Readers…Start your Questions.


Okay, READER! I will be putting together videos for YOU! But I’d like your help on WHAT you would like to know!

In the comments section, please post questions. ***PLEASE BEGIN EACH QUESTION with a topic label in ALL CAPS so I can sift through them. For example…

ONE FOR THE MURPHYS Does Carley have similarities to you?

WRITING What do you like best about writing a book?

FISH IN A TREE Who is your favorite character from the book?

SHOUTING AT THE RAIN Why did you set the book on Cape Cod?

WRITING What advice do you have for a kid who wants to be an author one day?

SHOUTING AT THE RAIN You must really like anagrams, huh? Why do you think that’s so?

ONE FOR THE MURPHYS Do you like basketball or baseball more?

See how I did that? This will make it easier to sift through your questions to organize them. (I decided against multiple blogs for questions… We shall see how this goes.)

So…please post your questions below. BUT can we please give our TEACHERS and LIBRARIANS who are reaching out to you young readers a round of Applause!!!?




33 Comments on “Readers…Start your Questions.

  1. WRITING PROCESS: I’m going to have my kids write narratives. Could you share a bit about your writing process? Do you write with a theme in mind? Do you plan out story plots before you write or just start with an idea and see how it develops?

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    • Also, do you have an initial draft of a paragraph/excerpt that you later revised? I’d love to show my kids an example of a professional author’s revisions and compare the first draft to the final draft.


  2. My school is moving to distance learning. Can I have permission to share “Fish in a Tree” via video reading/electronic format?


    • I would LOVE for you to continue reading to your kids! However, I do not own the legal rights to give you permission to post public videos of you reading any books. HOWEVER, if you can read to them via a *private link/platform then I think that would be fine. If your kids have questions about the book, encourage them to list their questions here. 🙂 HUGE THANKS TO YOU for looking out for your kids 🙂 Hoping you and yours stay safe ❤


      • in ONE FOR THE MURPHY’S why did you choose to make Carly in foster care


  3. SHOUTING AT THE RAIN my school is on break/distance learning. My class stopped at chapter 13 before we were put on break and I’d love to keep reading to them. Can I have permission to read Shouting At The Rain virtually through a closed platform, such as Zoom?


  4. FISH IN A TREE (from Ruby age 9) Why did you choose to have Ally have the character traits that she has in the book? I really liked the book!


  5. You are our daughters favorite author! Thank you! We would love to have you share your creative writing process with us—and perhaps have our children (age 11) create their own narrative based off of your suggestions. Thank you for sharing any and all of your wisdom..(especially around character development)


  6. Writing
    I was thinking about becoming an author one day, do have any advice for realistic fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy ideas?


    • QUESTION I am interviewing you for a school project I love your book so much and I have 2 questions. 1. What inspired you to write this book? 2. How long did it take to write and publish your book? PLEASE REPLY!!


    I’m thinking about becoming an author on fantasy, realistic fiction, and historical fiction. Do you have any suggestions for me? (age 11)


  8. (from Mrs.Simonds class)
    What is the big message you try to show in the book?(I’m in the beginning of the book)


    I would like your permission to record myself reading the last half of Fish in a Tree to share with my students. On our last day before the school shut-down, quite a few students expressed how sad they were to not get to hear the end of the book. I believe I can share a private YouTube link only visible to them.


  10. We are just finishing up Fish in a Tree and I was wondering if we could set up a digital session with you and my students. They would love to hear you speak and chat with you. Thank you!


  11. Jane wanted to know though your girl could certain, the cost I simply informed her she had to hang about until the young woman seemed to be to old enough. But the truth is, in which does not get your girlfriend to counteract using picking out her very own incorrect body art terribly your lady are generally like me. Citty design


    In the anagram for Melissa Mellie Dawson McHill, its turns into Hi, call me miss sad in Lowell, ME. How does the characters in the story know that Mellie left the cape to go to Lowell Maine?


  13. Cole & Jude student of Kathy Duran grade 2 teacher at Hyannis West in Barnstable

    My town of Barnstable is doing a community read of FISH IN A TREE, I want to know what inspired you to write this story? Did you have any experiences similar to Ally, or any of the other characters in this story? How long did it take you to write this book?


  14. When did you make this book? (Specific date Please) If you cant answer please right the year.


  15. I am a fan of both “Fish In a Tree” and “One For The Murphys”, I was wondering if you’re going to write another book? I wold really appreciate if you did!


  16. What are 4 things that are important to Ally? What are 4 symbols that represent Ally?


  17. i really loved one for the murphys. this book got me through the year it was great


  18. I belong to a family book club made up of 3 generations of female family members that range from 11 to 71 years old from different states, we meet in Zoom. We have read all your books and they are fabulous.

    Where can I find the answers to your name anagrams in Shouting at the Rain, our most recent book?

    Keep on writing such wonderful and inspiring books. ❤️


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