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Global Read Aloud Poster Giveaway

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GLOBAL READ ALOUD, a bonafide international movement created by the fantastico, Pernille Ripp, is almost upon us! I cannot even TELL you how honored I am by this. By all of the readers who will be meeting Ally, Albert, Keisha and the others. I never take it lightly. I promise you that.

I wish I could visit EVERYONE! I also wish that I could respond to every Skype request with a YES! Unfortunately my schedule will just not allow for any more. However, I want kids everywhere to know that, although I can’t visit in-person, I am with them in spirit on this journey. So…

I will be posting Q&A videos pertaining to Fish in a Tree on each Thursday morning of Global Read Aloud. My first video will appear on Thursday, October 8th and will cover chapters 1-8. The other videos will follow each of the following five Thursdays to follow this GRA reading schedule.

Week of October 5:  Chapters 1 – 8

Week of October 12: Chapters 9 – 17

Week of October 19: Chapters 18 – 24

Week of October 26: Chapters 25 – 33

Week of November 2: Chapters 34 – 42

Week of November 9: Chapters 43 – end

The videos themselves (which will remain up permanently for future use) will be found both on and on my blog here:

I love the idea of getting questions from kids and picking some to answer, but my Fish in a Tree cover and badges POSTER 18 x 24schedule will not allow for that. As you’re reading, I may be flying over your school in an airplane! So, I will sit and record all of the videos prior to reading weeks and schedule them to appear throughout GRA. In addition, I WILL answer tweets from classes reading FIAT during GRA (although it may be at night).

<<<Info here deleted>>>

To enter:


THANK YOU for choosing FISH IN A TREE. For your Read Aloud choice! I am humbled, happy, and grateful.



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Thanks SO Much Global Read Aloud Readers. You are MY Heroes :-) #GRA14

ALL GRA 14 Hello, Global Read Aloud Readers! I really just wanted to thank you all for jumping in to do #GRA14 this year. Thanks to those of you who chose Murphys as your GRA–but thanks to the rest of you as well! To be honest, with the amazing choices that were offered for 2014, *I* would have had a hard time choosing! So, I’m pretty honored and humbled if you chose Murphys. Thanks, again. It was a blast!

The soon-to-be-legendary Pernille Ripp, who got this whole Global Read Aloud thing started (and who is just the nicest person ever) interviewed me yesterday. She chose from over 400 questions that all of you sent in from all over the WORLD (mind blown!) and I did my very best to answer them. Here is the video just in case you missed it. (HA! WHAT is with that picture? Am I being dive-bombed by a fly the size of a football?) As a THANK YOU, Copy (3) of FISH IN A TREE COVER high resI am posting a giveaway of an ARC of my new book–FISH IN A TREE. Please leave a comment below about something surprising that happened during #GRA14 or perhaps your favorite thing about GRA14 or ANYTHING you want about #GRA. Please tweet/retweet the link with the hashtag #FIATbook so I can find your post. By doing so, you (and your class) will be entered to win:

  • An ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of FISH IN A TREE
  • Some swag for your class (i.e. bracelets, bookmarks, wooden nickels)
  • A free 45-minute class Skype about Murphys and/or Fish in a Tree. (I’ll be happy about that–I love to speak with readers. 🙂

Giveaway will end on Wednesday, November 19th at 11:59 PM. Winner will be announced Thursday morning. (However, because I leave for #NCTE14 that day, I may not get your prize mailed until the following week) Again–thanks for everything! You are the BEST readers anywhere and everywhere. ~Lynda

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Global Read Aloud, 2014 ~ HOORAY!


Hello, Global Read Aloud Teachers, Librarians, Students, and Fellow Reading Enthusiasts!

Let me just say what an extraordinary honor it is to have One for the Murphys chosen as a Global Read Aloud book this year. I am absolutely stunned by the company that it is in. I think no matter which book you choose for #GRA14, you can’t go wrong!


If you have chosen Murphys as your read aloud, I would like to try to help make the experience feel a bit more interactive for your kiddos. So here are some things that I’ve done/will be doing for GRA!

1) I have read Chapter ONE online for you. Don’t think I wasn’t nervous doing this, either, but I thought that kids may like to hear the beginning read by the author.

2) I have read the last chapter online for you as well. I’ve heard from many teachers who have cried while reading it and from many students who have watched their teacher cry while reading it. I am so grateful that readers feel connected enough to Carley to feel such emotion. But, I also feel a bit bad sometimes. Like I should start sending flowers to people. 

For you teachers who do read in front of kids even though you know you’ll cry—kudos to you! I think that’s brave and great for kids to see. I also think it’s a bonding experience for a class.

3) Some teachers have expressed wanting to order “Be someone’s hero” lanyards. I usually give these out at schools when I visit, but for GRA, I will offer them for sale at cost plus just a bit more to cover packaging and postage. They will only be for sale for a few weeks. Please e-mail me at…I’M SORRY; THERE ARE NO MORE LANYARDS FOR SALE 😦 Thank you for the huge response 🙂

GRA lanyards

4) I promised on Twitter that I will send out a limited number of class sets (30) of free bookmarks (see below) for *classes reading One for the Murphys for #GRA.*  Please provide your SCHOOL mailing address. I’m sorry but I won’t be able to mail to residential addresses. Thanks! (I’m sorry :-/ bracelets are not available for shipping) SORRY–OUT OF BOOKMARKS FOR NOW :-/  Thanks for big response, though 🙂

5) I will be holding an in-person GRA LAUNCH CELEBRATION in Mystic CT at the fabulous BANK SQUARE BOOKS—one of CT’s best indie bookstores. It will be held on Oct 6th from 4:00-6:00. TEACHERS who attend–I will have classroom packs for you containing bookmarks and “Be someone’s hero” bracelets for your class. I’ll explain the back story for One for the Murphys and tell you about my strange writing process  There will also be raffles for cool stuff.

GRA bookmarks and bracelets

6) If you do not live near Mystic, CT., BANK SQUARE BOOKS and their awesome staff such as Kelsy or Julia are taking orders for signed copies that they will ship to you. Place your order and I will sign it the night of Oct 6th and it will then be shipped to you. Please call the store at (860) 536 – 3795 to order your book and leave instructions—I am happy to personalize! If no instructions are left, I will just do the basic signature.

7) I am already pretty booked up with Skype visits with classes, having booked MANY over the summer and early fall. I know that the phenomenal writer and person, Kate Messner, was a GRA author last year and ran into the same thing. So, borrowing Kate’s idea, I ask that students and teachers ask questions in the comments section ON THIS POST throughout #GRA and I will choose a couple of questions each week and answer them in a video. The more creative the question, the more likely it will be chosen. If you include the kid’s name who came up with the question, I will mention him/her. I will post links to those videos here. Also, you can search for my name and #GRA14

Also–if you are interested, here is the book trailer for One for the Murphys:

Okay! So, that’s it! I am so excited to begin Global Read Aloud SOON! Huge thanks to Pernille Ripp ( @pernilleripp on Twitter) who CREATED GLOBAL READ ALOUD. What an extraordinary thing you’ve begun, Pernille!

Read on, folks. Read on. And remember…

Hero badge

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