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It’s no secret to those of you who know me that I just adore and respect teachers and librarians teacherswho are out there every day with kids–reaching out to them with just the right book or just the right conversation and changing lives. As is said often in children’s literature circles, books offer both mirrors and windows to readers. We often discover things about ourselves and/or who we want to be through reading (mirrors). We also learn about the world–other cultures, ways of life, etc (windows). For some, a book offers a friend and the ability to revisit that friend (reread passages) in a stress-free way. Yes, we write the books. but YOU put those books into the hands of kids every day.


So…to express this appreciation and love for ALL of you heroes/teachers/librarians out there, I have banded together with some author friends to offer one GIANT giveaway for one lucky winner. The winner of this giveaway will receive a signed copy of every single book below–mailed to you in separate packages. Most are new releases, so the winner will be ahead of the game reading-wise in 2015! You may click on each cover to see the author’s website.


***There is also a YA giveaway as well.  CLICK HERE!  #YAAuthorsLoveTeachers (I think the YA one is on twitter with #AuthorsLoveTeachers  as well if you’d like to search 🙂 Here are the MG book choices: Caroline Rose Starr Anna Staniszewski Jess Keating Barbara O'Connor Jennifer Richard Jacobson Lynda Mullaly Hunt sarah albee Stacy DeKeyser Walk two moons leslie bulion loree griffin burns Nikki LoftinL Augusta scattergood Laurie Ann Thompson mark of a thief Jackie Woodson So a pretty cool line-up of signed middle grade novels, huh? Okay–so to enter the MIDDLE GRADE Giveaway to win ALL of these books:


Entries are earned by:

1) Making a comment on this blog about anything book-related or kid-related. Or teacher/librarian related. Anything that suits you, really. 🙂

2) Share to Twitter with the hashtag #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers. I know–long hashtag 🙂 But it will help us find your entry!

3) RT someone else’s tweet with both blog link and hashtag.


Rules: ***Giveaway ends on Wednesday, February 18th at 11:59 PM. Winner will be announced on the 19th.

1) This is to show our appreciation for teachers and librarians, specifically. Therefore, the winner must have a school mailing address and be presently employed at that school. (Sorry–only US and Canada winners this time.)

***2) Please remember this giveaway is all about appreciation. We know that teachers do not get the appreciation they deserve. This giveaway is a reminder that WE appreciate you. Yes—we write the books, but YOU get the books into the hands of our readers. For that we are most thankful.

THANK YOU for visiting our giveaway! teachers2 .

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165 thoughts on “Middle Grade Authors Love Teachers Giveaway #MGAuthorsLoveTeachers

  1. Thank you for the work you do in supporting students, teachers, librarians, and schools! You are an amazing author, but also am amazing person! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Wow! I have been waiting for the post since you first started tweeting about it, but wow! I hope you know. that as much as you love teachers- well, we love authors that much too!

  3. Shelley Smith

    I just finished Brown Girl Dreaming and loved it. ‘Would love to share these books with my students!

  4. Tracy Tuttosi

    I am an elementary school librarian. I had two comments this week that stuck with me – one grade 6 girl said “we are getting some really great new books in our library this year”. The other comment was from a boy in grade 4 – he said, as he retuned a book on my desk “this is absolutely the best book I have ever read”. I would just like to say that it is because of great, great authors like yourselves – there are amazing, wonderful books for our kids to enjoy…….thanks to you!

  5. Two of my favorite books are in this list, Brown Girl Dreaming, and Walk Two Moons. I Can’t wait to read Fish in a Tree–it’s on the top of my TBR list. Thanks for celebrating teachers and librarians. @tkSciGuy

  6. Swooning looking at these books; wish I had a copy of each for every student in my school.

  7. Nicki Lindner

    What an awesome selection of books!!!

  8. Stacy Mozer

    What an awesome contest and a great selection of books.

  9. Heather Jensen

    Lynda this is a pretty amazing set of books! Thank you for your love and appreciation of teachers! Please know that we teachers love you right back! My students will love these books! Good luck everyone!

  10. What a wonderful selection! And what amazing authors! I would be passing these on to my students for sure!

  11. Michael Long

    Those books look awesome! Thank you for thinking of us teachers!

  12. Amazing books…amazing authors…amazing inspiration…amazing appreciation! I love passing on books to “hungry” readers!

  13. Kate Kluegel

    Students, parents, teachers, authors … changing the world one great read at a time.

  14. Kristen Picone

    I’m in tears reading this post. I’ve always known I was born to be a teacher, but it’s only the last few years that I have evolved into the teacher I was meant to be…and the amazing part is that I’m still learning and growing from my kids each day! I thank YOU, the rockstar authors, who have written the amazing books that have helped me hook so many reluctant or struggling readers. YOUR writing has inspired and influenced my students to see themselves as authors. Being in a school that hasn’t has a librarian in a few years now, it’s all the more important for me to know your work and steer my students towards books that will speak to them. Thank YOU so much for all the teaching that you all do with the turn of every page. #authorsarerockstars

  15. Katie rupp

    What a great assortment! ❤️

  16. What an awesome give-away! This is a wonderful gift for a teacher & students!

  17. Jodi Prchal

    So nice that you do this…would love to work these titles into my classroom!

  18. Juli Guyer

    Reading aloud to my students is my favorite time of the day. One for the Murphys is one of our favorites. These books would be great to add to our collection. We love books!!!!

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  20. Rita Painter

    What a great group of books! It is such a joy to share wonderful books such as these with my students…being a school librarian is the best job ever!

  21. What an amazing collection! I’d love to add them to my classroom library, and my students would love to read them.

  22. Kat Ler

    Thank you! Building a good classroom library is so important for our middle level readers!

  23. Stacey R

    My kids would love having these books in our classroom. We always need more books!!

  24. My students loved Jess Keating’s Crocodile book! I would love to share her Shark book with them, too!

  25. Kimberley

    i totally love this!

  26. Stephanie Bader

    What an incredible giveaway. My students get so excited about new
    books these days. They love our shelves filled with books to share and love to hold them, smell them, admire them, and take care of them just as much as I do!

  27. This is why authors are my rock stars. It tickles me that you are showing appreciation for middle grade teachers when we, literally, could not do what we do without your wonderful words. I’ve taught Walk Two Moons for many years and it’s always a hit. A sincere thank you to all. You will never know the depth of your impact on kids.

  28. Nancy

    Love the appreciation! As I viewed past Madness brackets this am, I yearned for some new books to share with my students! I also love the list of great new books. Fish in a Tree will be here in 2 days!

  29. Lynda and all of the authors here, thank you for writing the books you do…. Makes it a pleasure to get these books into the hands of kids! Thank you for making your books a gift to all readers!

  30. Lynda, thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! Great selections that I can’t wait to share with kids, regardless of if I win! Thank YOU for being a hero to kids and teachers alike! Happy Love Day! 🙂

  31. Wow! What a wonderful post and give away. The students who visit my library would love every one of these titles! Thank you! @jenbrittin

  32. Katie Vetro

    After coming back from one lunch the other day, one of my fifth grade girls buried her nose immediately into the Amulet she was reading. Two minutes later when I called the kids to the rug for read aloud- which is always directly after lunch- she made a dissatisfied grunt and said, “WHY do you do this to me, Mrs. Vetro! I want to read my book, but I’m also dying to hear more of Maniac Magee.” I told her the great thing in our room is we have time for both. You gotta love the internal struggle of being torn between two great books at once.

  33. Karen Cingiser

    What a list!

  34. Helen Tighe

    These books are fabulous, as are their authors! Books like these do so much to get kids excited about reading. Thank you for this and everything you do to support teachers, librarians, and children.

  35. mlhoofer

    Awwww…. What a sweet thought and an awesome prize!

  36. Lysha Thompson

    I would love To put each of these in one of my student’s hands and explain to them how the author cared enough to sign it just for them!

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  38. The world should be filled with more of this mutual gratitude. What an array of talented folks you have pulled together here. To Lynda et al: Thank you for championing teachers. Thank you for the outstanding books you write so that we can put them into the hands of our students. So many of the authors who have rallied here have found their way into my classroom and into my students literary lives. We celebrate you, too!

  39. Thank you all for this opportunity. All the students at Canton Country Day School would love these books!

  40. Thank you for your generous comments and give-away! Definitely a mutual love between authors and teachers/librarians-we love what you create that sparks love of language, character, story, reading and writing!

  41. This is such a generous gift! I can’t even begin to tell you how much of my own money I spend on books for my classroom library. These titles would be most welcome in Room 229!

  42. Cathy Pierce

    One Of my fav things to do is to encourage kids to read. I would love to have these books in my library to give to my kids. They would love it too. Thank you for the opportunity to share wonderful stories with a great group of kids. If it was not for great authors like these we would not have books to share. Love ya!!

  43. Winning isn’t even the most important thing to me about this opportunity…it’s the love, LOVE, that you are showing to teachers! LOVE in a time when we often don’t feel the love. THANK YOU for the kindness and appreciation!! You made my day!

  44. loverberg

    What a beautiful thing you are doing to show your appreciation to teachers and librarians. Thank you for having this contest. There are so many books included here that I’m dying to read! I hope I win!

  45. Lynn Sherman

    Thank you so much for showing appreciation to what is often an under appreciated job! And for showing appreciation with books- my favorite things!

  46. Tanya

    Thanks for the love! Working as a librarian is the BEST job ever! The students at my school would appreciate this awesome line-up of titles. (Can’t wait to read Fish in a tree.)

  47. margaretsmn

    Reading gives my students wings to fly. Thanks for offering such an awesome collection!

  48. Debra Rosenquist

    Thank you so much for your generous support of teachers! Getting books into the hands of my students is my number one priority. I know the students at my school will love these books!

  49. Just bought Fish in a Tree! Love your books. Thank you for doing this giveaway! Would love to have these books in one of my elementary libraries.

  50. Cortney Fields

    This is so exciting! I have heard about many of the books on the list, but haven’t read them yet. The most exciting part though is that they are signed. My students get so excited when I tell them I have a book autographed by an author!

  51. Anna Sedenka

    Such a generous giveaway! I can picture all of my students clamouring to be the first person to read these books! Teachers also love authors! Without you we wouldn’t have such great stories to share with our students!

  52. Jason Lewis

    Wow! This is an incredible collection of books from an incredible collection of authors! This is just another example of the true rock stars authors are! Thank you Lynda and each author who has contributed a book to this collection! The16 books included will bring hundreds of smiles to student’s faces!!

  53. Laura U.

    So generous! What an incredible selection of books from incredible authors!

  54. Cortney Fields

    Authors Rock! Thanks so much for writing these amazing books & for a signed giveaway!!!!

  55. This is exciting! Thanks so much for being a part of it all! My kids would be so excited if our Media Center received some of these titles! 🙂

  56. Christine Kaiser

    Love that your giveaway includes great non-fiction. Someone’s students are going to be very lucky!

  57. What a Wonderful collection of authors and books!! Our school would love to win this giveaway! As the librarian, I would love to share these books with readers on our campus! Thank you for putting together this giveaway!!

  58. Amy Harpe

    These are wonderful! The kids will be so excited if our school wins.

  59. Annie Gersztoff

    This is truly a terrific collection of books! I know our students would love to see these in the library or in their classrooms!

  60. What an awesome giveaway! This week one of my biggest readers really struggled to find enough new books in my classroom library to get her through the long weekend, so I’ve been feeling extra eager to do some restocking. I really appreciate the chance to be entered in for a chance to win these wonderful books for my students!

  61. Rikki Steinmetz

    I love this! How amazing you are! I really hope I win this because the students have loved reading One for the Murphy’s and we just got a copy of Fish in a Tree that they were very excited about reading. 💜

  62. Sara Ralph

    Books were my savior a when I was a kid and authors, especially MG are my heroes. Thank you for all that you do. I love that I can read one of your books and count it as a professional development time.

  63. What an amazing giveaway! I’m so excited to read FIAT! I’ve been hearing great things about it since the Scholastic Summer Reading Summit in Houston!

  64. Allison Jackson

    Wow! What an amazing idea. How generous of you all! And of course, we can’t do what we do without you- writing fabulous books to put in readers’ hands. Thank you!

  65. destinylovelawyer

    What a fantastic idea!! I already bought a couple of these, so if I win, I will share with other teachers in my school.

  66. Mandy Cummings

    This is amazing! Thank you for pulling this together and getting such great literature out into the schools.

  67. What a sweet contest! This is truly generous. My classroom library would dance with joy to welcome these books.

  68. Lynda,
    Thank you — and all the other authors involved — for this very generous giveaway! You are creating a buzz for books here in a very kind way! I love reading middle grade because I think of many voracious readers who start their journey by finding one good “chapter book” and one favorite author. That is sometimes all it takes.

    Thank you all for your work in helping teachers connect their students with books!

  69. Teachers love these MG authors!! Thanks for doing the give away!

  70. Tanna Gallaher

    Lynda, I LOVED Fish In A Tree!! So excited to share Ally with my students – and I’ve encouraged every teacher I know to read it! This is a fabulous giveaway, thank you for showing the love!

  71. Katie Pitman

    I just finished Walk Two Moons with two of my student book clubs. The figurative language and connections make this book one they will always remember!

  72. I teach reading because bringing the love and joy of books to young people is greater than any other reward!

  73. Elizabeth Lucas

    And middle grade teachers love middle grade authors too! You can never have too many books in a classroom library!

  74. Karen H

    My students would be so excited to see these books in our classroom library!

  75. Why’d They Wear That is an excellent conversation piece as trends have evolved over the decades. In seventh grade, we are constantly writing expository and personal narrative essays and the students make direct connections to non-fiction pieces such as the one National Geographic publishes.

  76. Mary Laughton

    Teachers are the roadway to our destiny….

  77. Katie Thomas

    These are all titles that my kiddos know and love! My readers would be very excited to see these!!

  78. Kelly Varhola

    Thank you for you words of kindness and encouragement. It means so much! The passion in my classroom is reading. It’s a fire that’s burned in my heart since I was a young reader. I read these authors, sharing with my students, to spark their own passion. That is the true winning as an educator!

  79. Amanda Davies

    So nice to be appreciated! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  80. Amazing list of books and authors who rock! My 6th graders would love to read these titles!

  81. You all are simply amazing. The things you did to kids, by helping them find books they can connect with, by helping them see their place in this world, by helping them to see the place of others in this world, and by helping them seek comfort within the pages of your books, it is all so incredible. And now this. Thank you for this.

  82. @Beth_Parmer

    I have read chapter one to about 300 kids now and each time, the reaction as I close the book is the same: silence. It’s as if I am watching them all soak it in. And after a few seconds, we begin to talk and the discussion is amazing. Sometimes kids talk about Hunt’s ability to hook the reader, and sometimes they debate whether Ally is really trying, and sometimes a few kids begin to wonder if she’s dyslexic, and sometimes they share “I have a connection with Ally”. No matter what direction they take the discussion in, I am left realizing this is the book that needs to be read in all MG classrooms. This is the book teachers and kids need to discuss. Because great minds don’t think alike, and we need the children of our world to embrace and be embraced for that, rather than be ridiculed.

  83. Krista Surprenant

    So many students need thus kind of interaction with books and authors. It is amazing for students to go beyond the book and see them make connections in the real world with authors. It helps cultivate their own live of reading and writing! Thank you for inspiring our next generations!

  84. Jana Eschner

    Thank you so much for offering the chance to win some awesome books to put into the hands of children. I teach 5th grade in an urban school and I’m always looking for ways to get books. There’s no way to create readers without a great supply of literature. Thank you for recognizing all that teachers and librarians do to accomplish this – scouring thrift shops, garage sales, used book stores, etc.

  85. The kids would love these books! Thanks for thinking of the students and teacher’s tight budgets. You’re awesome!

  86. jlcouch

    wow, so many books on this list that I love or can’t wait to read. Last year my 7th grade students had a chance to skype with Jennifer Nielsen, and she told them all about her new book Mark of the Thief. They are still asking when we can get our hands on it!

  87. Such a great giveaway and so many of these books are on my “to-buy” list! Thanks from a middle school librarian!

  88. Brandi M

    What an awesome lineup of books! This would be exciting to win for my classroom…and myself! 😉

  89. Wow, so many great books on here that I love or can’t wait to read. Last year my 7th graders had a chance to Skype with the wonderful Jennifer Nielsen and she told us about her upcoming book, Mark of the Thief. They have not stopped asking about it since! Can’t wait to finally bring it in for them to read. Thanks!

  90. laurasreardon

    Thank you for celebrating teachers and honoring students’ right to read! I just finished Fish in a Tree and gave a book talk to my students recommending it. We celebrating book giving day yesterday! It was a popular pick. 🙂 Such an important story.

  91. Amazing selection of books and authors. Books kids can feel a connection with- which hooks them and keeps them reading 😊

  92. Nathalie

    Of course fighting is never allowed in my classroom but when I overhear kids arguing about who gets to read a certain book next or when waiting lists need to be created for certain books, I’ll admit- it makes me smile 🙂 Thanks for all that you do! Can’t wait to share these new titles with the class.

  93. Laura Rahn

    Would love to share these books with my 7th grade English students!!

  94. Thank you for always being just as enthusiastic as teachers in developing children’s sense of curiosity and possibilitiIes. Books expand their minds and as much as it makes their learning that much more exciting it makes our teaching exciting too!

  95. Thank you for your support of teachers and librarians! I had the pleasure yesterday at school to watch students participate in our Battle of the Books competition. It was so fun watching students discuss books and get so exciting that they were jumping up and down with the knowledge they had learned. I’m happy to share that One fro the Murphy’s was one of the outstanding books that the students were able to read for the competition.

  96. Jodi Connolly

    This makes me SO excited!!!!! I just spent the week celebrating the Newbery and Caldecott winners and Honor Books with my fourth graders…It’s the time of year where this box of books would LIFT TIRED SPIRITS in our classroom. I am doing a weekly Lunch Bunch with Liesl Shurtliff’s Rump with 54 fourth graders – so these books would be PERFECT for our Triple-S-time!!!! (Sixty-Second-Sells) -FINGERS CROSSED!!! 😉

  97. Megan Fuller

    This is amazing!

  98. Annette Burns

    I love the books in this giveaway! My students will love these! This is so wonderful!

  99. Thanks for doing this for us and our students! It’s a great selection of books!

  100. I love the fact that so many are motivated to bring these books into their children’s lives! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  101. Joanne Ledlow

    What an amazing way to beat the winter blahs with new books signed by the authors!

  102. Brown Girl Dreaming is so amazing! Excited to see it stand the test of time and become a classic.

  103. You authors make it so easy to share your wonderful books with our students! Thanks for all that YOU do!!

  104. I’d love to win this for my students!

  105. Kate Schoedinger

    Excited for our first ever Read-a-Thon 2/20/15! Our MS students are eagerly suggesting book titles to fill our shelves !!

  106. Thank you for writing books and sharing great books! Happy Valentine’s day to you from Canada’s North!!

  107. Jessi

    Thank y’all for providing us the tools to change kiddos lives one book at a time!

  108. Jen

    Thank you for providing us with such amazing books to use in our classrooms! Your works help us share the joy of reading with so many students. Thank you for recognizing and appreciating teachers with this incredible contest!

  109. Authors – Librarians – Teachers – Readers. We are a circle. Thank you for organizing this wonderful THANK YOU to the book pushers, the book talkers, and the book readers, Lynda. It is truly the thought that counts. Lucky are the children to reap these riches!

  110. Margo Melson

    What a fantastic giveaway! Feeling the love on this Valentine’s Day:) These books would definitely help my kiddos reach their 40 book challenge! Thank you to all the authors for your wonderful contributions to education by providing fantastic reading material for our students. Also, a shout out to Jess Keating for making my students feel special!

  111. Elise

    Thank you, teacher ftiends for giving your heart and mind to those in your classrooms!

  112. Erica

    What a great idea. I spent my valentine’s day with my students for Saturday school. I hope I can share these books with them.

  113. Not a librarian or a teacher, but I am entering for my boys school librarian. If I win, I’ll give you her name and direct mailing address. Everywhere I go, I try to get signed books for the school. They absolutely love it. These books would be a wonderful addition to this K-8 school. ❤ Thanks for hosting such a great contest. So many of these books are already on my TBR list.

  114. Jen Meizels

    I love the assortment – always looking for ways to reach more kids. Matching kids and books….best challenge of teaching!!

  115. Kristen P

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! I would love to get these books into the hands of my fourth grade readers. What an awesome collection of books and authors!

  116. Linda M.

    I’ve really not run into a profession that supports educators as mightily as authors. There is so much mutual love that benefits kids. Thank you for all that you do for readers of all ages and stages of life. Any book I win in a giveaway goes straight to the kids at my school.

  117. Meghann Donohue

    What a great collection of books! My students LOVE my classroom library and it’s hard to keep the good ones in stock. This would be tremendously helpful.

  118. Justin Greene

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway and thank you for appreciating teachers!

  119. Jill

    What an amazing way to show appreciation! Thank you for spreading the book love!

  120. blondemacb

    Since I had the pleasure of meeting you and several of the authors in this giveaway at NCTE, I have been talking up your books to my students. It is often so difficult to find the right book for the right child. This list includes so many “right books” that I would love to add to my class library.

  121. Alicia Erwin

    Thank you all for brining ideas to life in your novels!

  122. Ryley Z.

    What an amazing giveaway of amazing books! My 5th grade students love being in-the-know about new books and tins would be tremendous for them:)

  123. Judy Fondaw

    The best thing to happen in a school day is for me to connect kids with just the right book! This giveaway would be a fabulous addition to any classroom library!! Lynda thanks for your support of teachers and librarians.

  124. My heart is racing from reading all the books in this giveaway, especially once I realized that they are signed copies! I can’t even imagine if I were to win and have a signed copy of any of these books in my classroom. That would be too amazing!

  125. Emily Kissner

    I would love to share these books! I love it when kids from past years come to my classroom to check out the books that I have. What a great collection and a wonderful opportunity.

  126. Jamie Ronck

    I am a MS Principal who would love to share these books with some young readers! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  127. Aaron Cleaveley

    Ex MS librarian (would have stayed forever but school closed) who would love to share these with my 5/6 class.

  128. In my classroom authors are rockstars. Book release days are like holidays and there are actually disputes over who gets to read books next. This is how I know I am doing something right and I am so greatful to all the amazing authors out there who keep diversifying my library with books that connect to so many different readers with so many different interests and issues.

  129. Rachel

    Finished reading Fish in a Tree this week and already have kids anxiously awaiting its arrival on the classroom shelves!

  130. schmidtkristas

    Wow! Thank you for this amazing giveaway! It would be incredible to win this prize to share with my students!

  131. Michelle Best

    There is nothing better than finding the perfect book to match with each student, some who have never read an entire book in their lives. Reading opens new worlds!!

  132. Christy Aker-Minetto

    My class and I love to read. We have book drawings for the most popular books in the class and I’d like to add these books to the drawings. Thanks so much.

  133. Liz Fothergill

    Wow! Amazing authors, amazing books, fabulous covers, pile up the TBRs. Thank you from VT!

  134. Some new books to read and old faves…thanks for the love! A way to get kids excited about books! Love it! Thank you! #mgauthorsloveteachers

  135. Amy Bell

    What a generous giveaway…awesome! Thank you.

  136. Claire Pinali

    I would love to share these books with my students! It’s amazing what a love of reading can unfold in a child! Just this week I had a once reluctant reader come tell me how excited she was to start a new story by an author I had profiled during a read aloud. How thrilling!

  137. Maria

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for participating in this giveaway. I’m just so grateful that there are authors like you writing such wonderful stories for middle schoolers!

  138. Doug Kasselberg

    After having read and loved One for the Murphy’s I just picked up Fish in a Tree! I could not put it down!! Awesome!! SO many ideas right now on how to get this book in kids’ hands!

  139. What a fun giveaway! I would love to share any of these books with the students in my school!

  140. Amy Achs

    This is a wonderful thing – I love sharing books with my students and give away a book to 8 of my students every month. Thanks

  141. Love this idea!

  142. Lindsey Rick

    First year teacher here! I am trying to build up my library with quality literature to get my kids jazzed about reading! This would be wonderful!!!

  143. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway, but most of all for showing your appreciation for teachers. I also appreciate all of the authors involved in this giveaway – you are my rockstars!

  144. You so totally rock! This is a touching gesture and makes us feel very special. Thank you!

  145. Ginny Hoehlein

    I teach fifth grade in MA and run an after school book club for avid, can’t get enough books to read enthusiasts called the Potter Page Turners. A few have read One for the Murphys. It’s been a “hot read” in my class. Can never have enough Jacqueline Woodson in a fifth grade for reading and writing inspiration. Love the chance to earn some new books. THANK YOU!

  146. Stephanie

    Had a student finish One for the Murphys right before winter break and immediately ask, “Has this author written anything else?” How excited was I to be able to come back after break and say, “Yes, and it’s coming out later this month!” Now 2 students have read (devoured!) Fish in a Tree and I have yet to see it put back on the bookshelves. I am so thankful for the wonderful authors who make it possible to bring such fantastic books into my classroom.

  147. Tatiana Guyer

    Thanks and wishing everyone lots of luck!

  148. What a wonderful post and giveaway. Thank you for generating so much excitement about books!

  149. I love Jennifer Nielsen’s writing and am excited to see her book in this list. A high school girl who had not been reading much received False Prince in my library’s “Blind Date with a Book.” I am glad to say she loved it and recommends it to others.

  150. What a wonderful opportunity for everyone. The books chosen are excellent. I have read many of them and am adding the others to my book list. Thank you for this opportunity to increase our collection with up to date novels.

  151. Lura Manley

    This is a great opportunity to put many excellent books in the hands of readers! Thank you for being a super hero for students/teachers/librarians!! I would LOVE to put these books into our school library!

  152. My students are loving Fish in a Tree! The sticky note of who gets the book next is full! We would love to get more books for our classroom library to keep everyone reading all the time!

  153. Valerie

    I think this is so generous and amazing that you and the other authors are doing this! I love good books and love seeing my students reading them!

  154. Lorien Hallama

    This is such a generous and thoughtful idea! My students would LOVE these additions, and I would love to get them excited about reading.

  155. Betsy Murphy

    Excited to enter! Thank you!

  156. I think this is an awesome idea. My students just absolutely love to read. These books would be awesome additions to our classroom!

  157. Megan K

    This is incredible! I’ve added some titles I’ve never heard of to my Goodreads To Be Read list. Thanks!

  158. I’m a new gifted and talented teacher (typically K-6 computers) looking to start a library for my GATE students. This would be a great start to that library! Thanks for including me!

  159. We love the love. Highland School library could use all these books. Thank you!

  160. Lauren mayrides

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity chance to win! My library visitors will love these titles!

  161. NG

    This is very generous! Whoever wins will be lucky to receive such great titles. Thank you.

  162. Stacey Rattner

    I love MG authors so much and would love to win this batch of fabulous books to share with my students. Here I am on vacation and only reading MG novels. I run a Newbery club with all my Fifth graders and we would love some new books (and ones we already know) to read. Thank you so much in advance!

  163. Mariela

    How amazing is this?! Feeling the love!

  164. Luke Schuurman

    I am entering for my librarian. Everyone in my class will love atleast one of those books. They wouldn’t touch the shelves for the first months because everyone would have them signed out.

  165. Thank you ALL for entering! The number of entries was staggering but our HUGE prize winner is……Leigh Anne Eck! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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