

Ready, Set, GO!!!

ONE FOR THE MURPHYS By Lynda Mullaly Hunt



In the wake of heart-breaking betrayal, Carley Connors is thrust into foster care and left on the steps of the Murphys, a happy, bustling family.

Carley has thick walls and isn’t rattled easily, but this is a world she just doesn’t understand. A world that frightens her. So, she resists this side of life she’d believed did not exist with dinners around a table and a “zip your jacket, here’s your lunch” kind of mom.

However, with the help of her Broadway-obsessed and unpredictable friend, Toni, the Murphys do the impossible in showing Carley what it feels like to belong somewhere. But, when her mother wants her back, will she lose the only family that she has ever known?


All set? 🙂

That’s all you need to know for your quiz later.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!!

Please leave a comment below at a chance to win a “Be someone’s hero ~ No cape required” t-shirt in your choice of colors (red, black, or jade) and sizes.


You may find ONE FOR THE MURPHYS here on the web:    Lynda’s Website      Book Trailer      

Indiebound      Barnes and Noble       Facebook


**Thanks for stopping by!**    NEXT STOP:  QUIZ QUESTIONS FOR THIS LEG OF THE RACE!


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Mentor Monday ~ Michaela Maccoll

A BIG Mentor Monday welcome to Michaela Maccoll, author of two historical novels entitled, Prisoners in the Palace and Promise the Night. Both have earned so many starred reviews, they should be re-titled as constellations!

Thanks so much, Michaela, for coming by to tell us about your wonderful mentors!

Hi, Lynda! Thanks so much for the opportunity to muse out loud about mentors. Who do you single out and say…. That one! He or she is my mentor! It’s additionally tough for me because I don’t like asking for help. I’m loath to use up too much of their time or goodwill. I ration these mentors, for better or worse.

But I do have a “mentor” that I go back to time and time again. Who is the first to receive any news. Who has seen every major revision and kept me writing through a careful combination of praise, guilt and critique.

My mentor isn’t a person, it’s three people: my critique group. Sari, Christine, Karen and I have been together for over five years now. I brought the group together originally (Sari and I were old friends, Christine I met at  a conference and Karen stood behind Christine and I in the ladies’ room line at SCBWI!), but what keeps us going is how useful and necessary we are to each other.

We all bring strengths to each other and shore up the weaknesses together. Sari has such a   deft gift for romantic comedy, she always finds the romance in my scenes, even if I don’t. Christine has a poet’s soul and when I write to something beautiful, I ask myself “What would Christine do?” And Karen? Her clear no-nonsense approach to editing has helped me find the germ of what’s good and clear out the dreck more times than I can count.

These gentle ladies are the only ones who’ve seen my highs and lows. I trust them and love them.

Mentors indeed!

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Katherine Paterson??? Are you kidding me???

Brad and Angelina WHO???

Okay. In a world of people who seem to love celebrities, I have to admit that I don’t care about them most of the time. Seeing a close friend trumps anyone you’d find on the front of a magazine any day….But, of course, there are exceptions…There always are…

I have wanted to meet Katherine Paterson…since…uh…forever? To me, she is a superstar! I LOVE her books and, as a teacher, I know that kids love them as well. She has a true gift for writing emotional truth—and conveying that emotion in a way that is understated yet powerful, which makes it feel all the more real. I didn’t read The Great Gilly Hopkins until I became an adult (Yes…I truly am!) and I was so blown away… Some would argue that was the case because ole Gilly and I have some similarities ….Fine…I admit it…I chew gum, too…

Well, the universe was once again stepping in to work these things out for me in freakish sorts of ways… I DID have the opportunity to meet her! Oh…my…God…

I have to admit that I worried on the drive there. I mean, what if she wasn’t what I held her up to be all these years? Maybe my imagining would be better left to its imaginings…(What does that mean exactly???)

Well, when I arrived, I learned two things. One: Your palms really do sweat when you’re nervous and Two: I never had anything to worry about…

So, I walked into the room, spotted her immediately, and decided I couldn’t go over. I soon spotted a lady that looked safe enough…so I walked over to her…

I asked her if she worked for Scholastic (It was a Scholastic event!) and she said she did not. Then I asked if she was a librarian or a teacher. Negative. A little awkward silence ensued before she told me she was a children’s writer. Me, being withdrawn and shy, slapped her lightly on the arm and exclaimed, “Me, too!” So, we chatted and she was so, so lovely and nice to chat with. I was calming down…

So, me being me, said, “Oh my God I have always wanted to meet Katherine Paterson…” and then went on about my worries of blabbering incoherently or swallowing my tongue if…IF…I even got to talk with her. I mean I was just so happy to be there to hear her speak…

<< ring, ring >> “Hello? Universe? Lynda calling… Help me out here??? Whataya say??? >>>

The woman says, “NO need to worry. Katherine is just lovely. Actually, we’re close friends. I drove her down from Vermont…” And before I could take breath, she turned and waved, “Hey, Katherine! Come on over here and meet Lynda!”

Ms. Paterson, who was talking to someone else, excused herself and walked over to us—and thank God she carries smelling salts…

Okay. I didn’t pass out but I gushed like a fool. No…I really did. I’m practically a fool now just thinking back on it! And because she had been summoned to us, I think others thought I was “somebody” because we were undisturbed for at least ten minutes. I asked everything I could! And she asked me stuff, too, about my family and my writing–my book’s title and what it was about and said she would look for it! A little surreal, I have to admit! I told her I’d love to send her a signed copy when it gets picked up for it never would have been written without her inspiration….

She is…an over-the-top-talented writer but also so gracious and kind. She’s full of wisdom and warmth and intellect. I teared up listening to her descriptions of children who’ve approached her at school visits and asked heart-breaking questions about Bridge to Terabithia and Gilly. I laughed aloud at her jokes and listened intently to descriptions of her own journeys—as a child, a mother, a wife, and a writer…And as a champion of children! Love that!

Too bad no one sells action figures of Katherine Paterson…I’d buy one for sure…

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Hollywood Adventure with Ellen Degeneres!

Hey All!

Well, we just returned from the time of our lives! Our son was chosen as a “kid inventor” for The Ellen Degeneres Show out in Hollywood. We were flown out (thankfully, in an airplane) put up in the Universal Studios Sheraton Hotel, and got to hang around the Ellen Studio for about six hours. We met lots of amazing people (the producers are super great!) saw a thousand amazing things, and made a million great memories! We also met a couple of other kid inventors and their families who we really enjoyed hanging out with!

Here is Kyle on the plane after he was offered flying lessons from the pilot. His lesson: “Pull back and the houses get smaller. Push forward and the houses get bigger. Push all the way forward and the house get real big real fast.”
We packed a lot into a few days! We started off at Hollywood Blvd. Talk about an interesting place! Since my poor husband could not go with us because he had to work, I decided it wasn’t prudent to hang around with the kids at night but we saw some funny things! Kyle, who is a huge Harrison Ford fan (Star Wars and Indiana Jones!?) dropped to the ground (yuk) for a picture as soon as he spotted this! As you can see, we were also caught by some scoundrels!

We got to the beach before the taping at the Ellen Show. The Pacific Ocean is gorgeous!

So, finally, we got the the set of the Ellen Show. A lot of security to get through before we actually got there…but we got there!
We hung out in the GREEN ROOM! Which, isn’t green! Lots of good food, drinks, nice people, flat screen TVs and a pool table…
Ellen introduces the “Kid Inventors” segment:

Meanwhile, Kyle gets prepped. First, he gets his hair done by a Hollywood Stylist!!! Which, of course, is just like home…

Then he gets wired for sound…. (How many eleven year old boys really need this???)
FINALLY! It’s time to tape!

We really had an incredible time! Hollywood sets are just as you may imagine! But the producers were not like you may imagine (from the way they are often portrayed in movies and such!)–They were really approachable, incredibly kind, generous, and gracious! They put the kids at ease immediately! Here is one of our favorites…but I don’t think I should include her name since i don’t have permission…
A million THANKS to ELLEN (who was very generous with the kids!) and “her people.” :<) See? I'm already using that Hollywood lingo!
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