SCBWI-NE Researching Literary Agents

Hello, Agent-Searching Writer!

Thank you for attending my workshop at SCBWI~NE, 2013!

As promised, I have provided lots of info here with live links. This is both for your convenience and to save some trees. 🙂 However, I must warn you that this is not a page I will plan to update on a regular basis.

Also, please do not use my name as a reference on any queries to agents.  Thanks :

Two top reasons mss get rejected–writer doesn’t follow guidelines and agent not a fit for the work and/or genre.

**Many of the Top Reputable Literary Agencies in Children’s Publishing:

Adams Literary

Andrea Brown Literary

The Chudney Agency

Curtis Brown 

Dwyer and O’Grady, INC. (Illustrators only)

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

Erin Murphy Literary

Full Circle Literary

Harvey Klinger Agency

The Herman Agency

Jennifer DeChiara Agency

Liza Dawson Associates

Mcintosh and Otis

Michelle Wolfson Literary Agency

New Leaf Literary and Media

Pippen Properties

Prospect Agency

Redfox Literary

Rodeen Literary Management

Sanford J. Greenburger Associates

Stimola Literary Studio

Trident Media Group

Upstart Crow Literary

Wernick and Pratt

Writers House


***Websites for your research:

Query Tracker

Agent Query

Publisher’s Marketplace

Writer’s Digest–Guide to Literary Agents

Verla Kay’s Blueboards

Google  “agent name” and “interview” in search engine to find relevant interviews. Use quotation marks to search for exact phrase.

Twitter  (Can get a feel for personality and agents will of ten post what they are looking for.)

Addendum: Article on top 20 selling picture book agents:


***Are the Agents on your List Reputable?

Association of Authors Representatives

Predators and Editors

Verla Kay’s Blueboards (message boards)

Check to see if they have made sales.

Sales can also be found on Publishers Weekly. (Search for “new deals”)


**ONE STOP SHOPPING!  Pages with tons of great links on a single topic all in ONE place!

**Here is a link to agents and their Twitter names:

**Here is a page with a bunch of agent and editors’ blogs:

Another page with agent blogs:

Who reps whom? Find authors and the agents who rep them!:



**Other places for research:

Word of mouth from fellow writers

Networking with publishing professionals at conferences

Guides to Literary Agents (Books to purchase)

Acknowledgments Pages of your favorite books / books similar in tone to yours

This info is on a private page for attendees of this workshop. All sites are links–will be much easier then typing everything in! 🙂

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