Anagram Hints for SHOUTING AT THE RAIN

An anagram is a word made from the letters of another words such as “listen” and “silent”. In my latest book, SHOUTING AT THE RAIN, all of the characters’ names are anagrams.

anagram listen silent


Click here to see my original blog post on Nerdy about the anagrams. 🙂

AS PROMISED, I am here to give my readers some hints as to the anagram solutions. Please see the list below.

Each line begins with a character’s name, followed by a hint. In some cases, I have included partial solutions or given the letter breakup of the answer. For example ” –5-  —6— means there are two words in the solution – the first word is 5 letters and the second word is 6 letters.

Here are your anagram clues!!

Shouting at the Rain – Three words that describe a beverage everyone in the neighborhood drinks

Strong shoulder – three words: (1) opposite of weak (2) group of elephants (3) –4—  

Delsie McHill – Who is she? ( —7—-  –5– ) 

Bridget Maeve McHill – ( Be  –4–,  deliver  –5— )  

Joseph A. McHill – Refers to his favorite shirt

Ronan N. Gale  –  Something Ronan will do by end of the book ( Gonna  –5— )

(Side note – Ronan means young seal in Celtic.)

Sherman Gale – Refers to story of the vessel lost under his command.  Uses synonym for fisherman ( —6—  –5— ) (On a side note, Sherman makes the last 7 letters of fisherman)

Aimee Polloch – Someone she is often with

Katrinka Schofield – Song title from Annie ( -3–  1  –4–  –5–  -4–)

Melissa “Mellie” Dawson McHill – Where has she been all this time? ( “Hi, call me Miss -3-  -2-  —6—,  ME” )   (ME is postal code for Maine)

Henry I Lasko – Describes both his looks and his character

Esmarelda – “Seal” of approval

Ruby Loren – How she sees

Olive Tinselly –  Refers to how she expresses love. Uses word “love” in anagram

Brandy Fiester – Something she does in the story   ( —-7—  —6— )

Tressa Bohlen  – A nod to one of my favorite Fish in a Tree characters

Michael Poole – Best friend

Saucepan Lynn – The name of my beloved editor at Penguin

12 Comments on “Anagram Hints for SHOUTING AT THE RAIN

  1. Please help me find the answers to the anagram names! They are driving me crazy!!!
    Thank You!


  2. To Letta! – I can tell you the anagrams for Delsie McHill, Olive Tinselly, and Ronan N. Gale if you can tell me the anagram for Tressa Bohlen. Is it a deal???


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