Hello, Global Read Aloud Readers! I really just wanted to thank you all for jumping in to do #GRA14 this year. Thanks to those of you who chose Murphys as your GRA–but thanks to the rest of you as well! To be honest, with the amazing choices that were offered for 2014, *I* would have had a hard time choosing! So, I’m pretty honored and humbled if you chose Murphys. Thanks, again. It was… Read More

. Hello, Global Read Aloud Teachers, Librarians, Students, and Fellow Reading Enthusiasts! Let me just say what an extraordinary honor it is to have One for the Murphys chosen as a Global Read Aloud book this year. I am absolutely stunned by the company that it is in. I think no matter which book you choose for #GRA14, you can’t go wrong! If you have chosen Murphys as your read aloud, I… Read More