In Celebration of Those Who Champion Children Giveaway

Hello, Nerds,

First of all, I am sorry that I have been so quiet online. In order to get my latest book, Shouting at the Rain, finished it was necessary to pull back. But, I have returned with bells on, as my mum used to say. 🙂

Often, when I speak with teacher groups, I tell them that I was “that kid.” You know. The pain. The one who was hard to help. When I was younger, I stood in the hallway a lot after diversionary tactics.

Because of the child I was, I knew that when I, the teacher, stood toe-to-toe with kids and told them how great they were, how much potential they had, etc., etc., that they weren’t hearing me. Often that kind of kid is thinking,

She doesn’t know me.

She’s a liar,

He has to say that; he’s a teacher.

I knew it was rare for those kids to let the positive sink in. But, sadly, they’d file the bad stuff in an iron vault. I do believe that a kid has to hear something good 150 times for every single negative thing. The bad stuff is easier to believe, I guess.

So, as a teacher, I ordered business cards like these:

BLOG cards
I would write ONE sentence that was specific. I included their names and my name. Because I knew it had to be written down. So, my students could read them without the pressure of having to look me in the eye. Without the task of weighing and wondering. Of preparing their deflection while I spoke. With these cards…they could read it 150 times if they wanted.

And they did.

It broke my heart, but the school psychologist told me that the kids she saw who received these messages told her that they’d sit and stare at my name while at home. Heartbreaking. And, I myself, saw multiple kids pull tattered cards from their pockets weeks later just to get a peek at it.

This past weekend at nErDcampLI in New York (A conference organized by the wonderous JoEllen McCarthy, Kristen Picone, Denise Toscano, and Ali McDermott based on the conference model by Nerdy Book Club Nerd Camp by fantastic founders, Colby Sharp, Donalyn Miller, and Cindy Minnich) , I spoke with some teachers about using cards to buoy kids. And this morning a wonderful teacher named Kristin Crouch posted this on Twitter.


My second book, FISH IN A TREE is a love letter to teachers. My forthcoming book, SHOUTING AT THE RAIN is not but it made me think a lot about these kinds of kids. The kids who think they’re flawed. Broken. Because of things that others have said and done.

And I was so happy to see Kristin’s post and the hashtag #TellThemTheyMatter that I decided to do a Ginormous giveaway. To thank you educators out there who are saving kids. Not much make me tear up but the thought of a brigade of educators standing strong for kids gets me every time.


Here are the giveaways:


~Signed poster
~Signed Murphys hardcover
~Signed FISH hardcover
~Two signed FISH paperbacks
~Wooden nickels
~Fiat/Murphys bookmarks
~SHOUTING AT THE RAIN bookmarks (shown below)
~A FIAT (front) and SATR (back) T-shirt (shown below)
~"I have GRIT AND STRONG SHOULDERS & Be someone's hero" bracelets 
  (pictured in first prize)
~GRIT tattoos
~BookTrain tote bag
~Small stack of cards to encourage your kids

BLOG everything



~Bracelets for your whole class 
~Shouting at the Rain bookmarks (shown below)
~Three "I have strong shoulders" lanyards
~Small stack of cards to encourage students
~A T-shirt (shown below) with FIAT on front and SATR on back

BLOG SATR ARC lanyards



~ONE T-shirt with Shouting at the Rain on the back 
      and Fish in a Tree on the front
~A set of SATR bookmarks for your class.
~A stack of cards to encourage your kids


BLOG shirt front fiat


BLOG shirt back satr


Blog bookmarks satr

BLOG cards


  1. Pledge to write a minimum of FIVE NOTES TO KIDS AT SCHOOL this week. (I’ll never know if you don’t But if you DO follow through, I promise you’ll like the results. Kids are worth it.)

  2. Make a comment below about anything you wish. BUT please include your twitter handle or email address so I contact you.

  3. Post this contest AS A LINK on Twitter/FB/ETC with hashtag  #TellThemTheyMatter

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED the night of MONDAY THE 19TH (I’ll be away until then)



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285 thoughts on “In Celebration of Those Who Champion Children Giveaway

  1. My students love Fish in a Tree!!

  2. Emily Myhren

    So excited for your new book! Fish in a Tree and One for the Murphys are among my go to reccomendations.

    • lauraf27

      Thank you for reminding us as teachers that those few minutes to write a sentence of kind words can have a lifetime of positive echoes for a child!!

  3. Melissa Davies

    I read Fish in a Tree to my class this year. What an amazing story and so relatable to so many kids and teachers!!

  4. Kate McCue-Day

    My school has a contest to design school postcards that we as teachers can then fill out and send to kids and they cover the postage. We have our in town VOC department print them. It is the coolest thing because they are always in the teacher’s room for us to pick up and send. Parents tell me all the time how they love to hang them on the fridge. I try to send a couple every Friday. I even got one from the principal once when I really needed it and I can’t believe he sensed I needed a pick me up!! We all do. I also can not get over how generous authors are to us. You really among the few that treat us so special.

  5. Kim

    This is amazing! My students simply love
    fish in a tree! They’d be so excited to win! (@goldenteach via twitter)

  6. Loved One for the Murphy’s and FIAT. Can’t wait for Shouting at the Rain. ❤️❤️

  7. Jennifer Mann

    Kids need us to listen. They need to know they are seen, heard and important. Thank you for #TellThemTheyMatter! 💕

  8. Kara

    I would love to read Shouting at the Rain! @MrsWarren313

  9. Kim O

    I would love to read Shouting at the Rain! What great messages in all of your books! @MsOxleysClass

  10. Cara Foley

    These prizes are GREAT! Thanks for the chance to win. Can’t wait to write notes to my kiddos next week!
    My lunch time book club wants our next book to be One for the Murphy’s. Trying my hardest to find 10 copies to make it happen by next Wednesday!
    #TellThemTheyMatter @carazfoley

  11. Heidi

    Thanks for sharing your experiences as a teacher. I love learning from others and what was effective in their classrooms I make a point of daily validating kids verbally. I never thought to put it in writing!

  12. Megan Lewitin

    I attended NerdCamp and got to see you speak. Over the last week I gave out little love notes to students, sharing something specific that they’ve done that I noticed and that I’m proud of. Such a huge impact for such a small thing for a teacher to do. This will definitely be something I do forever. Thank you, Lynda!


  13. missnicolemancini

    Thanks so much for doing this! I’m excited to write my notes for next week!

  14. Elizabeth

    Thank you!
    In a world where so much else is perceived to matter, it is them, the students who matter. Thank you for this. I will #TellThemTheyMatter

  15. Making others feel noticed, important and special is not a difficult job if you are doing it for all the tight readers an as well as with love. Adults & children thrive when they can trust those with whom they are working & learning. Evidence of this can be found in your stories. I’m looking forward to reading this latest one.

  16. Kathy Denniston

    Love this! My students last year loved Fish in a Tree! We would love any of these prize packs. My wish is I can continue sharing the love of reading with more and more students each year.

  17. Kelly Farnsworth

    This is very generous and thoughtful of you. Thank you for the opportunity to win some swag from you!
    This is my 20th year teaching 6th graders and I keep a stack of thank you cards that i use for this exact purpose. I have seen that magic that you talk about.
    I see the thank you cards placed in the front of their
    binders as a special gift. I will pledge to continue
    to do this and be even more observant for those
    who may need this most. Thank you!

  18. Kris Barr Paquette

    What a fabulous idea, Lynda! Thank you for sharing that story. I can’t wait to share some notes this week. Last week in my advisory class, I wrote each student a note about something special I have noticed about them. We’ve also bee doing THANKSgiving calls- making big positive phone calls home during the month of November. It’s very special and fun to do. Congratulations on the new book- can’t wait to read it. @readingteachkbp

  19. I LOVE this business card idea! I’m also brainstorming how to hit former students with these notes as they are with their teachers this year ❤️

  20. Kristin Nolan

    Love this! Thanks Lynda! I have a lot of students who need to see a positive message this week.
    @milibraria on Twitter
    Elementary school librarian in Warren, MI

  21. Karen McKenna

    I have a student this year. That student who is absent about 50% of the time, and when she is at school, she’s late and needs to use the bathroom as soon as she arrives. That student who constantly leaves her book and all of her stuff behind in my classroom. That student who lives in a life of chaos and instability and the consistency of school just doesn’t work for. That student that I want to help, but often have no idea how to. And then I handed her a stack of books this week to look through, and she picked Fish in a Tree. She hasn’t left it in my room and she seems really excited to read it. It might not be a superhero fix, but you are a superhero to me because right now your book is speaking to her. Thank you! @mrskarenmckenna I can’t wait to write some notes!

  22. Michelle Spires

    Thank you for such an AWESOME giveaway! Books, notecards, and swag that will draw students to your already amazing books!

  23. Rebecca Bearinger Fay

    Pick me! Kids DO matter! @Mrs_Fays_Class and @RebeccaFayWRDSB

  24. Lisa Piontek

    Even if you’ve been teaching for what feels like forever, if they ask you to swing on the swings, do it. You won’t regret it.

  25. Ashley McMichael


    Your work is incredible. I read FIAT as a read-aloud to my first class ever…they were mostly military kiddos, so it was extra special. Your writing pushes me to be better. Lots of love.

    Keep shining,
    Ashley McMichael

  26. I wish that I could make a difference in my Title I kid’s Lives. I see almost 900 students a week and I want them to know that someone out there loves them, even if it’s just by a smile and hello every morning!!

  27. I wish that I could make a difference in my Title I kid’s Lives. I see almost 900 students a week and I want them to know that someone out there loves them, even if it’s just by a smile and hello every morning!!

  28. My students have loved Fish in a Tree, and I can’t wait to share your newest book with them! @mrscantu5

  29. Jenni Yingling

    Your books are amazing and I can’t wait to read the next one.

  30. Kelly Van Kirk

    This is amazing! Thank you for this opportunity! I actually write a personal card to every student (65 this year!) around the holidays that they receive while we’re off from school. I know they’re time away from school is not always as joyful as we would hope. @lostinalongbook

  31. Susan Hutchens

    I’ll be subbing with the same ELL kids all week next week, and promise to write cards to them, Lynda! What a fabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing!! (I have a package of little, tiny note cards I bought last summer for no good reason, but I KNEW I’d find something to do with them. Problem solved!)

  32. Elexia Kilgore

    I LOVE this!!! I can’t wait to write 5 notes this week! I’m already considering who I’ll write to. I tell all my teachers that Fish in a Tree is a fantastic read aloud. 🙂 Thank you for supporting students & teachers!!!

  33. Heather

    Thank you for your continued support of teachers and helping all of become better teachers to our kids. I write notes to my students every year in their journals as a surprise at random times of the year. But, now I plan on also writing notes, so they have something to keep with them when they need it. I’ve been an educator for over 20 years, and the amount of kids that need this affirmation just increases each year. @bookishbiggie on Twitter

  34. I happily take the pledge to write a minimum of five positive notes to students this coming week.

  35. Heather Jensen

    Wow! Lynda you are amazing! I love to write notes to my students past and present. I also make short video messages for them to watch in the morning. The way their faces light up makes the rest of the day fabulous! Good luck to everyone!

  36. Kelly Coleman

    Thank you for championing teachers and kids!! We love your books.

  37. Thank you for the giveaway and the good reminder to write notes to our students! I think I will write some to kids I had last year, too.

    Twitter: teacherfig

  38. Charlotte Polk

    Love this! I think all the kids know Fish In A Tree is my favorite book. I have a student I’m sponsoring this year. We started the year with a book with a message written inside. Can you guess which book I gave her? I think and pray for this child and their success. You can find me @charlottepolk71 📚❤️

  39. These books have such important messages! Thank you!

  40. Kelly Loeffler

    Making an effort to focus on relationships this year. Sending the notes is a great idea. I was so good at building relationships in student teaching and in my first years. I need to get back to that now that I’m in my 19th. @MrsKLoeffler

  41. mrsaltham

    If a teacher did this for me, I’d never forget it. I’m going to shoot for ten notes. @mrsaltham

  42. Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! @AFranchak

  43. Stephanie

    Love this! I have some tough kiddos this year that could really use a little extra encouragement. Will definitely be writing some notes next week, and hopefully each week for the rest of the year. Thank you for a great idea 🙂

  44. Nora

    Love the idea of giving students notes of affirmation. Thank you for sharing your own story. @nwgalvin

  45. Lauree Moore

    I absolutely adore this idea! I will definitely accept this challenge and pass it on to other teachers as well! Everyone needs a little affirmation in their lives! @LibraryMaus

  46. M W

    Cards are so cute. I’ve done this but it’s usually on sticky notes, especially during testing. @mswteaches

  47. Amanda Mykins

    Thank you for writing, inspiring, and teaching! Your books are wonderful. My class is excited to read Fish in a Tree every day. I can’t wait to use your books and your visit to our school when we start our writing process next week. Keep writing!

  48. Louise

    Hi Lynda
    Just wanted to let you know that your inspirational words reach all over the world including here in Australia. And kids are the same the world over – they need champions and they need to be told often They Are Awesome 💝 (I realise I am beyond your giveaway region but you deserve to know You Rock – @lobroo)

  49. Such an inspiring idea! Thank you so much for caring and sharing! (@kamcanada77)

  50. Julee Murphy

    @JuleeMurphy Yes, I will write 5 notes and more. Children and adults need encouragement and to know that they matter. Your books are an inspiration so thank you for giving us quality reading that makes it easy for the librarian to recommend.

  51. Anissa Jones

    What a simple but amazing idea. Challenge accepted!

  52. Mayra Negron

    What a wonderful idea!!!!! I pledge to send 5 You Are Awesome cards to kids at school next week: 5 in English and 5 in Spanish. As I write this I know who will get them… I can just see the hidden smiles, why? Because I have already seen them before, when they think I am not looking. Until I read this I just didn’t have the way to solidify what I think of these kiddos. So thank you for passing this great idea to us and the many more folks who will do it. Think for a moment of all the kids who will be receiving these cards…
    My twitter handle is @mayralovesbooks and my email is I am an elementary school librarian so I see everyone at my school. It will be fun to tell the students I wrote to you. Can’t wait to read Shouting at the Rain! I would be shouting at the rain too, but these days in Wisconsin it’s more like shouting at the snow!

  53. Jennifer DeFeo

    I’m going to try this! I always focus on the positive verbally with my students but I can see how powerful writing it down for them would be. I’ve been reading a lot about trauma based students. This seems like a nice way to reach them. ❤️ #tellthemthattheymatter

  54. Crystal Garcia

    I will definitely be trying this! Fish in a Tree changed me all for the better as a teacher! Can’t wait to read Shouting at the Rain ! @crystalgtxteach

  55. Lori Dryman

    I love this

  56. Amy Knueven

    I teach 4th grade and we read Fish In A Tree this year. The kids and I loved it. I was just telling a teacher this week that my typical tactics aren’t working with some of my kids this year. I can’t wait to write some notes and see what happens! @MrsKnueven4

  57. Thank you for supporting teachers and inspiring teachers to be champions for our kids.

    As a 7th-grade reading teacher, I am always talking to my kids about how our words have power – the power to hurt and the power to heal. I have a mailbox in my room where students can leave me notes and I always write back. I look forward to delivering some of my own mail this week.

    Thanks again for supporting us teachers – it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world, but in my eyes, the most important job in the world.

    Shawn Storm
    7th-grade reading teacher

    @sstorm01 on Twitter!

  58. @MmeStallard

    I remember having an extremely smart student who never trusted herself when taking tests. She wanted me to walk her through every single question. One time she called me over panicking that she didn’t know the answer, and I looked her in the eye and told her “you are so much smarter than think you are. You know this. Trust your gut.” Something changed in her after that. It was like all she needed was me to say out loud that I saw her and knew how hard she works.

  59. @SwampMiddleSch Every day, I come home with a story about something a student said to me – about their own life or a book. I don’t grade them, so the library is a safe welcoming space for many students. Best job in the world!

  60. Sherry Williford

    What a great idea! I will start this week. I expect this to pay huge dividends. Retweeting now.

    Thank you.

  61. Yes!! All kids need the affirmation, but we know there are some who need a buoy even more. Thanks for the reminder to take the time to tell our Ss how great they are.

  62. Sue Straub

    ❤️ Your work & your idea! @sestraubteach

  63. Betsy Murphy

    This week, I had four fifth grade girls select OFTM as their independent reading book. I cannot wait to have lunch with them next week so we can talk about meeting Carly. (@murphy629)

  64. I still have 6th graders tell me Reading Fish in a Tree was their favorite experience in my 4th grade classroom. Our district dedicates Nov. 19 to a student who passed away from cancer and all teachers surprise their classes with a handwritten note in that day. They are short. Usually 1 sentence. But the impact is BIG. #TellThemTheyMatter

  65. Anderson rawlins

    I pledge to write at least five notes. This reminds me of FIAT, my class reads it as a book club. We all write “impossible” on a sticky note and rip it apart. It shocking to see how many tattered pieces of paper are used weeks later as bookmarks with the word “possible” on it.

  66. Kristen Indriso

    I wish for a positive future for all children and for children to truly enjoy their childhood.

  67. Jaymie Prindiville

    Your books are incredible! I have loved everyone and I am sooo excited to read Shouting at the Rain!!
    Thank you!! I am excited to write those notes this week! I already have the kids in mind. 🙂 @literacy_lovin

  68. Something that doesn’t just have to be done with kids. In this crazy world we live, everyone now and again could use a boost . As the PLC leader at my school, I also pledge to drive this with my fellow colleagues. We all have those tough days, hoping that “you rock” will get some through those tough times .

  69. Thank you Lynda for sharing strategies to help build relattionships with students. For American Education Week, parents and teachers will leave notes on children’s lockers. Can’t wait to meet Delsie & Ronan! @lauramossa Twitter

  70. Kristin Crouch

    I make the pledge, happily, and am so glad to be a part of this movement of student support and love.

  71. Kimberly Seaver

    I am not a hero. My students are heroes. One is reading One For The Murphys right now. She HATES to read, but she cannot put this book down.
    Whether she relates to a character or she is furthering empathetic skills, she is reading and loving it. Thank you.
    Kim Seaver @kseav

  72. I #TellKidsTheyMatter everyday. But I love the idea of writing it on a postcard. Thanks for the idea! @dkking2011

  73. Wonderful ideas and inspiration from a very special author. I’m so looking forward to Shouting at the Rain!

  74. I have become such a huge fan, I listened to the audio versions of One for the Murphys last spring and Fish in a Tree this fall and FELL IN LOVE! I have this idea of starting a book club for our teachers at school with Fish in a Tree as I think it would really make them think as it did for me about just how different every child is and we have to try to connect with them all. A fellow teacher told me once great teachers will “steal” others ideas/plans, well I love your idea of using business cards and might just have to “steal” it! So glad our literature and educational world has someone like you in it to help spread positive messages!

  75. Thank you for this wonderful idea. I’m definitely going to start doing this. A love note, in a sense. Im thinking this is really needed, especially for a few I’m thinking of right now. Thank you also for this contest. I’m entering it because I just moved from 4th to 6th. I was teaching 4th for 15 years and had built an extensive library. I couldn’t take any of the books with me to 6th and my new room had ZERO books in it. I added a few of my personal books to it, but I have more picture books than 6th grade chapter books. Would love to add your books to my limited collection! Crossing my fingers & toes.

  76. Melissa Dabrowski

    I can’t wait to spread love and joy using your business card idea! Thank you for sharing! @giddylib

  77. Megan Truax

    I wish for every kid to find a book that taps them on the shoulder and speaks directly to their heart. I hope they have at least one teacher in their life who can do the same. 💜 We used Fish in a Tree as our first read aloud of the year, and it was an outstanding way to build community and celebrate different ways of learning. Thank you for writing books that resonate with kids! @MeganTruax

  78. Laura Hawley

    Helping my kids see their full potential and letting them know that I love them and honestly care about them, is my passion. Without the relationships I build with my them, learning will not take place.

  79. Sarah Yates

    I love this idea. I love that the comment-that so many of them need, is there for them forever-whenever they need it and however often. Thank you for this opportunity. My 5th graders and I would be very thankful.


  80. I am up for the challenge! Thank you for sharing your story & encouraging us to take action!

  81. I, too, find value in writing these notes to students. I left two on desks yesterday, and the joy on their faces when they read the notes was so telling of how much they needed them. ❤️

  82. Bridget Rieth

    Thank you, Lynda, for all you do. Yours are in my arsenal of books I give to kids to encourage empathy and self-recognition. Can’t wait to read Shouting at the Rain! From @bkrieth

  83. Ellen Smith

    Your book Fish in a Tree has been a must read-aloud each year since I chose it for my GRA book. It always resonates deeply with the students. They often want to reread it when I finish reading it. @4EGLU46

  84. Melissa Boire

    Leaving notes for kids is an essential part of teaching, relationship building, and trust! Leaving notes for your colleagues makes a big difference too.

  85. Betsy Wolf

    This is something I will share with all of my teacher friends. Great idea!

  86. I am inspired by this blog post! I agree that students need to see and hear just how special they are! I am going to order some of those cards!! I started this week and wrote a note to every staff member to let them know that I appreciate them. Taking the time to reflect about each person, I found that there were so many things that I appreciate about each one. Seeing their smiles made my day as well! I had so many people come and thank me, if this made adults happy, I can only imagine the joy that it will bring to the students! I am going to go buy some postcards to start with this weekend! I can’t wait to share with students just how special they are and how much they mean to me! @anichols32

  87. This is a great reminder to do get back into the routine of leaving positive notes for kids. After a crazy week of conferences and report cards, this will be a welcomed task!

  88. Gina

    True heroes show kindness and grace when no one is watching.

  89. Beth Parmer

    First, you are 100% right about the notes. Just today, a child made a book and gave it to me, so I wrote him a thank you note and told him I could already see what an amazing author/illustrator he was. His teacher came up to me and she said he was over the moon. She was so happy to see him that happy. I think we forget that what we do for one child can have a ripple effect sometimes. Now for my wish…I wish all kids had access to equitable education with the resources they need and compassionate teachers by their sides.

  90. I pledge to write at least five notes to kids at school this week and continue through at least January to create a kindness ripple effect. While I would LOVE an ARC of Shouting at the Rain, I’d love to see the smiles from my students more. #TellThemTheyMatter

  91. Hillary Rouse Billingsley

    I am so in. Love this. @HillaryRB

  92. Michelle

    Currently reading Fish in a Tree and loving it. I wish for all students to feel special in their own way.

  93. This was such an amazing post. Not just for the prizes, but because the content was motivating. The business cards are a brilliantly easy way to recognize kids. I will definitely be doing this! Fish in a Tree is my current classroom read. It’s the book I read to show my students that I live a readerly life. Thanks for the awesomeness this morning! -Sarah (@iLessonLady)

  94. Jennie Greenway

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! I pledge to write notes to 5 students next week at school. Children deserve adults who are excited about teaching them and care enough to go the extra mile.

  95. Katie Delamarter

    I wish that we didn’t have so much standardized testing so we could do way more book studies and have important conversations regarding our thoughts and feelings @KatieDelamarter

  96. Patricia Murphy

    @appleMurphy22. –SIMPLE, yet powerful idea. One of an educators most important roles is finding and nurturing the potential in others–working to optimize student’s strengths while making their weaknesses irrelevant. Thank YOU for this generous giveaway AND for all you do to encourage others. Your books make a tremendous impact–we talk of a ‘silver dollar day’ year after year. #TellThemTheyMatter

  97. I’m @mama_librarian (librarymaggi dot Gmail dot com). I wrote two love letters to six-year-old students this week.

  98. Serafina Deo

    Oh my goodness. What a dream this would be. One for the Murphys touched me so deeply. I write notes to my students once each month. I’m going to tag you in a picture on Twitter. Thank you for always inspiring. ♡
    Twitter Handle: @SeraDeo

  99. Julia Strickland

    Thank you for giving us text that shows our students it is okay to be different and to think outside the box. We as educators also need these powerful inspirational text to show us that as educators it is also okay to be a bit outside the box. My little fantasticos are loving your book as a read aloud and BEG me daily to read more! I’m hopeful they will all learn the message of being their self and acceptance of those who may be a little different.


  100. This is an amazing giveaway! Thank you! I love the cards. Praise in a pocket. Brilliant! I am featuring Shouting at the Rain in a “Waiting on Wednesday” post on November 14! I’m @kahnbrenda on Twitter.

  101. Stacy Alfano

    We read Fish in a Tree and my 3 ELA classes LOVED it!! They were ecstatic when I told them you have another book on the horizon!! @Mrs_Alfano

  102. Julie Kirchner

    I am so lucky to know you. This story made my heart swell as well as my eyes. Love this message more than I can say. #TellThemTheyMatter 💗💗💗

    Thanks for doing this and for being you.


  103. Theresa Sintuphant

    Thank you for getting this message out there! Countless times my notes to my students as to their parents have helped forge rapport with my students.


  104. Andrea Jamison

    What a lovely concept. I pledge to write five notes a week, to inspire confidence and self love in my students.

  105. This is an absolutely fantastic idea. I try to write positive notes, but this post is another reminder to “up my game.” One principal for whom I worked used to stop in to observe me teach and would always leave a note on a child’s desk as well. The power of positivity!!! The first quote on our Reading Graffiti bulletin board was from Fish in a Tree, so I’d love anything related – but also can’t WAIT to read Shouting at the Rain! @MrsPhillipsRm29

  106. Your post made me tear up. I teach K, and most of my kids can’t read, but I remember last year when I had a mailbox to write letters to our “Fish Expert” and I wrote them back, one little JK girl carried the letter around for days. I can only imagine how much they would love a little card that says “You are awesome!” Thanks for this great idea. I’m going to start this week with 5 students. I love your books and by the way, YOU ARE AWESOME TOO, for starting this!

  107. Devyn Falk

    I absolutely love this! Every time I had a sub that is planned I leave specific, encouraging notes for each kiddo! 😀 @mrsdfalk

  108. Tiffany Persechini

    Thank you for continuing to inspire others. My wheels are spinning as I think of how/when I can begin implementing this simple yet powerful idea. I am starting a countdown calendar to mark the days until the book release. @Mrs_Persechini

  109. Terry Jacobsen

    A wish-
    That all students could see themselves as someone who has value-who matters in some way. @TLClibrary #TellThemTheyMatter

  110. Vilia Garcia

    I pledge to write an encouraging word to at least 5 students AND 5 faculty members at my campus! This so BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL!
    Twitter – @ViliaGarcia

  111. Wow… This is powerful! I want to order the cards, start the process, and not stop until I retire in ten years. Kids do matter, so much, and I’m sure I don’t tell them enough, especially on paper. Thank you for being such an inspiration. You came to Westwoods last year and we met. Can’t wait to read your new book. Again, thank you! @msslayton5th

  112. Amanda Davis

    What a great idea! I am a teacher as well and one year created something I called the sunshine project, which was leaving a positive message or quote for the same student who was in need of it, everyday for the semester. At the end of the semester, she came up and gave me a heartfelt thank you. #tellthemtheymatter. Thank you for highlighting this important idea!

  113. Jennifer Newkirk

    Thank your for this message that is so important. Students need validation as much if not more so than teachers. I pledge to write 5 notes to students this week!

  114. Jill S

    Loved Fish In a Tree! Daughter did too and Onw For the Murphy’s. Love the cards idea.

  115. Lynda, Thank you for another heart tugging post reminding me of the power I hold in helping build up a child with a simple act of written kindness. I’m working on my letters this morning and it’s making me feel good, too. Thank you for being a champion for our students. Looking forward to reading Shouting at the Rain!
    Twitter is @KReilley5

  116. Thank you for pushing others to #TellThemTheyMatter! This is a great idea that can have a great impact!
    Twitter- @drmcclard

  117. As a teacher librarian, mom of a unique learner, and student advocate, I am grateful for your writing and willingness to share your gifts with us. Thank YOU so much for helping to bring insight and awareness on what some of our students face every day in our classrooms! @KateTinguely

  118. Tammy Taylor

    Fish in a Tree is the #1 book I encourage all teachers to read. Thanks for sharing your story! @ttaylor217

  119. As a public librarian I still make lasting connections with my kids. I love the idea of giving them notes and im going to do it either way. Thanks for the idea.

  120. Thank you for sharing your talent with us to help spread awareness of what some of our learners face each and every day! #grateful

  121. Trish Degnan

    Thank for recognizing the hard work and heart teachers give each day. Your tweets are always uplifting. Just read One for The Murphy’s last weekend (finally) and had to book talk it to my kids right away on Monday. I recommend Fish in a Tree all the time! New books to put in our kids’ hands is an amazing gift. (And my favorite thing to do!) @tdeg17

  122. Amy Rodgers

    I pledge to be the spark that brightens someone’s day.

  123. I love your books and can’t wait for your new release! We read fish in a tree this year in a 3rd 4th grade gifted classroom. Perfect for addressing social emotional concerns and treating everyone with respect.

  124. Erica

    Thank you for sharing your stories with the world! Kids kneed to be seen and know that they are safe & loved 💗 I cannot wait to read 📖 and share SATR! #Tellthemtheymatter @EriSiegs

  125. Amanda Smith

    This is so important for students that are “that kid”. I have a few in my class this year and this post reminded and inspired me to not forget the good things. I love this idea and I plan to do it this week! @MissSmithWSE

  126. Pam Warren

    I’ve spent the morning writing notes to the students in my class. I’ve been trying to capture the awesomeness of each. I will find those moments to give my messages, making each few “special” – thank you for this reminder of what I know is right. Also, thank you for this opportunity. #TellThemTheyMatter

  127. Dawn Moore

    I love this idea! I feel the written word can change lives and what better way then affirming our students! I pledge to write five notes this week affirming my students! Thank you for your books Lynda Millay Hunt! @LakerLibrarian

  128. I am the school librarian and my kids (and teachers!) love Fish in a Tree. I have come across the phrase “great minds don’t think alike” several times in the last few weeks and have told several of my kids. We are thankful for your book(s) and would love to win the prize!
    Thanks much,

  129. Jaime Juchems

    I absolutely love this idea. I remember my 5th grade teacher telling my entire class what a generous person Jaime is. I can still be in that moment. It was bi for me. It only took her a few seconds. I’m positive she doesn’t remember but I do. Love your work. I pledge to write 5 notes this week. Thank you. @jjuchemssc

  130. Thank you for these incredible giveaways and more importantly thank you for spreading this idea out into the world! I commit to writing my kids notes this week!

  131. Jessica Pozankowski

    I wish to be the teacher for my students that Mr. Daniels was for Ally. I have truly loved your stories and they have strongly impacted my students and helped to grow my connection with them. My students come in each day excited to share a new chapter they’ve read and exciting to be listened to and given attention.

  132. Just finished reading Fish in a Tree. It was shared by my niece with me as she has two boys who struggle mightily with school. I’m an elementary principal and my niece wanted me to know, to gain perspective of our students’ struggles and that we educators can do something about it. I’m buying each staff member a copy of Fish in a Tree as a Christmas gift and will give them their copy at our next faculty learning session in December. I pledge to write 5 notes to kids this week. My Twitter is @shoktalk

  133. Jaime Juchems

    I absolutely love this idea. I remember my 5th grade teacher telling my entire class what a generous person Jaime is. I can still be in that moment. It was bi for me. It only took her a few seconds. I’m positive she doesn’t remember but I do. Love your work. Thank you. Love, @JuchemsSC

  134. This is amazing! Those kids we’re lucky to have you as a teacher. I try really hard to make my students feel important, valued, seen – this is a fabulous idea that I can’t wait to use!!! Thank you!

  135. Laura Piland

    I agree that students need to be recognized where they are. Sometimes they just need a positive reminder because they hear so much negativity. I will definitely share that positivity this week. I remind myself daily that I may be the only positive thing that a child sees on a given day and sometimes the child that is the most difficult needs the most love. Let’s share love today! @pilandla #TellThemTheyMattet

  136. Stephanie Swartzendruber

    Thank you for being an inspiration to educators and providing ideas and gifts for us to pass on to our students! I pledge to send AT LEAST 5 cards and will also pass on to teachers!

  137. Mary keough

    Lynda you have an incredible power of making me want to be a better person every time I read one of your posts. Last year as a first year teacher I had an incredibly tough class and I swear writing notes to them of positivity got me through the year. My grandmother inspired me to do it — she taught middle school English for forty years and she used to ask the custodians for kids locker codes so she could sneak Little gifts and notes into their lockers. Totally anonymous — she didn’t want the recognition, just wanted to make a kids day. I got away from my note-writing this year but you’ve made me realize I need to get back into it. Thank you for all that you do.

  138. Deborah

    Love, love, love the idea of printing business cards like you did! Going to shamelessly steal
    It! Love all of your books and can’t wait to read your latest.

  139. Joy DeJong

    Lynda I believe in this so much. It’s all about relationships and seeing the worth in all. Thank you for all you do for us readers! My 5th graders ❤️ You. @joydejong #TellThemTheyMatter

  140. Fish in a tree inspired me and so many of my kids a few years back. Being “the difficult” kid is something I know all too well.

  141. Thank you for this opportunity. As an 8th grade teacher I know how important words of affirmation are to my students. Keeping this pledge will be fun. @rvrdrmr

  142. Tracey Ananmalay

    A number of my student are engrossed in your books at the moment. Can’t wait to add the new one to the mix! @traceyananmalay

  143. Michelle Kedzierski

    Linda you are my hero. Thanks for the nudge to connect with my students, they will love it! @michellem8 #TellThemTheyMatter

  144. Susan Kordek

    For our schools ABC countdown, N is note day. Students and staff write positive notes to each other. Seeing their eyes light up is priceless!

  145. I do this everyday by just smiling at kids, saying good morning, giving high fives in the hallway, etc. However, I’m planning of adding these cards ASAP.

  146. Lorie Barber

    So grateful to you for this push. Report cards come out on Friday. AT LEAST five of them will have more telling them why they matter.

  147. lkincer

    Absolutely love this! What a fabulous giveaway.
    Perfect timing, the last 4 texts on my phone have to do with trying to establish a program pairing our students with seniors at a facility being built near our school. We can let both kids and seniors know they matter! #tellthemtheymatter

  148. Margene Rogers

    My students loved Fush in a Tree. I can’t wait to read and share your new book.
    I love your idea about give positive notes a week. Thanks for the nudge .

  149. Fish In A Tree empowered so many of my students last year. Can’t wait to read it again. @MelMollick

  150. Kathy Lester

    Thank you, Lynda. I love the hashtag #tellthemtheymatter. I’ll certainly be letting kids know this week and beyond that, yes, they do matter. @LibraryL

  151. Michele Stouffer

    I can’t wait for your new book. The kids love them as much as I do. I promise.

  152. Jennifer Apanites

    Heroes can appear in unexpected places. Be a blessing to others whether or not you wear a uniform – your invisible cape and quiet actions make you a hero too.

  153. Sue

    We give recognition notes to students. After reading this I am going to personalize them more!

  154. Bonnie Belsinger

    Lynda, I was honored to hear you present at nErDCampLI and found your story compelling and suggestions very powerful. I have always been a note writer to kids (my own and my students) not only because it is a wonderful way to affirm that they are special and matter, but it also reinforces reading and writing (can’t take the teacher out of me). It is such a joy when they write back! As a mom I always put love notes in my kid’s lunchboxes as well as left sticky love notes on the bathroom mirror, closet doors, and places in the kitchen where I knew they would look. At school, in addition to affirming words, hugs, and notes, I have a mailbox to encourage them to write positive notes to each other. You should see their faces when they get a kind note from a classmate. You reminded us that building relationships and spreading kindness is life changing and we all need to make a point to do it every day! You are a catalyst for change and advocate for affirmation! Thanks for the reminder, challenge, and generous opportunity to win some fabulous swag for kids! Keep doing what you’re doing! #TellThemTheyMatter
    Twitter @bonniebelsinger

  155. Your post made me cry-in a good way. Thank you for doing what you do, and for supporting other teachers. I’m not a teacher, but I know they’re not given the credit they deserve. Teachers ARE heroes- anything to ‘light that fire’ of learning, but I guess I underestimated the other superpowers teachers have, the power to build self-esteem by letting them know someone believes in THEM.

  156. Super excited for Shouting at the Rain!! @imthebookauntie

  157. This is a beautiful idea and something I will be trying. As teacher librarian I always try to say hi to students using their names. It’s important to me and I think it’s important to them. It’s my way of saying “I see you”. These little connections are the basis of strong relationships. We have 700 students at our school it would easy to be lost…but I see you. @joyfullibrary

  158. After a sharing a booktalk about Fish in a Tree to my library students I heard a quiet gasp….then, “I love that”. I felt her connection to the story immediately and placed the book in her hands. These stories make a difference! Thank you!

  159. Vanessa Fithian

    Such a great book Fish in a Tree, reading it to my class now and they beg for me to read more!!!

  160. Linda Sandlin

    I love your book Fish in a Tree!

  161. Bass Beth

    I have done this with my classes for years, but I love the business card idea. I pledge to write at least five notes to my students. Love your books and their message of acceptance and love. Can’t wait for Shouting at the Rain. @bunchbass

  162. My class just finished reading Fish in a Tree and they LOVED IT! As far as this blog post, I have a student right now who has a VERY hard shell. The relationship is slowly starting to grow, but recognizing his potential is so foreign to him, he has a hard time accepting it!
    I also find myself having a hard time with accepting compliments because I feel like I can always do better, but it’s something I’m working on! I need to show my students it’s okay!

  163. Kathleen Nealon

    I have the words “You Matter” in the front of my room above my white boards so as soon as they walk in they can see it.

  164. Kathleen Nealon

    I have the words “You Matter” in the front of my room above my white boards so as soon as they walk in they can see it. I also make sure that every student gets a handwritten postcards from me. I love your books and can’t wait for the next one.

  165. Bridget Speer

    I can’t wait to read SATR, Fish in A Tree has been life changing!

  166. Sarah Lauer

    Love this. Will absolutely write 5 for each team of kids I’m on (10 total) as I teach nearly 300 7th graders. Our school motto this year is “YOU MATTER” and is on our signs and t-shirts! It’s making a difference to our kids and families. Parents have been ordering the shirts as well. Thank you for honoring teachers, and for being a champion for change. @Lauerslibrary

  167. Sharon Sherman

    We can never become too busy to tell kids they matter, to see behind their walls, to model the genuine kindness that gets snuffed out in this world. We must keep reaching. We must keep smiling. We must love them.

  168. Glenda

    Thank you for this amazing idea and the opportunity to win a great prize!! @glenda_webb_

  169. lauraf27

    Thank you for reminding us as teachers that those few minutes to write a sentence of kind words can have a lifetime of positive echoes for a child!!

  170. You’re kindness is palpable. It affirms for me why I connect so deeply with the books you write – because they come from a heart that empathizes with those around them. Thanks for being a truly awesome human and a kick-ass author. @terSonya

  171. Thank you for the reminder of how powerful words are! @shender503

  172. Sue Kessler

    Love your work! @suekessler23

  173. My students and I love Fish in a Tree and One for the Murphys. Such important themes! We can’t wait for your new one. I love writing notes to students and am going to steal the business card idea! ❤️

  174. Anything that will keep my kids reading, I’m in. They do love book-related giveaways-especially my struggling readers–anything that gives them the boost that they are part of the reading community!

  175. Lauren Henderson

    This is a fantastic idea, can’t wait to see how the kids react. I used to leave them notes on their desk when I taught 4th, but haven’t written many notes since moving to the library. So I’m going to make sure I write at least 5/week.

  176. Fantastic ideas in your blog and I. The responses! I LOVE this idea!

  177. Karyn Harrison

    What a wonderful idea! I look forward to rising to your challenge.

  178. Kathleen Erickson

    Thanks for your inspiring stories. Can’t wait to read, “Shouting at the Rain”!!!


  179. Melissa Amos

    Can’t wait to read your newest book! Love your other books! (@MCLibrarySMSD)

  180. As a former classroom teacher & now librarian- I am so grateful for your stories & advocacy for ALL children. The fact that you give so much of yourself through examples like this contest is so appreciated & meaningful. It shows our students that authors are human & gives them hope!
    On a side note, my awesome principal begins every staff meeting by giving us time to write to two students… SO powerful & has changed the culture of our whole school!!

  181. Robin Jubinville

    Challenge accepted 🙂 . Can’t wait for the new book!! 🙂

  182. Mary

    I love Fish In A Tree. My class last school year loved it too! I plan on reading it to this group of fourth graders too. Thank you for writing such inspiring words and putting them into books! @VreelandTeacher

  183. I love this idea and actually, am currently reading Fish In A Tree to my students – I do every year. Such a powerful message! I promise to not only write 5 notes, but 26 notes – one for each student in my class!

  184. Simia Rumph

    This is awesome! My students love Fish in a Tree! I can’t wait to read your next book! #TellThemTheyMatter

  185. Star Simpson

    I love the idea of the business cards, I’ll be getting some ASAP.

  186. Tim Jones

    What a great idea! Will do! @teachjones

  187. Lynne Doherty

    Every year my students love Fish in a Tree and make so many connections to your characters! I am lookin forward to writing my notes!

  188. Thank you Lynda for always pushing us to be better people/teachers! I know that this will definitely make a difference in the lives of those students who receive any of these kinds words from an adult!

  189. Laura Henderson

    Love this! The power of praise has an amazing impact. Without teachers believing in me, I would not be successful and I never forget how much they taught me that I was important!

  190. Sandi

    FIAT and One for the Murphys are two of my all time favorite #mglit books. I can’t wait to read Shouting at the Rain. @sanditeach4fun

  191. Maria Kruzdlo

    Children are a sum of their experiences. We,as teachers, have tremendous power to shape positive ones that they can hang on to when things get tough. Be the light. #tellthemtheymatter

  192. Molly Castner

    This is an amazing chance to celebrate success for everyone! Thank you for the opportunity. @mcastner1

  193. Christine

    What a generous give away. Thank you for pushing me to make sure my students know they matter.

  194. Casey Collins

    I don’t usually enter these contests, but I loved One For The Murphys and Fish In a Tree and can’t wait for Shouting At The Rain! We did Fish in a Tree as a class read aloud when it first came out and it really resonated with me as an Intervention Specialist and with many of my students who struggle with school. I pledge to write 5 notes to students this week! I love this idea and have used positive notes in the past but need to be more faithful in this practice. I love what you said about kids needing to hear something positive 150 times for everything that is negative; it is a good reminder that we need to continually build kids up and #tellthemtheymatter.

  195. Tanya Haynes

    Thank you for reminding us to continue to believe. # encouragingustobethedifference #tellthemtheydomatter

  196. Love your message. Wonderful reminder that it is often the small things that can make a huge impact. Celebrating what we do, embracing what makes each person unique and choosing to be kind can truly make this world a better place. Thank you for your stories! Can’t wait to read Shouting at the Rain!

  197. What an amazing, easy way to show kids they matter! @learnwithfox

  198. Amanda

    I LOVE Fish in a Tree!!!

  199. Sandra Delgado

    Your post tugs at and gladdens my heart at the same time. What a beautiful way to really connect with your students. I always keep my students drawings that they make for me and gift to me, but I never thought of it going the other way. All the “You’re the best teacher!” and the “I love you, Miss Delgado” messages all go up on a door or wall to stay up all school year. Of course I tell them that I love them and that they’re extra special because they’re bilingual or display my class message of “You can do it! ¡Sí se puede!” on a white board with a ducky on it that was gifted to me by a student during a medical scare I had, but I haven’t done personal cards or messages aside from their birthday cards, Christmas cards or end of the year cards. What a wonderful legacy to give to a student that they matter, Ms. Hunt!!❤️ @Sadcampanita025

  200. I love the business card idea! I send postcards to the homes of students with positive messages – kids love getting mail!

  201. Angela MacInnes

    I love this idea and the business card is a great way! Thanks for the idea!

  202. Gianna

    This year my school started doing positive notes like this only we are mailing postcards home. Kids come to school the next day and are so excited! Love your ideas and words! @Miss_Zapp

  203. Stephanie Reid

    My students love Fish in a Tree! I can’t wait for your next book! I just wish it were coming out now! 😊 @ReidsReaders

  204. Dede Woods

    My students and I love Fish in a Tree. Can’t wait for Shouting at the Rain. Thanks for the inspiration. @cmcdedewoods

  205. Your words have stuck with me since I first read Fish in aTree to my learners several years ago! I read it every year! I can’t wait for Shouting in the Rain. I have several little ones shouting out to be loved this year! I get to show up and love them. HOW GREAT IS THAT.

  206. Nadine Britton

    I have loved reading FISH IN A TREE, by myself, and with my dyslexic daughter. I have also started reading it to my advisory class of 8th graders, as a read aloud. Super powerful!
    Thank you for sharing the idea of the “you are awesome” cards. I am brainstorming about ordering some. You should include a link so we could order through you.
    @britton_bio thanks you! (My twitter handle)

  207. I just got two copies of Fish in a Tree for my library after seeing it in a LitJoy crate. I haven’t gotten to read it yet (I’m finishing my library masters degree and have to read so many books), but I can’t wait to hear what my students think!! What a cool prize!

  208. Thank you for writing books like these. I read Fish In A Tree last year and it made such an impact on me. It was a book that I recommended more strongly to teachers than I did for students. I see the value it has for students to read it, but wow, the value for teachers is so much. Thank you.

    Last year I wrote all of my students a note for Christmas and handed them out. I really enjoyed taking the time to reflect on each student and write something personal and the students loved it too. I will take your challenge and aim to send a post card to all 80 of my students throughout this school year! They do need to know they are seen and that someone cares for them. Thank you for all you do.

    Twitter: @mrs_ennis_oms

  209. Mel Pillot

    Not even sure I’ll catch all the steps, but I love this. I pledge to write 5 notes to students and 5 notes to teachers who need it as well. Wanted to share that I read “it takes a village” picture book to my preschool group last week and I asked them what it means to be a champion for someone. One student who often struggles said ” our teachers are champions, you’re my champion” He totally got it. That’s why we do what we do. You are a champion.

  210. Lori Davis

    This is amazing! And I definitely want to follow through with the note cards.

  211. hpelkey

    Thank you for writing books that my students can see themselves in.

  212. Mardrey Worthy

    Yes! Be a kid’s hero. It does not take much to make a kid believe in himself/herself. A small gesture from a respected teacher can go a long way in changing how a kid views him/herself. Thanks @lynmullalyhunt for sharing this. It is powerful! I will be writing at least five notes this week to my students who need to hear they have value. @TellThemTheyMatter @MardreyWorthy

  213. Wow! Thank you for your important, empowering books. Thank you for such a fantastic idea. I can’t wait to start writing these sentences to my charming, funny, spunky students (all of them). YOU are a hero!

  214. Jacquie Raycraft

    This is a great opportunity! You inspire me as an educator and are a role model to students and teachers.
    And… I 💜 your books too!!
    Thank you for being you.

  215. Sandra Mroz

    Our words are powerful and can impact the lives of others in such positive ways. Let’s THINK before we speak and carefully craft written messages that can lift others up. @CopperfieldRose @MrozMasterminds

  216. Lauren Mertz

    What a great idea! #tellthemtheymatter

  217. Alison Hughes

    Fish in a Tree has made a huge impact on so many kids lives. Just the other day I had a student come and say that he saw himself in your book!❤️ He was so happy that he was not alone.

  218. Gina Paesani-Smith

    I can’t wait to read this book!! I saw this post on my twitter feed this Sunday morning and it immediately spoke to me. #tellthemtheymatter 🙂 ❤ @ginapsmith

  219. Bridget Curtis

    Students love your books!!!! The power of a note is amazing. I wrote one for all my students at the beginning of the year. I’m inspired to begin writing round 2.

  220. Susan Read

    The students at Wilson, Natick, MA and I are excited about another great book from a great author!

  221. Kristen Mendl-Day

    So excited for your new book!

  222. Von

    I never thought to do something like this. I will do it and see what happens. Thank you for making me think outside the box.

  223. Kimberly Zajac

    I love that you share your experiences and your learning with fellow educators. You remind us all that it is the small and genuine connections and not necessarily the grand gestures that make the difference we seek to make in our students’ lives. Thank you for that.

    Kim Zajac

  224. ann chase

    All of our students (265 of them) have learning disabilities and are always looking for characters “like them.” I have 8 copies of “Fish” and it’s never in! Your next book comes out on my birthday – I can’t think of a better gift! @annlchasek

  225. Tracie Hunt

    My last name is Hunt too! Wonder if we are related? My overachieving goal is to write more than 5 notes to students. ❤️

    I’m on Twitter at MrsHlovesbks

  226. Love love love this fantastic idea!! We have used Fish In A Tree so much to inspire other educators to “see” all of the students. Can’t wait to read more inspiration!! Thank you for all you do…your words are magical! Lovie

  227. @loviehowell21

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  229. Mindy Poitevent

    Love this idea! I’m definitely going to try it with my 7th graders this week.

  230. Deborah Wade

    Love this! I’m looking for ways to build up my students. Looking forward to the book!

  231. Shari Sawyers

    Thank you for this! I wrote all of my students last summer, but I love this idea. I pledge to write at least 5 notes a week. Kids are definitely worth it, and our words mean so much to them. Written down, they can reread them as many times as necessary until they truly believe how awesome they are!

  232. I love this!! What a great way to connect with students. Thank you for your inspiration. I’m off to write my five for the week….

  233. cathy salvini

    Love this! Can’t wait to read the new book! Loved both OFTM and FIAT, as did all my students!! @cathyyogini

  234. Wow! This is awesome. I have been feeling kinda down about my classes since my time was cut and I have such little exposure to the kids now. This inspires me try a different way to connect with my students. Thanks so much. Michele @southeastschlib

  235. I absolutely love this idea! Will start this week!

  236. Jennifer Brand

    I was at Nerdcamp LI when you spoke about this amazing technique to reach out to kids. I am now an elementary school librarian, but I used to be a high school English teacher. When I left my old school I wrote each student a personal goodbye card. I saw a few of my students years later who said they still had the card. Words absolutely make a difference!

  237. How do you enter to win? Am I to late? I gave all my students the Fish In the Tree book this year and we attended the winning of William Allen White Awards this year and got to meet you in person. My students are loving this book as a Read Aloud book study. We are doing follow up with the World Read Aloud on YouTube and just finished chapter 33. This is a very special 3rd grade class and is into reading and learning more daily. I have ordered lots of books for the classroom this year and they would still like to have more of Lynda’s available to them. She is an amazing author and writing. My students love all the background knowledge they are learning. As a teacher it makes me excited as well. Thank you,

    On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 8:38 PM Be someone’s hero. No cape required. wrote:

    > Lynda Mullaly Hunt posted: “Hello, Nerds,  First of all, I am sorry that > I have been so quiet online. In order to get my latest book, Shouting at > the Rain, finished it was necessary to pull back. But, I have returned with > bells on, as my mum used to say. 🙂 Often, when I speak wit” >

  238. Laurie (Potvin) Wig

    Will gladly write the notes! The hard part will choosing without doing all of them at once. What an easy and powerful thing to do. We often send cards through the mail and they always make a huge difference. Excited for your new book – you’re an amazing writer and person! Thanks for all you do to make a difference for kids & teachers!

  239. Jeanne Behrens

    I nominate my prior co-teacher and friend @trishdonlin. She is True champion for kids and teachers! This prize will help her as she strives to help each kid know he matters! Thank you!

  240. Margo Jantzi Jantzi

    Eagerly already writing the notes to students. Thank you for the time and energy you poured into your new book. Margo Jantzi @margojantzi

  241. I love this and I officially want to order note cards like these! I can think of several kids right now that I know need some love and I’ll definitely be writing them a note. It’s conference week and I know I’ll be spread thin and exhausted, but I know those exact same kids that need affirmation are worrying about what their teacher is going to say to their parents so the timing is just perfect.
    Amber Kuehler

  242. Fish in a Tree is a required book for the candidates in my M.Ed. Literacy Education Program. It is powerful and my students love it every year.

    I teach undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students- and I am excited to join your quest to let students hear and see in writing they matter. At the university, I leave inspirational notes around the department for our students. I also leave them notes on the counter in the restroom. My notes are for everyone – they are positive and uplifting, however, my notes are not specific or personal to each student. I accept your challenge and plan to give personalized notes to them, beginning this week. Thank you! @DrKMcGee #TellThemTheyMatter

  243. Relationships are the key to successful classrooms. Every child deserves to have that teacher that will go above and beyond to show them they matter. #TellThemTheyMatter everyday!

  244. April

    Yay! Can’t wait for a new book! My Fish In A Tree grew legs and walked out of my library. @misscremer

  245. Susan Barnes

    I will gladly write to notes!

    I absolutely love “Fish in a Tree”! I read it every year to my students and they can’t wait to find out what happens next. One student actually guessed about the older brother because of their own brother! I am so excited to be adding the new book to my library! Thank you 🙂

  246. I know as a teacher when an administrator takes the time to write down anything positive it means a great deal. My AP wrote a post it that said “Thanks for including your intervention goals in your “I will” statements this week.” That post it stayed on my board for six months!

    I pledge to champion my students in writing this week. @BeasleysBunch

  247. Kaitlyn Roark

    I’ve heard so mny great things about this book!

  248. Tricia Stewart

    I have been extremely happy to share your last book Fish In A Tree with all my education friends and Students. Looking forward to your next book. #TellThemTheyMatter

  249. I’m a huge fan of your books and your ideas. I can’t wait to start handing out these notes to kids! @karenbessin

  250. Margaret McGuire

    What a wonderful idea! I’m going to challenge myself to write these notes on a regular basis. Love those cards! @MrsMcGuireBRMS

  251. Helaine Fashbinder

    Thank you for writing such relatable stories. I’m a reading specialist and tell my students that they are smart and give them specific reasons how they are. I love the card idea and will start doing it. Can’t wait to read your new book! @lainala

  252. I do this often because of the difference it makes. Thank you for posting and supporting #TellThemTheyMatter with giveaways. We’d do it without but live to be appreciated too.

  253. Lori Hoover

    Can’t wait to share this with our school. What an awesome way to help kids realize they have a champion!

  254. Woohoo! What a great idea!!

  255. Carolyn Davis

    I love that you are doing this. It’s so important to #TellThemTheMatter. @CDavisRead

  256. Pam Allard

    We are reading this in my school as the Literacy Lunch (Book club) book. Kids are recommending it to other kids, teachers are recommending it to everyone! Students who never participate in Literacy Lunch are signed up and even more are reading it! Thank you so much for writing this book!!

  257. Pam Allard

    We are reading this in my school as the Literacy Lunch (Book club) book. Kids are recommending it to other kids, teachers are recommending it to everyone! Students who never participate in Literacy Lunch are signed up and even more are reading it! Thank you so much for writing this book!!

  258. I promise to write notes to my second-grade students! I love your business card idea. Thank you for this post. Susan Apps-Bodilly

  259. Linda

    What an amazing giveaway! Im reading FIAT with my 4th grade daughter right now.

  260. Angie Moore

    I love the idea of giving little note cards like this! ❤ I see every kiddo in the building so one a day is totally doable. Thank you for your generosity…your books are life changing!!! @almemoore

  261. I frequently write out positive notes for my students and they are one of their favorite things. I love how happy it makes them to receive a little note saying how awesome they are!
    @janetplanet20 (twitter)
    @sunny_in_socal (instagram)

  262. This book changes my kiddos every year. You can see them begin to understand as I read! I LOVE it so much!!

  263. Barb Caunter

    I love the idea of writing notes to students. I will do it this week.

  264. Terry Goth

    Ever since I heard you talk in February at Follett, I’ve been writing these notes. The kids LOVE them! And so do I- thanks for being such an amazing author and inspiration!
    Terry Goth

  265. Kari Martin

    Thank you for this and I can not wait to read your new book! This world needs more people like you:) @MissMartin_MV

  266. Melissa

    I wish I had a way of letting every student know how special they are each day!

  267. Kacie

    Fish in a Tree is always the first read aloud of the year for my class. Thank you for the inspiration and generosity! @kl4thomas

  268. Theresa Wilcox

    My kids are loving FIAT! Can’t wait for Shouting at the Rain

  269. Karen Madden

    Reading your book has transformed my teaching! I ran a Book Club with FIAT at school with 30 4th and 5th grade students and it was a magical experience. Your book should be required reading for all teachers!!
    I can never thank you enough!
    🙂 Karen Madden

  270. Julie

    I saw the same post by Kristin and had already decided to do this very thing. So your contest requirement of the five notes is just the push/start I need. My daughters love Fish in a Tree and I truly enjoyed your interview with Matthew Winner. If you ever want to come to Alaska, let me know. 🙂


  271. glimpsechannel

    As teachers, we are able to champion children thanks to the awesome tools available to us on a daily basis thanks to authors, illustrators, singer-songwriters, ect. SO THANKS!! @GlimpseChannel , GLIMPSE INTO THE LIFE OF A CHILD, Toronto

  272. Chelsea

    I am pledging to write AT LEAST 5 positive notes to my wonderful students this week! Last year I read FIAT and bought a classroom set for this year because I loved the book and message so much! I currently have a student reading “One for the Murphy’s” and loving it as well! I can’t wait to get a copy of “Shouting at the Rain” to add to my classroom library! @CKirk52

  273. @TraskMSMedia

    I wish students could see their future selves and have the confidence to go farther.

  274. sakraal

    I already have at least 10 kids I can think of off the top of my head that could use these notes. @sakraal

  275. Emily Pennington

    SImple yet so powerful. We need to let these kids know that we see them and that we’re glad they are here.

  276. Nate

    Thank you so much for doing this. Fish In A Tree was my first read aloud to my class this year. I’ve done this 3 years in a row and even found a steel penny to show them. Any chance I can send you a copy of your book and have you sign it? : )

  277. Jamika Jefferson

    Thank you for the book recommendations. I will be reading them both over the hoiday break. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I look forward to championing students in the same way.

  278. Deborah Labrosse

    I realize your giveaway ended a long time ago but I still want to thank you for writing Fish in a Tree. Many years ago, having coached recreational sports with my husband I realized the children with the most behavioral problems were the children with little, no, or only negative parental support. It didn’t seem fair. I was a letter carrier at the time and chose to go back to school to get my teaching degree. I felt I could make a difference in the lives of the children who needed it the most. When I interviewed for my position 15 years ago I was asked about my philosophy in teaching. I explained I believed anyone could teach and I felt my job was more about making the students feel good about themselves. Once that was accomplished the rest would be easy. I wasn’t sure if that response was going to be accepted but I believed it was too important to not be said. Kindness was the theme in my classroom last year. This year, I looped from 2nd to 3rd grade with my students and your book seemed a perfect Read Aloud for continuing this theme. I feel deeply that my students, those struggling and those not, realize performance does not define the person. The students are beginning to realize that kindness comes without judgement. They struggle with this at times. We have watched videos of what it is like for a dyslexic person trying to read while the letters keep moving around and the students have tried reading text written with letters backwards and upside down. These activities have had a profound effect on many students. Last week, the students voted that when we finish reading your book our next bulletin board will be about A Fish in a Tree. I love your idea of the note cards and plan on using them. In closing, I think every teacher should read your book as a reminder of the impact, positive or negative, we have on our students.

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